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  1. One perk we have discovered on Coco Cay us that the trams are basically sitting and waiting for you because there are so few people! Although the concierge told us ast week that there would be "just under 1200" on the ship, the cruise director said last night that there were just over 1000 (maybe 1060? I can't remember exactly). But it sounded like we lost about 100 people from testing day to boarding. And only about 50 people stayed on the ship the first Coco Cay day.
  2. We went to the Schooner Bar tonight for ABBA trivia (lost by one point) and they did ask a kid to leave who didn't have a purple bracelet because it was supposed to be a Vaxxed zone. But they kept telling us that we could only take off our masks to eat and drink and should put them on otherwise. I think everyone on the ship is still confused about everything since it all changed so fast this week. People really do seem to be complying though!
  3. I couldn't believe it when they came back and told me that it was only the 4 of them and it happened to be the only other people I "know" on the ship and from close to where we live! Now I am wondering how many times I have passed you somewhere. lol People keep asking if the ship feels empty. It's a REALLY strange experience because sometimes you can really tell how few people there are (like how easy it is to get a table in Windjammer or a lounger by the pool.) But other times like the Silent Disco party, it seems to be totally hopping!! Speaking of the Silent Disco....that was a blast last night. My 20-year-old and I danced the whole 90 minutes out on the dance floor. Sometimes it was barely more than us, and other time it was so packed we didn't even all fit on the dance area. We did NOT have to wear masks for that. Today we had a floating cabana and my kids said it was just about the best thing ever. One of them rated it a 12 out of 10 because of extra credit for being so awesome. For lunch they brought us just a sampler platter of all of the different appetizers. Then another sampler platter of almost every other food on the menu. So instead of having to choose between steak and lobster....we got a little of each! Even dessert was served that way. It was like have our own mini buffet in the cabana. I'm a little upset about the dining situation. We were originally 8pm in the 4th floor dining room. But when they released the new COVID protocols, we asked to be moved to the 3rd floor because it said the 3rd floor was one of the areas that was NOT for everyone. We gave up our dining time and moved to MyTime Dining (which we really didn't want) so that we could feel more comfortable in the vaxxed dining room. Guess what? EVERY SINGLE TABLE around us had young kids at it. None of them wearing the purple vaxxed bracelets and many of them seeming well under 12. I have no idea what happened but basically you can't trust the list of which areas are for vaxxed only and which are for everyone.
  4. I am so thankful for all of the recommendations I read in previous AOS threads about specialty dining. We ate at Chops tonight and it was terrific. Soooooo much food! After dinner we hit the 10:15 comedy headliner. He was funny but I feel bad for him that the crowds are so small and spaced out. The ship is starting to move more, so I am thankful I have my seasickness patch on. I think I got my money's worth of the unlimited beverage package today, so I am ending the night with a bottle of water. 🙂
  5. I was just about to start a live thread for our cruise but if you don't mind, maybe I can just pitch in here as well? I am not sure I will contribute too much because I am terrible with pictures though! We flew out from Indy on AA yesterday and spent the night on points at Baha Mar (Hyatt). Got to the Hilton this morning about 11 and started check in about 11:45. No major issues and were on board around 12:30. We are in a 2 br suite-- my husband and I and our two daughters (18 and 20). After walking the ship a bit and trying to get a feel for where everything is, the plans for the week, etc, I unpacked and took a nap! We have the 3 night dining package so it's Chops for us tonight. So far the masks aren't a big deal. But we were used to wearing them at Baha Mar yesterday anyway Oh....the girls just got milkshakes with their drink package. Lol
  6. Now that the shock of the email has worn off and I have calmed down, I'm feeling a lot better about it. Found a couple of boxes of disposables that I apparently forgot I even had from back when I was stocking up on supplies all the time. (and some are pink!) We did Disney last summer when it was so crazy hot and we had to wear masks even when we were walking in the parking lot. And my family still talks about how it was the best Disney trip we ever took because it was so empty. Who knows? Maybe that will be this cruise for us! I mean, it's LITERALLY the "Adventure." We just have to make it one.
  7. We're set to go out Saturday and although we are not cancelling, I'm both angry and upset. I was talking to one of my teens and she said the thing she is now dreading is that any time masks are required, there are ALWAYS so many people who don't comply. And when you are complying even though you don't want to and then see other people not complying, it just frustrates you even further. And we both suspect there will be a lot of that on our cruise next week because everyone is so mad about the last minute change. Heck, we're running around the house trying to find an extra 25 masks because we weren't planning on all 4 of us needing them everyday and we fly out at 8 tomorrow morning! We already had planned on using all of our cloth masks the week immediately following the cruise because we are heading straight to Disney. So we're scrambling to find disposables for the cruise as we are zipping up the suitcases.
  8. That chocolate martini might just be the thing I am looking forward to most next week!!! I've been watching all of the live reviews waiting to see someone post one!!
  9. The really scary thing was that it went from saying antigen tests were acceptable before to saying today that you needed a PCR test. And I am scheduled for an antigen test this Wednesday with a flight on Friday! Thankfully it sounds like they just forgot to update the emails with the newest protocols. But it does make it super confusing that you can't actually trust the emails you get...even 5 days before your cruise.
  10. How in the world are they out of Pina Colada mix? Isn't that one of the most ordered drinks on a cruise? I think my husband will cry if he can't get one. All he has been saying for 5 months is that he can't wait to step onto the cruise and get a Pina Colada. Maybe I should gently start encouraging him to broaden his drink choice before we get there just in case. lol
  11. Yay! I am so happy to see this! We board next Saturday and are really starting to get into the spirit at our house. Can't wait to follow along, especially to see how things have evolved since the first cruises this summer (ie. more hours at Johnny Rockets, less spacing in auditoriums).
  12. I don't want to miss lobster night in the MDR for sure! How do we make sure that we don't schedule one of our specialty dining nights on the night they have the lobster? Do I just tell the concierge I need help scheduling so I do not missing lobster night? lol
  13. I'm assuming Wednesday. Going by the dates, I sail the 7th, so subtracting 3 would be the 4th. I'm hoping that is correct because we are on the first ship using this new protocol. But others have said they have been getting tested as early as Monday for a Saturday sailing under the old protocol, which was 5 days.
  14. Found a "cancel" link at the bottom of my CVS confirmation emails. Clicked that to easily cancel. Looked for the closest location that does rapid and rescheduled for two days later. I'm motivated to do whatever it takes to get on this cruise! 😉
  15. Well, we knew we needed to be flexible. Just received an email that the 5 day test requirement has been changed to 3 days. Which means having to reschedule our tests for Monday to next Wednesday. Hopefully CVS can easily do that! But we will probably get the rapid tests now rather than the PCR because PCR results won't come in until we are already in the Bahamas (flying in on Friday). I suspect many will do the same. Which seems weird because the rapid tests aren't known to be as good as the PCR tests. Adventure of the Seas Testing Update We're reaching out with an important update on testing protocols for your upcoming August 7th, 2021 Adventure of the Seas sailing. Beginning with sailings departing August 1st, 2021, all guests ages 2 years and older will be required to complete a COVID-19 test no more than 3 days prior to their sail date, and receive a negative result in order to sail. You'll need to show proof of a negative result at the pier for check-in. While we have shortened the timeframe in which a test must be taken, we are adding flexibility by allowing any type of COVID-19 test, antigen or PCR. Protocol requirements are subject change, as we exercise caution to help ensure the health of our guests, crew, and the destinations to visit. You can always view the latest protocols on our website.
  16. This thread is going to be bad for my wallet. Based on your reviews and pictures, I just bit the bullet and ordered the 3 night dining package for my family. Thank goodness with all of these drink pictures I already have the drink package purchased! lol
  17. I'm so conflicted now about making some specialty dining reservations. I wasn't going to because this is our first Royal cruise and we didn't want to miss anything in the main dining room. But your reviews of the food have been so fantastic! Random question....can you get a chocolate martini anywhere? It's one of my favorite indulgences after dinner and I'm hoping to indulge a little extra with my drink package. Also maybe limoncello?
  18. I've been trying to get into our August 7 as well for the last couple of days and keep getting that message. My husband tried from his account as well. I heard prices may drop on some things at the 20-21 day mark, so I hope it is fixed very soon because we are at 21 days tomorrow!
  19. I just learned something new and helpful! Mimosas at the windjammer bar??
  20. I'm so glad to see you getting good responses from the Concierge! I'm perplexed about capacity. She is saying 1100 passengers at 40%. If double occupancy on the ship capacity is 3100 (according to the RC website), that would still only be 35% capacity. And only 29% of the maximum (which they say is 3800). Not that percentage matters more than the number of people. But I wonder if they are bumping up a little more each week to get closer to at least 50%? Either way, 1100 still seems really low and a great opportunity to enjoy the ship and Coco Cay!
  21. It's one of the things I used to justify getting the beverage package for my kids so I sure hope it comes back soon!
  22. So I have a few questions that you may not end up being able to answer until after you get onboard. 🙂 It's great that we can check in "an hour earlier" than what we signed up for, but how do we know what time they open? For example, my checkin time is 12:30. Will they be open at 11:30? "Smart casual"-- that sounds more formal than the dining rooms, which seems weird. Do they basically just mean no bathing suits? Priority seating for shows is great... but it kind of defeats the purpose if you have to get there 45 minutes early to enjoy it. I mean, couldn't you get great seats for pretty much any show by being there 45 minutes early? Malin & Goetz-- does anyone know if this is good stuff? I often bring my own when I travel but if this good, I won't bother. I have a feeling I will already be overpacking! Sorry if any of this sounds snooty... I'm just kind of underwhelmed by the "perks." I mean, I'll take them! lol It may just be an adjustment of expectations from other ships I've been on.
  23. 9394. So the view and everything should be pretty similar.
  24. We're a few weeks after you with many similarities (floating cabana, 2 br suite, etc). I will be eagerly awaiting your reports! Especially how capacity is changing, what is still closed or limited, etc. Thanks for sharing!!
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