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  1. Thank you, Tony. I loved being aboard her for 12 nights. Cheers, Bob
  2. All, The individual videos are now part of an overall playlist, and are located here: Pacific Princess 4K ship tour https://youtu.be/AnU_9cGGKOU Pacific Princess suite tour https://youtu.be/PefpEFDeroY Cheers, Bob
  3. Bloody hell; that’s completely on me 😞 I consolidated playlists a couple of weeks ago and didn’t even realize the impact it had. I apologize for that inconvenience. The videos are part of a Princess consolidation playlist I now have, and are located here:
  4. Hello.. whom has enjoyed Pacific Princess lately? Thoughts about her moving away from World Cruises to Alaska? ~Bob
  5. Himself was trying to help you. ‘Couldn’t care less’ is one hell of an ill-mannered way to reply 😏
  6. Thank you ( and for your service) from a retired Navy Chief.
  7. Thank you for posting this! Trying to decide if coffee cards plus unlimited soda is what we want, and then buying alcohol as we go. Current Premier Beverage package is $70.79; when deducting the per person average for soda and coffee (we would get two cards per person for 16nts), is $49 a day for booze, with a $12 cap. Wondering aloud, if in addition to the occasional soda and mocha, if we would indeed purchase $49 worth of booze per day. Opinions of those who have done similar calculations, welcomed. Cheers, Bob
  8. Thank you. My thought about the Az evening (It is Day 2 in Montevideo), was going to the Spec Rest as I felt (please offer your opinion) that a lot of people would be crowding, potentially, the MDR early to be ready for that night. Also, Grandma/Uktog, others.. please remember to quote rather that start a new post. Makes things much tidier in which to follow 🙂
  9. Hello, Found this thread researching for our first Azamara cruise. We are on a 13-nt cruise in December, and plan on 3-4 dinners in Speciality restaurants. If, however, we only do 3 (we have friends in the MDR), we are thinking after reading this of probate 2 Prime C and 1 Aqualina. Can anyone still subscribing to this thread (are you still around? lol) offer comment on policy regarding advance booking? We are in a suite, and I only mention that as Spec Dining is included in the fare. However, I understand that RESERVATIONS cannot be made until after boarding. Comment on this welcomed, please 🙂 Cheers, Bob
  10. Thank you very much for this review. Appreciate it! Cheers, Bob
  11. So are we! Looks like no one has started a thread for that sailing yet, so I just did. Head over here as you please: Cheers, Bob
  12. Not correct any longer. In 2017, Pacific Princess offered this as part of 'Club Class' dining. Still, no dedicated queue because of the narrow entrance to the single dining room 🙂
  13. No. Your chosen handle is a far better candidate for that.
  14. Hello Chamima, How was your Pacific Princess cruise? ~Bob
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