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  1. My friends and I are leaning toward re-booking but have not committed to a date/itinerary yet. I am annoyed at having to come out of pocket for another deposit which essentially requires that we spend more on the replacement cruise than we did on the cancelled one which we had paid in full. I understand that the OBC will offset some of that and if I play the ES game correctly that may work in my favor too. I also understand that this is a way for Carnival to still have some cash coming in but that does not reduce my annoyance which will fade away once we are on board and enjoy
  2. Originally booked for 9/5 at a rate of $778.92 ($513 cruise rate and $265.92 taxes/fees) Per the cancellation notice the information indicates: Regardless of the option chosen, taxes, fees and port charges will be refunded to the form of payment originally rendered. Using the above cancelled booking, I and my friends would receive the $265.92 back leaving $513 has the FCC Or can you transfer the entire $778.92 FCC/OBC cannot be used toward "a deposit or applied to a chartered sailing." is this referring to "any" deposit or is it referring to deposits/payments s
  3. Current cruise planned is a girls trip with some friends 9/5 out of Alabama. With the probability of cancellation looming... How does the FFC/OBC work...do we have to reschedule as a group to all benefit from the FCC/OBC or will they allow us to make independent decisions prorated to the individual? Just trying to figure out our options should be not all be able to coordinate a rescheduled trip in the time allowed. Example if the cruise was $900 and 3 unrelated in the cabin would each passenger in the cabin receive $300 FFC and $200 OBC for a future booking of their individual choosi
  4. I believe it would be refunded in the manner in which paid so if you paid with a gc you’ll get a refund in the form of a gc. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. This past February we stayed at the Sleep Inn on Fairway Drive in Miami relatively close to the airport. The room was clean, comfortable and no significant sound issues (I sleep light so this is a big one for me) It came with breakfast. (both hot and cold items) Free hotel shuttle from the airport and then I think we paid $10pp the next day for the shuttle to the port. Not a lot near the hotel but they had some food delivery options as well as a couple of things within walking distance.
  6. Is this ever a thing? When I add it to my cart, there is a place to enter one but I can’t find anything that supports one being in existence... Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1134/~/laundry-service
  8. Does anyone have the dates of this offer? I am about to book a girls trip and would love to know what the parameters are on the 10 vs 20% and if there is an expiration on the deal noted?
  9. Hellooooo Where are the lounge chair hogging towel mongers who haven't put there butt imprint in the seat all day.
  10. Same here. School just closed here for at least 2 weeks and was hoping to find something cheap and short notice. March is a blank calendar and the others “deals” aren’t deals. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. No plastic bottles you can bring on non alc cans or cartons within the oz limits
  12. On my last cruise passengers would restock at the various ports.
  13. Prior to our last cruise I joined a FB group for that sailing. There were several people who became wine mules for other passengers. Some were a swap in that 1 person would bring wine and swap with another who brought soda and some were strictly...I don’t drink wine but I’ll bring a bottle for someone else if they’ll pay for the bottle itself. so no one was being more than there allowed bottle per person.
  14. I honestly can’t remember the entertainment on princess...but based on your comments, Royal may be more to your liking related to entertainment and food. You definitely pay more but then certain levels of show quality cost more. For me, the entertainment on carnival on my 2020 Horizon trip surpassed the 2018 Conquest trip by leaps and bounds but definitely didn’t compare to the previous Royal who had a broadway production of Cats. take each adventure for what it is and if looking for something more specific, adjust accordingly. im glad the overall experience was
  15. Is the app being glitchy for anyone right now?
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