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  1. I think my July Norway will get cancelled. I'm not sure I would want to go either if we had to have restrictions, mask wearing, distancing etc. I abide by all the rules but long for the holidays of the "old" normal.
  2. I have taken this from another group. It looks like more info will be released in the coming days. This is a reply to someone Tweeting to Cunard. I hope they won't mind me sharing it.
  3. My husband was not told to avoid alcohol, did drink [not to excess] and was was fine. Saying that there were non prescription so they may be different. Re abandoning cruise one lady was all for getting off at Lisbon and flying home. You can imagine how bad she felt once we were told we were not stopping. It's funny as I sail as I am terrified of flying yet was not worried about ruff seas.
  4. This is indeed a FACT as said lady was my neighbour on board and very frighted indeed. She told me she had done this and we laughed about it once the sea was calmer. I will add she is a seasoned cruiser and stated she had never known it that bad. She is also a lovely lady to boot. She's posted a pic of it on FB On another note sea sick pills were $6.40 precisely x 2 packets with 5 pills in each pack. A lot of people were sick that had never been before and my husbands tablets were not doing a lot. We had probably 4/5 days in total where we were in very ruff water. Two of the very first
  5. We were on deck 5 right at the front and my god did we feel it. Never slept a wink the first night or the 14th due to the noise of the ship crashing back into the water. I am also sure the waves reached into deck 4 as we were getting a lot of spray as high as our balcony. I have read somewhere else that a deck 4 cabin had we carpet! I was not worried as such but the poor lady next door to us slept with her life jacket by the bed she was so frightened we were going to tip over. The Captain said we had been in a nine meter swell. We were also sailing in a severe weather category which did hit h
  6. On our way home after disembarking QV That was one hell of a ride home, will fill in details later but suffice to say all on board quoted the worst sailing ever! nothing quit like hanging on to your dining table while the glasses slide. Then literally rolling around all night in your bed.
  7. I am currently on board QV and looking at the forecast it is set to be even worse coming home than it was on the 3rd Nov. It was quiet bad for 2 days getting across the Solent and Bay of Biscay with people saying it had not been this bad before. For so long I know it can change but 9,8 meter waives is not something I am looking forward to in any shape or form. PS currently so windy in Lanzarote we’re waiting a extra hour before we sail away
  8. cook68

    Pol Acker

    Adding it to the vinegar..... I mean wine 🙃adds a little sparkle
  9. cook68

    Pol Acker

    On Queen Victoria right now look what we have. I have a gin mixer at the ready so hoping that takes the edge off 😆
  10. Fill your boots. You can take as much as you like. Diet was in the fridge as well.
  11. You could buy a mixer on board. There will be cans of coke in your fridge. I don't remember seeing tonic? We took a few bottles of tonic and will do the same. It's just nice to have a little pre drink in your room when getting ready in the evenings.
  12. I took a bottle of gin on the QM2 last year plus Champagne and have a bottle of gin and Jack Daniel waiting for the QV in 10 days time. Plus Champing. We're celebrating a big birthday 🙂 I am sure Vodka will be treated just the same as mine and glanced at with a smile
  13. May I recommend the Bonfire toffee, its quiet sticky though and might get stuck in your teeth. There is a link to the recipe in a recent post. 😄
  14. I fully expect to see this on the 1st May
  15. I am starting to wish I hadn't asked. I just wondered if it was celebrated in anyway as Halloween seems to be.
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