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  1. 20 hours ago, madre2 said:

    We have never cruised with  NCL.  We have done RCCL, Celebrity, and Carnival.  Looking to try Pacific Coast on the Bliss next year, but don't know much about the ship, or how NCL does things.  Are the shows free of charge or do you have to pay?  Do you have to make reservations for shows?  Is the specialty dining worth it if we get 3 meals free?  How is the wifi?  Anything else anyone can share about the ship or itinerary would be so much appreciated.

    We also were on the last sailing to Alaska on the Bliss and had a wonderful time on this beautiful ship!  As others have stated, the two main shows are Havana and Jersey Boys, and both are free of charge.  If you can only make it to one of the shows, I'd suggest Jersey Boys based on our experience and others we sailed with.  I was very surprised at how many people left Havana during the show, and felt that while it was entertaining, I wouldn't see it again.  We made reservations online prior to boarding, but did notice many open seats during the show.  If you aren't able to reserve seating due to it showing full, you can always try the stand-by line (and my guess is that you will get in based on all the empty seats we saw). 

    We chose the 3 free specialty dining meals as one of our perks and did enjoy our meals at each.  We had reservations for Cagney's twice and Le Bistro.  While the meals were good for the most part, I wouldn't pay extra to eat there if I did not receive it as a perk. On our next sailing, we will try different specialty restaurants to see which ones we like best.  Really enjoyed all of our meals in the MDRs...both Taste and Savor.  We found after the first day that if we brought our first drink (soda) to the table with us and ordered another one right away, things went smoother and we were never waiting for a refill.  

    We hardly ever felt the ship was crowded at all except a few times trying to find a seat at the buffet and in the elevators after shows.  We ended up finding tables outside on the pool deck and always found a seat there.  The Local was also mobbed for football all day on Sunday, and we were happy that we could also watch the games in our stateroom if we wished.   Many times we were surprised that no one was on the elevators and at other times they were somewhat crowded.   We took the stairs going down whenever possible, so that did help.  

    We loved all of the staff we encountered and thought the ship was very clean.  We were very sad to leave after a mere 7 day sailing, and kept saying on the last morning that 7 days is not enough for us.  I'd suggest really exploring the ship on your first day, and find venues that fit what you are looking for.  Hopefully, you will love your experience on the Bliss as much as we did!


  2. All of these replies are good to know! I can be very picky also and "dissect" my food as well. (that's what my family calls it, in any case!) I read some of the descriptions on the menu and think, well, at least I can have some chicken or pasta if nothing else appeals to me. I know it has helped me to look at threads that contain food pictures, as the description doesn't always sound appealing, but when I see the pictures, it helps me to break down what's in the dish. Perhaps that will help her before you go?


    my wife is a very fussy eater and doesn't like 'fancy' food at all. She will spend hours picking bits of onion or chunks of tomato out of sauces, she doesn't eat seafood, pork or bacon. She is happy with a pasta carbonara, pasta with a cheese sauce, chicken, mild curry, pizza, burgers etc.


    You may not want to let her know this (if she doesn't know already), but typically, pasta carbonara is prepared with bacon. :o


    Want to see some over the top planning ?? Have a look at the spreadsheet (below) for our roll call set up for October 2019. Port by Port by Port.


    OMG! I just looked at the spreadsheet for the October 2019 trip and I am in awe. Makes me want to go on the cruise with you all! :) (I would consider it if we weren't already booked!)

  4. As for dress--if it is such a big deal to put on a pair of khakis and a polo shirt, or a pair of capris and a nice top, then I think you should stay in your backyard in your grubby shorts and t-shirts and spare me the sight of your hairy legs and fat bellies. And be sure to have a few beers while you're there.


    Perhaps if you focused a little bit more on the fact that you are spending quality time with your family instead of wasting valuable time nitpicking others for what they chose to wear for dinner on vacation, you might find that you have a much better time.

  5. I swear to God, you'd think that Go-Karts were invented on the NCL Bliss and the first time people have ever seen or ridden them. Again, if you want to crawl around the track and fear getting hurt, STAY OFF and do something else ......... I'm not going to pay $10 for a go-kart ride that goes slower around the track than I can walk.



    Maybe not everyone has a "Barrymore's" close to them or maybe they feel like being on a cruise is as good a time as any to try a go-kart ride. ;p I agree, though. I absolutely do NOT want to be on the track with inexperienced folks or those who are not able to physically handle the carts.


    Now … here is a trivia for you … dunno if you know this already … but if you dunno … (PLEASE, others, don't help Doug !!!) …


    Mein Schiff 1 has been docking beside you in Tallinn and it will be with you again in St. Petersburg …



    It has just become abundantly clear who the skimmers on this thread are... :rolleyes:

  7. I’m sad that they are taking out all the Asian restaurants 😞


    I agree completely! I thought that Joy was interesting as is, and even with a few modifications there should still be a large market for Alaska. I'll be disappointed if they make it into a twin of Bliss. Difference is good, and NCL should keep some of what made Joy unique as it is.

  8. OP- Don't worry about what others have said! Everyone has their own packing and travelling styles, and to each their own. I completely agree with you and don't want to be scrambling for an item that I really needed (and forgot). I've traveled over the years but this will be my first cruise. I think the over-packing for me comes from not just being able to hop in a car and head to the nearest store for whatever I might need. :) I have used your list as a starting point for my own packing list, and have modified it to our needs. I certainly appreciate you sharing with us, and hope you have a fantastic trip with your sister!

  9. Actually, she did respond in kind. My post was merely a question, and not in any way an attack. She was smart enough to see it as that, and responded in a friendly manner. If more people did that, CC would be a nicer place



    Hmmm...didn't realize that I, in any way, referred to you in my post. Quite a few people responded in ways that were not the nicest (in my opinion) and I thought Jamie handled everything beautifully. It is definitely refreshing to see. Like I said, either way, I am sure she will have a fantastic cruise and will find the positive no matter what the outcome.

  10. So glad this worked out for you and your family, Jamie! It sounds like it will be a fantastic cruise, no matter what, as you have a great attitude. I give you huge amounts of credit for keeping your patience and not responding in kind to some of the posts on this thread. Hoping you'll come back after the cruise and let us all know how it worked out for your parents. :)

  11. Come on now, an 8 year old that cuts in front of the line to get soft serve ice cream at 10:30 at night isn't a ship sinker. How long was the line at 10:30? 3 people deep? It may have been improper but it's a little kid geting ice cream .... seems pety to me and has me questioning which one was the kid and who was having a meltdown over something so small. I'm sure everyone here was perfect when they were 8. :confused::rolleyes:


    I would just shrug it off if a kid jumped in line in front of me to get an ice cream and would attribute it to excitement and possibly not paying attention that there were others waiting. Except...JamieLogical mentioned that he turned around after getting his ice cream and stared at her for a good 20 seconds while eating his ice cream and intentionally blocking the machine from her. Sounds like a taunt to me and wouldn't have gone over well with me at all. Youthful exuberance is one thing; intentionally being nasty is quite another.

  12. Actually no. When we vacationed with our children, we vacationed WITH our children, meals, activities, shore excursions. The only time my son went to AO was when there was something going on there he wanted to do.


    This! Thank you! I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one that spent my vacations with my children. Now that they are older, I appreciate all the family time we had together when they were young. :cool:

  13. Finally, lobster is just a really big shrimp/crab thing. It's good, but not that much better than most other offerings.


    A really big shrimp/crab thing? LOL! Maybe in Alabama that's what they resemble, but not in Maine. Thanks for the laugh! :')

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