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  1. My husband and are pretty adventurous diners however, I checked the Luminae menues on the app for our cruise on Constellation next month and have to say that there were a couple of nights that I saw nothing really appealing to me. I'm hoping we'll be able to choose some alternatives from the main dining room menu.
  2. I bought a couple of chains and frankly have not had a single issue with them. In fact, a few years ago, my house was broken into and the thieves stole nearly all my jewelry including the Gold by the Inch chains but left my expensive real gold chains. Glad that these criminals were super stupid.
  3. We were never notified. Just saw the OBC in the cruise planner. Used the online form.
  4. We were booked on the December 11 - 15 Brilliance cruise which was supposed to be the first cruise. It was canceled in August, I believe. We're on Celebrity Constellation's first cruise out of Tampa on November 7. I think it's a good thing to be the first passengers since the lockdown. There won't be a crowd of debarking passengers and the ship should be super clean.
  5. You might check Walgreen's website. I seem to remember that question on their FAQs for Covid testing. I believe that the answer is no. There's a minor emergency clinic near us that does testing inside and will bill insurance for you so you might call around.
  6. I just spoke with a Captain's Club representative who said Celebrity does not endorse a particular brand of Covid test and since the site states that the only tests not accepted are the antibody and unsupervised at-home tests, the ID Now test is acceptable. I told him I sure wish that Celebrity's site would match Royal Caribbean. That appears to be asking too much.
  7. Thanks. It appears that my confusion isn't due to my age after all!
  8. I have however, if you look at the original post, Walgreens told the OP it was not acceptable to Celebrity. It would be great if someone who has actually received the ID Now test from Walgreens and had that test accepted by Celebrity would respond.
  9. OK, I am going to apologize up front for my question because I know it has been answered but there appears to still be confusion as witnessed on this post: Is the Rapid Diagnostic Test (ID Now) Rapid Molecular Test performed at Walgreens accepted by Celebrity?
  10. We're booked in a suite on the 7 November cruise and we received an email today to "personalize our cruise" so we feel confident that it's going to go. It would be nice to be able to do online check in but at least we were able to request bag tags and see our eDocs.
  11. I think it depends on the individual CVS. I live in FL. The only CVS that offers the Rapid Antigen test rarely has appointment times available and when they do, it might be this afternoon or tomorrow. I've not seen any way to book an appointment for the Rapid Antigen test 2 weeks in advance at this CVS. A calendar pops up but there are never appointment times. I'm guessing it has to do with test kit availability.
  12. Spoke too soon. Now cannot check in. Going to give up for a while.
  13. Was going to ask which ship and date because I've not been able to check in for my November 7 Constellation cruise but checked right after I started this post and now am able on my PC. Cannot do it on my phone or Celebrity app
  14. We've been lucky avoiding the excursions with shopping but when we went Turkey on a cruise we purposely selected one with a stop in a rug shop. I was stationed in Turkey when I was in the Air Force and I wanted my husband to experience shopping in Turkey. He got a kick out of it, especially the beer the got at the rug factory. I told him it was tea only when I was there!
  15. We always fly in a day or two before the cruise as well as make sure we have a long layover if not flying direct. I'll never forget the couple on a British Isles cruise who were flying from California through a smaller airport like Charlotte. They thought that since it was a small airport, they would have plenty of time to make their flight. They did, but their luggage didn't. The wife packed clothes in her carryon. Her husband didn't. The luggage arrived after the cruise departed. That makes for a long 10 days with no luggage.
  16. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/if-need-an-rt-pcr-test-before-i-cruise-where-should-i-go
  17. Update: we were able to get our immunization history from our state department of health. The report lists my Covid vaccinations and every immunization I've received since 2008! I figure the report along with my card should be good enough. My husband's report was missing his second shot. He was told to contact our county department of health where we got our shots. They found that my husband's name was misspelled and resubmitted the data to the state. My husband received the correct report and a new card.
  18. The person who processed my paperwork for vaccine shot #2, placed a small sticker with the vaccine name and lot number on crookedly and covered the handwritten lot# for shot #1. Then she tried to pull the sticker off which slightly messed up the sticker. I stressed about this for awhile, afraid that I would run into problems at check-in. I contacted our state department of health and requested and received an immunization history report. All the info for my Covid vaccinations was there with the DoH letterhead. My birthdate too. I printed the report and put a copy with my vaccination card. My husband also requested his immunization history. His was missing vaccine shot #2. After investigation, the DoH found that his name was misspelled when the data was entered. I probably wouldn't have a problem at check-in but feel better with some backup documentation. If the birthdate area is blank, I'd would contact the provider of your vaccinations for guidance.
  19. We are booked on the Constellation in November, 2021. We booked the original cruise in 2019 and I really don't care if she has been spruced up or not. I just want to cruise!
  20. We are booked on the 7 November 21 Constellation cruise out of Tampa and just made final payment. It's a short cruise and I believe we're the first Constellation cruise. I sure hope it goes as does yours.
  21. Our 11 Dec cruise on Brilliance out of Tampa was totally cancelled, not switched to the Serenade. We are not happy since it was my husband's birthday cruise.
  22. We're the Brilliance sailings moved to Serenade all 4 nighters? We just found out that our 5 night, 11 Dec 21 Brilliance cruise was canceled but no notice of a move to Serenade.
  23. I have a concern regarding my vaccination card but am not sure how to find out if I will have a problem at check in or not. My husband and I got our Moderna shots at the same time. Data about our first shot was handwritten on our cards. Data about our second shot was on a small sticker. The woman who placed the sticker on both of our cards partially covered the handwritten data on mine -- part of the lot number. She then tried to pull off the sticker on my card but that just messed up the sticker. My husband's lot number is partially covered but legible. We're not sure how closely the cards are scrutinized at check in. Any suggestions regarding who at Celebrity I could ask about this?
  24. Is testing at the port only for the unvaccinated? In other words, let's say that I'm vaccinated but unable to get an appointment for a PCR or Antigen test within the 72 hour window, would I be able to get the Antigen test at the port on my own dime?
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