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  1. Sorry, was trying to be brief (and am, um, a bit relaxed on my sea day). I was very clear about what we needed. And the box of bandages I bought on shore for $7 was more than sufficient.
  2. Currently on the Equinox - was planning on posting when we returned and may still do so, as veteran cruisers (this is our 17th) on Celebrity for the first time, but an incident a couple of days ago still has me steamed, and now that we have a day at sea I thought I'd post it. This cruise is my wife and I, in our early 50s, no kids. We returned from a shore excursion around 1PM and my wife was in need of some minor attention. We went to guest services to inquire, and had the following exchange (summarized): Me: Where can I get some basic first aid supplies? GS: The shops don't open until 8PM. Me: Ok, but is it possible to get some basic first aid supplies? GS: The shops don't open until 8PM. Me, OK, is there anywhere else? GS: No, the shops don't open until 8PM. Me: Ok, how about the infirmary? GS: They don't open until 4PM. Me: So I can't get anything before then? GS: No, I'm sorry. Me: Sorry is not helping. Is there anyone else I can speak to? GS(2): Everything is closed. There's nothing we can do. Me: So there's nowhere I can get some basic first aid supplies? GS(2): The only thing is you can walk into town and try to find a pharmacy. Me: Ok, can you tell me where to find one? GS(2): No, sorry, just walk into town, it's a mile or so over the bridge and maybe you can find a pharmacy. At this point, I was done with them, as any further exchange might have resulted in me saying some regrettable things. I didn't want my wife walking that far in case she started bleeding again, so off I went in the full heat and humidity of mid-day. A local said that there was indeed a pharmacy in town, and gave some general directions, but it was going to be quite a hike. Fortunately there was a "grab and go" shop nearby that at first seemed only to have drinks and snacks, but I thought I spied some paper towels on a shelf in the back. Sure enough, I went back there and they had basic household and personal care goods, otc medications, first aid supplies, etc. and I was able to get what we needed. This incident has kind of soured us on Celebrity, though - we've occasionally had a minor need like this on other cruises and in each situation the staff couldn't move fast enough to assist.
  3. Not necessarily crazy, but one of the funniest interactions I've witnessed (another line). Was in a fairly full elevator, and a couple managed to just squeeze in. As the doors closed an alarm went off, a button reading "overweight" started flashing, and the doors opened. The woman who had just boarded shoved the man she was with off the elevator, shouted "No buffet for you tomorrow!", pushed the door close button, and we were off leaving him standing there.
  4. i suspect the answer is no, but thought I'd ask. We're on a 9-night cruise in less than a month. The itinerary is correct, but I'm less certain about the specific information. For example, the app lists Destination Highlights: Key West on day 9, but we'll have already been there on day 2. And there are daily menus for the main dining room (which we're interested in to decide what nights we want to eat at specialty restaurants) but they're only listed for days 1-7.
  5. Again, thanks for all the suggestions. I have a feeling our first day on the ship may just involve exploring all the various areas.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Seems like some places worth checking out.
  7. First, thanks to all who post here - I've been lurking for the past few months as our first Celebrity cruise approaches, and have learned a lot. We're very experienced cruisers on other lines, but every line (and ship) is different. So here's what I'm trying to figure out. Our favorite thing to do when onboard, especially on sea days, is find a location or locations with the following attributes. We like loungers (preferably padded), in the shade not the sun, in a quiet area (so generally not the pool deck), and outdoors with ocean views and breezes. We've generally been able to find this without much difficulty on our past cruises, but I'm having trouble discerning whether anything close to this exists on the Equinox (and if it does, whether we'd need to camp out from the crack of dawn to get it). Thanks for your help and advice.
  8. If it doesn't happen before the cruise, when you get on board the Navigator will list a location where you can go to request dining changes. Not guaranteed but possible.
  9. Please keep in mind that their goal in Remy is to provide the best experience possible. It's great if you're open to trying new things (everything we've ever had there has been wonderful), but if you should happen to get a course you don't like they're happy to bring you something else.
  10. Cabanas, which is the main buffet for breakfast and lunch, is open for dinner all but the first and last nights of a cruise, However, it is table service for dinner, serving selections from the main dining room menus. There is often a late night buffet on pirate night, but that is the only one. The poolside quick service locations are also open for dinner if you do not want to eat in the main dining room and do not have a reservation for one of the adult-only specialty restaurants (Palo and Remy).
  11. We did the De Palm Island Beach and Snorkeling on the 11-night Fantasy Southern Caribbean last year, and loved it! We didn't do the cabana add-on, though. There were definitely covered areas with loungers, as well as some in the sun, and there was a beach that was more for families and one that was mostly adults. None of these required any reservation or additional payment. The drinks were plentiful, and the food was fine - nothing special but adequate. Best part was the snorkeling - tons of beautiful fish right off the dock. Would definitely do this one again.
  12. Bar soap, shampoo conditioner, and lotion. There may be liquid soap in concierge, but never had it in any regular cabin (inside, oceanview, or veranda).
  13. Don't forget pirate night!
  14. No cash unless you want to mail something from the post office, or if you have a cabana and want to tip your cabana attendant. You can bring your own snorkel equipment, but you also have to use one of their life vests (provided at no charge).
  15. Excursions (Port Adventures) through Disney can be booked online well before the cruise (how far ahead depends on your Castaway Club member status). Some of the very popular ones sell out before the cruise, but there are always plenty of options once on board. There's no advantage to waiting if you know what you want, though. You don't pay for Port Adventures until you're onboard, so if its cancelled you're not charged. It does happen from time to time, and they do try to help you find something else if you'd like.
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