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  1. The zoo was advertising a lot when we were down there two weeks ago. The entire routine has changed for admission, reservations, and walking around. If you want to do the zoo make sure to check their www side for rules and restrictions. You can't just show up and expect to get in. Gaslamp area was operating full tilt on Saturday and Sunday nights with 5th blocked off for two blocks and tables set up in the street. It's still not as much seating as before. When we got into town on Saturday we walked around and made a reservation for dinner just in case and did the same for Sunday night.
  2. Never been a problem for us. But we try to book on the Loft side facing Hard Rock and not the regular side facing the dog park. We had the windows open every night and never heard the Trolley during the night and only the horn a few times in the AM. They are now closing down 5th street between L and J allowing restaurants to have more outside seating. We had a huge selection of places to eat. Not sure what they are doing in other parts of downtown.
  3. We just returned from a long weekend at the Hilton Gaslamp. We have visited SD for many years and many times a year. This hotel has become our go to place to stay. In these times you can be lucky to get a room in the loft tower for $175 that last year would have cost you $450. There are many many excellent places to eat just out the door, Tuscano, Lou and Mickey's, Union Kitchen, and Tin Fish to name a few. The only one on your list we have stayed at recently is ES. It was a little worn around the edges last time we were there. It did have some decent places to eat within walking distan
  4. I like the history of the ship. It might reek from staleness but it also reeks of history. There are lot worse places to stay for one night. We were there January 2019 just for a cocktail before flying out to Catalina Island for the weekend. It is a little worn around the edges. Not like when we stayed there back when Disney Corp still ran it. But again, it's worth doing for a night or two.
  5. No way to tell with the crazy virus going on. Good news is there's plenty of outdoor seating at almost every place. I would just plan to walk around and pick a place that looks good.
  6. I hope we can do the Ruby in March. It will be spouses retirement trip. We are suppose to do it with two other couples. One couple has already said they aren't going due to COVID but the other couple is still in.
  7. Could be. We have a Ruby Princess 15 day RT SF - HI booked for March (fingers crossed) and seems I do recall somebody offering RT from SD. We picked SF as it's closer to home.
  8. I agree with BruceMuzz and will add that the roughest sailing for any cruise is the northbound Pacific coast from San Diego to San Francisco or so the crew told us. We were doing our last two days of a 15 day San Juan to SF cruise in December and the seas were churning. The dresser/closet doors/drawers were sliding in and out all night. If we hadn't been on the ship almost two weeks it might have been an issue. I assume OP is doing a seven or ten day Mexican cruise so I would pick San Diego hands down for the overall weather and seas.
  9. Agreed, beside US couldn't exempt anything in Canada.
  10. Wild San Francisco tours. We did the China Town tour several years ago and it was great. They have several different tours all over SF, just pick your interest. https://wildsftours.com
  11. Dozens within walking distance to the port. I wouldn't consider even looking 15-20 minutes away there's no reason. We like the Gaslamp area. I'm Hilton brand loyal so will usually do the Hilton Gaslamp or Hilton Bayside. The Embassy Suites is a stone's throw from the pier, but not my first choice, just seems to cookie cutter vs the Hilton Gaslamp. If you want some place really unique try the El Cordova on Coronado Island, just get one of the large rooms. It was the construction workers living quarters while building the Del Coronado. Try for the Superintendent quarters vs the workers.
  12. Bonus nights he shows up and the guy from America shows up and they do sets together.
  13. He grew up in the Central Valley of CA in Hanford and moved around up and down the valley living in Visalia, Tracy, Banta, Sacramento, etc. Not sure exactly where he lives now but the tabloid sites say Mill Valley. However, I think he might have a place in the Lodi wine country or Sierra foothills as I know he shows up unannounced frequently at a couple of places in Lodi and Stockton and plays with local artists.
  14. San Francisco traffic is always a crap shoot. However, you will doing the reverse commute out of the City so good chance it won't be to bad. Plus there a couple of alternate routes if the 101 is bunched up. I would think a 1 PM flight is pretty doable.
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