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  1. True this! I have had this "is it worth it" discussion many times with my spouse. First, you aren't suppose to take drinks from the SL. Second, it's mostly to long of a walk to anyplace on deck even if you did. We spend most days on the suite sun deck. I like my hot dogs and I would have to get three beers from the SL just to make it to the Dog House and have something to drink with my dogs. Our Thanksgiving cruise we will probably never get off the ship except at CoCo and the package works there. Don't judge me, but a couple of Bloody Mary's, 5-6 beers, pre-dinner cocktail, 1-2 glasses
  2. We did a Panama (15 days) all the way to SF many years ago from San Juan. The northbound from SD to SF was the worst of all we have ever done, include a TA on a 60,000 ton ship. Crew told us if you can do the N/B pacific coast you can handle anything. We did an Alaska S/B to SF and it wasn't bad at all. But, as Bob said, it's all a crap shoot.
  3. San Francisco is so compact there isn't much of reason to just stay by the port to be close. Union Square is our go to spot for long weekends.
  4. Not worth it going back into LAX just to catch a free ride. LAX is a zoo and can take many minutes (+30) just to get from the Hilton to the terminal and the Hilton (where we stay) is a stones throw. Unless you get in real late after a long day of travel and want to crash right away, I would get closer to the port and do my own transport.
  5. There are to many variables with SF weather and traffic for me to be comfortable with a noon flight. Most likely you could make a noon flight with no issue. But then again..........
  6. San Diego hands down. But keep in mind the northbound sailing along the CA coast is some of the roughest seas you will find.
  7. I get that. But if I'm vax'ed and therefore don't have to follow COVID protocols, how does the staff or other pax know that? How do I know the guy walking around with no mask has been vax'ed?
  8. So, how do all those cruises that only stop at Ensenada qualify as "distant" port?
  9. As always, follow the money. It's CA taxing another business for no benefit to the general public.
  10. It's suppose to be very cool Halloween event that last a few weeks. Tickets sell out for Halloween on certain nights so buy them soon if you want to go into the park. I'm not sure how they limit the City Walk for Halloween. But if you can't or don't want to spend the $$$$ for the theme park you could just walk over from the hotel and hangout on City Walk. I just looked and the Hilton has rooms for $170 - $220 on Saturday.
  11. Halloween, try to get a room at Hilton Universal City and a ticket into Universal Studios.
  12. Pre-Covid we did 3-4 long weekends a year in The City. We would usually try St Francis, Hilton Union Square, or Hilton Financial District in that order. Mostly depended on the price. Hilton Union Sq has a great roof top bar with killer views of the city. SF is compact and an easy UBER ride to anyplace you might want to go. I'm not a fan of Fisherman's Wharf area as it's to touristy.
  13. I just booked two cabanas at Thrill and they limit you to six and no option to purchase more. Some of the other locations allowed eight with an option to buy two more for $50 each.
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