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  1. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0175ZJJY0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I found this $15 case to be extremely watertight. I tested it with dry tissue paper in it and sunk it and weighted it down overnight in a pot of water, then I brought it down 12+ feet in Lake George several times and took video of schools of fish. It is a bit fidgety to control the touchscreen phone while under water, but do-able after some practice. It is also quite buoyant even with a heavy phone in it. Amazon has some much simpler and cheaper cases that we will use for Docs, cards and folding money.
  2. I forgot to add that I plan on wearing the FannyPac in the water. I bought it because it should fare well in the water and dry reasonably quickly. I could not find a waterproof one that would fit my needs, but everything inside of it will be protected by waterproof bags.
  3. We have waterproof cases for both of our phones, which we use as cameras, so they will have to go snorkeling with us. I bought additional waterproof bags for cash/cards/documents, and a fanny pac/shoulder bag that will hold all of the above. Nothing to be left on the beach but a towel, sandals, and a dry shirt or two. Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  4. Are the HDMI ports on the cabin TVs usable? We are sailing on Getaway in October. (BA) Balcony cabin. I've read in a 'Cruising Technology' thread that the TV remote is usually a simplified unit that does not have buttons to change inputs, etc.. And that the TVs are sometimes mounted too close to the wall, blocking access to the HDMI ports. So I was hoping to see if I could get any more specific answers from those cruisers experienced with NCL's equipment. Is the TV itself 'Dumbed down'? --If I had a way of selecting sources (universal remote), would that allow access?. Are the HDMI ports physically accessible? --Would angled or 'flex head' design HDMI cables help?
  5. I've read in other threads that any -same size- card will work to turn on the lights/electric in the cabin. Could someone please clarify if it has to be a certain type of card, or that any -same size- card will work? As 1st time cruisers, we do not have a card from previous sailing.. I wish to have the ability to charge spare batteries while we are out of the cabin. On the subject of fans; I've read that household extension cords may sometimes be disallowed and confiscated. I plan on bringing 2 small 5Volt computer style fans that are powered by USB cables. I have a 6 port USB charger so I can charge all/most gadgets and spare batteries on the desk, while USB extensions can power phones and fans on bedside tables. Benefits: --The USB powered fans are much smaller and lighter than most small electric fans, but still put out plenty of airflow and white noise especially when close by on the bedside table. --USB extension cords also pack smaller and weigh less than standard household current extension cords. --A multi port USB charger takes up only 1 wall outlet and charges/powers many items.
  6. I will try revisiting my cart every few minutes, that may just be the step I've been missing. The whole point of my frustration is the popup '5 minute warning', And this may well be a browser issue, but no matter which way I tried to interact with that warning popup (The X in the upper right corner, or the "Continue" button in the middle), I suffered having my page reset. Leaving me to navigate through several pages to find where I was before the popup. I use Firefox, but I will try Chrome and Opera when I get back to NCL again.
  7. LOL, If that is the case, I can live with it, and admit it. So far, in this small sample, I seem to be alone. I'll try a different browser if I get a chance soon.
  8. Thanks for the reply. If I ran NCL I would be sure to have someone monitor this Forum... Not looking to re-code their page, just try to get a problem fixed. After several instances of this problem 2 weeks ago, I resorted to taking written notes of what reservations we wanted, then trying to speed through booking them all, only to have the offending message appear just as I was about to submit my payment info. Another 10 minutes of my life that I will not get back... I then had to book and submit 1 reservation at a time to appease the angry website timer gods... A truly frustrating experience. Never had to work so hard to try spending my hard earned money. I am hoping to see if others are having similar problems, or if I am just the lucky one. Could be my browser, who knows. But a "Cart" is somewhere you should store proposed purchases, not be enslaved to a timer that disrupts your work flow. And again, the timer is not the problem. There is a real need to keep people from tying up reservations in an inactive cart. If the message had a 'Keep-Alive' function allowing an extension of the timer while the user was actively working, that would be normal. Many websites that sell time sensitive bookings have handled this same issue in various satisfactory ways. The fact that this timer message resets the user's page is the problem.
  9. I am furious from trying to interact with NCL's poorly written website. We are trying to book reservations for excursions, dining, entertainment, etc.. The NCL Website is extremely frustrating to use. If you place anything in your "Cart" it times out after 5 minutes. When that timeout occurs, a pop-up message appears and no matter how you interact with that message, the page on which you were currently working re-sets and all of your work (payment info, current informational page, etc.) gets cleared, leaving you with no choice but to start all over again. It is extremely annoying to be discussing plans and options with a cruise companion while constantly under the gun of this arbitrary time wasting 5 minute clock. I understand the need to keep the cart fresh and not tie up reservations. A message that prompts the user to refresh their cart is necessary, but it should NOT refresh or change the user's current page. If this is merely a poorly written page, it should be an easy fix. However, if my experience with this "Feature" of the page is out of the ordinary, I am willing to help them troubleshoot. Tim
  10. If it might help, there are HDMI cables with "Right Angle" connectors and even those with swivel or hinged connectors available.
  11. Not from experience, but from my recent research for an upcoming cruise, that sounds like an excursion to the Baths on Virgin Gorda from Tortola, BVI.
  12. That is definitely on my short list of spots for post retirement travels. Thanks, I will check out "Theme Cruises"
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