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  1. I understand there is a 'status match' type thing between Celebrity and Royal Caribbean but does that include and discount on the original cost of a trip at booking stage? Thank you
  2. UPDATE: just contacted RCI on the online chat and there has been an issue today which is now resolved. all discounts now showing as at 20:35 7th April. thank you all.
  3. I thought it was a fixed amount based on your tier level regardless of when, where or why. obviously I’m wrong. Thank you
  4. Which is exactly what we have done along with the over 55 tick box.
  5. Thank you, yes we both did on separate cruises. Hmm interesting
  6. Simply put, has it gone? I’m trying to book various cruises and I don’t seem to be getting any discount for diamond. have I missed a press release? Thank you
  7. Simple, does it include Prosecco or do I have to upgrade?
  8. Hello, the MSC website claims up to 50% discount for Health workers. Does anyone actually know what % discount is for what? Is it time prior to sailing, longer time bigger discount? There is no clarification on the site. Any help gratefully accepted. Thank you
  9. A person after my own heart. LOL Thank you I might just copy that.
  10. Seems like mine is Fantastica but I cannot find anything on the MSC site regarding it.
  11. That was the sort of answer i hoped for, thank you. What's the cocktail hour? is it a thing or something you like to do.?
  12. Err, pardon my ignorance, but no i have no idea what that is all about. Surely room service is not only available to certain passengers if available at all? I can get Status Match to Gold according to the rep.
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