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  1. We booked the Sept 22, 2021 cruise but cancelled it because I was concerned about COVID. I found and booked another cruise on Splendor May 6, 2022 starting in Monte Carlo ending in Southampton. Almost the same itinerary as the Sept 22 cruise. Hopefully, COVID will be well under control by then.
  2. I found this article about LHR on one of the travel blogs that I follow. It was written last year but does provide some insight about terminal 5. https://www.netflights.com/blog/flying-heathrow-terminal-5-pandemic/
  3. Gcto, Thanks for your answer. Very helpful.
  4. We have sailed a number of times with many of the main stream and luxury lines. We are sailing on Regent for the first time in 2022. The travel company we use has always given OBCs as soon as the cruise was booked and it was reflected on the invoice as a member benefit from the travel company. The invoice for the Regent cruise has no OBCs listed. We have a new TA and when I asked about the OBCs she said “they” are slow in giving OBCs especially during the COVID pandemic. I asked who “they” were and was told Regent. So my question is does Regent currently control/give all OBCs? I did a search
  5. I booked a Nov 2022 cruise at the end of Sept and paid the deposit. I was told by Viking final payment was Dec 2020. When I questioned why so much in advance and I was a loyal Viking customer (4 prior cruises) he told me it was due to the “promo” on discounted fares being offered. Promo ended Oct 1, fares did not increase, so I called Viking and requested my final payment date be moved to 6 months prior to sail date. I knew that probably wouldn’t be honored but all they could say was no. Viking finally agreed to a Nov 2021 date. I guess I got lucky🙂
  6. I didn’t “discover” Cruise Critic until we had completed 5 or 6 cruises. This site is invaluable and I learn new things/tips all the time.
  7. rallydave provided a good explanation on incremental increases for coverage. However, you asked about pec coverage. Different subject that can be confusing. It was to me until I found the following website. Instead of posting the long explanation I listed the website. It’s not an endorsement or recommendation. https://tripinsurancestore.com/how-travel-insurance-pre-existing-medical-conditions-coverage-works/
  8. Most travel insurance companies require the policy be purchased within 15 days of the deposit date. The policy would cover the initial deposit amount and be priced accordingly. When final payment is made you can increase the policy amount to cover the cruise and then air or hotels.
  9. You are not too early for the Roll Call. It has been started and there are a number of folks already talking. The Meet and Mingle probably won’t be posted until we get closer to sailing date.
  10. Snorkel lover Thanks for this post. This will help us better plan our time in London. We are on the same cruise (hopefully) and have started our excursion planning even though it’s a year out. Time flys and now we have something to look forward to.
  11. A lot of good ideas/alternatives have been surfaced on this thread re: Château dinners. I like the idea of going on our own or private guide for wine tasting, buying a good bottle or two and have dinner on the ship. We were on large group RCL excursion that included lunch in London. Very rushed with not enough time to enjoy the meal. We try to avoid this type of excursion.
  12. BBfromCA Thanks for your response. It kind of confirms what I read on TripAdvisor about Château Du Tertre. Two people posted on TA that the meal was less than impressive but the wines were great. The Chateau management response was the meal was selected by the cruise ship to better fit American tastes. I would guess it had more to do with price point. No mention of which cruise ship company on TA. There were also two good reviews on Château Kirwan dinners. However, those excursions were offered by Viking River and staffed by Viking. We have a few weeks to decide what to select, if at al
  13. We are booked on this cruise and was recently notified by our TA that excursions can be booked in a few weeks. Of all the excursions available I'm curious about two in Bordeaux. Regent is offering an evening dinner/tour of Chateau Kirwan or Chateau Du Tertre. Has anyone been on these excursions? Did you have a good experience and was it worth the cost? I've looked in Ports of Call and didn't find anything.
  14. Hopefully I’m not too far off topic but for those that were “lucky” enough to be selected for MVJ 2.0 did you still have to enter a CC number for each excursion in your basket at checkout since the CC that you register can not be used for MVJ website purchases. The reason I ask is that it was recommended on this site to not wait until all your excursions were in your basket to check out and then enter your CC number. It was also recommended to pay for a few in the basket and then enter a few more. Some people that waited until the very end of their selection process found some of their excursi
  15. Agree with the need to periodically check your flights/schedules. A good TA should be able to keep up on changes since they work closely with Viking Air. However, they can get busy and may miss a change or not think it’s a big deal. Our cruise last year our departing flight changed to 3 hours earlier than what we had scheduled due to “equipment change”. At least that’s what the airline told me. I got it sorted out and actually got a better flight. The earlier you book the more need to check IMHO.
  16. Lanyards are good if you don’t mind it being around your neck. I carry my key card in a pocket but have to make sure not to put it in the same pocket as my cell phone. The phone will de-magnetize the card and will require a visit to guest services to fix the card. I learned this the hard way😊
  17. We did the Homelands Cruise last April and connected two times through AMS. KLM outbound and Delta for the return. We had a 90 minute connection time for the outbound segment and had no problems. The return flight we had a 2:45 hrs. connection time and had plenty of time once through security/passport control (slow). The problem we experienced was at the Delta gate. No organization or control on the boarding. People gang rushed the gate trying to be the first to board. We were flying Delta One class and it had no effect as to when we could board. We just patiently waited our turn knowing there
  18. We did the Homelands Cruise this year, Stockholm to Bergen. In hindsight, I wish we would have started in Bergen and ended in Stockholm. We arrived in Stockholm the afternoon of Day 1. That pretty much eliminated any touring that day. Since the ship departed port at 2:30 PM (all aboard @ 1:30) on Day 2 that pretty much restricted us to a Viking bus tour and a short private walking tour of the Old Town. We didn’t get to see many of the sights in this great European city. When I realized the little time we would actually have in Stockholm it was too late to change the air, without significant pe
  19. We completed a VO this past June out of Stockholm from LAX returned from Bergen. When we were planning for air our TA advised against NorwegianAir. She stated a number of her customers had issues when NA cancelled flights and moved them to another low cost airline. I didn’t want to worry about making the cruise departure so we went with a large mainstream airline that had good partner airlines (Sky Team). KLM was particularly good and their business class was outstanding.
  20. A TA would be a helpful resource if you booked with one. They would have a vested interest in helping a customer.
  21. Suggest you check out 2020 Oct/Nov roll calls for this itinerary even if there isn’t one started for your particular cruise. I did and found a lot of good info as to what other folks are doing re: excursions. It also saved me some leg work researching.
  22. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2396928-where-will-viking-star-dock-in-stockholm/
  23. With the recent tragedy of a fire on a dive boat off the SoCal coast where 30+ people died, I’m trying to remember what Viking Ocean has in the form of emergency lighting and directional signs. It may have been covered during the muster drill but I don’t recall it.
  24. Found this menu that be helpful. Not much of a “fancy drink” person.
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