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  1. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2396928-where-will-viking-star-dock-in-stockholm/
  2. With the recent tragedy of a fire on a dive boat off the SoCal coast where 30+ people died, I’m trying to remember what Viking Ocean has in the form of emergency lighting and directional signs. It may have been covered during the muster drill but I don’t recall it.
  3. Found this menu that be helpful. Not much of a “fancy drink” person.
  4. We’ve done 3 cruises in PV1 aft mid way. No problems with vibration or movement. The only noise we heard was when we had a cabin on deck 6 under the World Cafe outside deck. Usually around 2-3 AM we heard what sounded like chairs/tables being dragged on the deck. Probably the deck was being cleaned. Our last cruise we were PV1 on deck 5. Very quiet.
  5. Did the HL Cruise in June and agree with previous posts. We used cards for everything off the ship and tipped in $. We did a private tour in St. Petersburg with one of popular tour companies that can’t be mentioned here. On their website it’s mentioned that $, if used for tips, have to be in perfect condition or they won’t be accepted by their banks. We made sure to get crisp new currency, just for St. Petersburg, and kept them in a hard folder for protection. The gratuities were always accepted and appreciated.
  6. I agree with Cyber Kat that the House bands usually will play requests for music that are good for dancing e.g. 60s, 70s Motown etc. On our 3 ocean cruises the house bands were from the Philippines and were outstanding musicians.
  7. It wasn’t possible for our cruise completed this past June. I agree even though you enter CC info it didn’t link up for excursions in the cart.
  8. I had a similar issue with Viking saying it would be 3 weeks to issue a credit to my CC. I thought it was unacceptable to take that long since the charges I made hit my card in 2 days. I called Viking to express my concern and asked that the refund be “expedited”. No luck. I then emailed Tellus@vikingcruises.com and explained the issue. My refund appeared in about a week.
  9. Tips are not mandatory but discretionary. Viking adds the tips to your bill but you can adjust the amount if you feel service was not up to par. The only place tips are not discretionary are for drinks bought at bars. 15% is included in the drink price.
  10. We just completed the HL Cruise and were in a PV1 cabin. Day 1 I asked to have all the liquor removed from the mini fridge and replaced with wine. Always had a full bottle + and never did drink the bubbly from the first day. We tipped room service a couple dollars the first time we ordered breakfast and they were very appreciative. From then on, room service meals arrived on-time or early and were always hot.
  11. Here is a bar menu I found from an older that appears to be for River. It may help in your decision process. http://wpc.475d.edgecastcdn.net/00475D/mvj/onboardbeveragemenu_europe.pdf
  12. I found this on an old post. It appears to be pretty current based on what I “remember” from our cruise last June. However, the recent fire at Jim Beam May affect availability. http://wpc.475d.edgecastcdn.net/00475D/mvj/onboardbeveragemenu_europe.pdf
  13. We did the HL Cruise this past June and booked the Rødne cruise for Pulpit Rock. Good experience at 1/2 the price of Viking. One tip is to go to the the top deck towards the front as soon as you board to get the best viewing spots and minimize wind if it is cold.
  14. According to Google maps it’s 1.3 km from the train station to the port, mostly flat terrain. We walked from the port dragging two bags to the Radisson Blu hotel to catch the bus to the airport. Not bad, but you will be farther away. If you have rain I’d get a cab.
  15. Having just completed a HL Cruise Stockholm To Bergen I wish we would have done Bergen to Stockholm. Flying into to Stockholm day 1 of the cruise just did not leave much time in Stockholm since the ship departed at 2:30 PM on day 2. Extending post cruise in Stockholm would have given us many more options for sight seeing. From what I’ve read on CC the Stockholm airport would have more flights at better departure times than Bergen. Oh well, 20-20 hindsight. Next time😊
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