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  1. Thanks to everyone for kind/positive messages. Negative messages - ignored. Have several other places posted to find OWNER....not only here! Due to personal experience of not recovering my OWN lost items aboard ship....doing it this way. Will update when true OWNER is found! Thanks everyone & have great day!
  2. Was told by ship staff lost/found items held for very short time. AND this ship is leaving in few days for Europe. Staff also said MOST items found.....seldom get reunited with original owner. It is MY intention for original owner to get their jewelry back. I will KEEP looking for them - until it gets back to them! Thanks for being interested & I realize you have BEST intention in mind. I thought I would get responses like yours. I also lost a couple of things on board 2 diff ships & NEVER got items back! This is why I am trying so HARD & taking time to do it this way! Thanks again ;)
  3. JEWELRY FOUND ON VISION OF SEAS! Please contact me & describe jewelry you lost. Room number & sailing date! Really want to return this to rightful owner! Realize this is VERY important to someone! Our room stewart said he remembers the name Anthony!
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