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  1. travelers2Med

    Delphi or Corinth/Nemea/Mycenae

    This is indeed a tough choice… Our family opted for the Delphi tour and we were not disappointed. The owner of the company we booked with, Nikos Loukas (Private Greece Tours) did propose the Argolis tour due to the different sites included and I must say that it sounded very interesting but the family voted for Delphi. Next time!!
  2. travelers2Med

    Recommendations for private tour operators in Greece

    We used Private Greece Tours in Athens and the whole family had a great time. Contact Nikos Loukas who is the owner at the company’s website. He is easy to work with, very informative and tireless!!! (we had a million questions)
  3. travelers2Med

    Availability of tours at port in Kotor

    I totally agree with maidncruz and BrooklinNorth. We used Tours by Milo last year and definitely recommend him!
  4. Can only assist with Kotor which my family and I visited. Small picturesque port, mostly a place to walk around and relax. We hadn’t done any research so we decided to use Tours by Milo and it was excellent. Highly recommended. During the tour we also visited Budva and Perast. So beautiful!
  5. travelers2Med

    Athens: Where to Stay, Private Tour Guides

    Our family stayed in Athens prior to our cruise as well. We booked at the Electra Palace, and we all liked it. It was very nicely located, clean, quiet and cool (very important as it was hot during our stay.) We had also considered another Electra Hotel (but decided that it would be noisy as it was located very centrally), AVA and Philippos hotels. While in Athens we booked two tours with Private Greece Tours, an Athens Full Day Tour and a Delphi Full Day Tour. The whole family had a great time. Nikos, the owner, was easy to work with, our communication was timely and he was always eager to help and answer our many, many questions! I would definitely recommend Private Greece Tours.
  6. travelers2Med

    Taxi in Athens and port of Piraeus

    We boarded our cruise from Piraeus, so I can’t say if it is easy to find a taxi upon arrival. You could try contacting Private Greece Tours, they offer this option. We used it last summer and we were very happy with the service they provided.
  7. travelers2Med

    Athens tour company

    Our family of 5 used Private Greece ours before starting our cruise last summer. I can’t say enough about this company! To start with, correspondence with Nikos was quick and effortless. He answered all of our questions, giving us all the information we needed. His answers were very detailed so there were no unpleasant surprises! We toured Athens – we were picked up from the airport after a long flight and then we were dropped off at our hotel so we combined a pick-up and a tour. The driver met us at the airport with a smile, helped us with our luggage and then we were off to visit the city.He kept the children engaged and they had so much fun!! He was a wealth of information, sharing stories about Greece’s past and present, emphasizing mythology and history. The driver can’t enter the archaeological sites, but we did not feel that we needed to have someone in the sites with us. We were so happy with Private Greece Tours that we booked a second tour, the next day, to visit Delphi which the whole family hugely enjoyed. All in all, a great company which we would definitely recommend!
  8. travelers2Med

    Athens or Delphi

    I totally agree, visiting the Acropolis is a must. If you have the time, maybe you could arrange for a private tour that will include a visit to the Acropolis and then to Delphi and back. I would suggest that you contact Private Greece Tours to find out if this is possible. Nikos, the owner, answered our e-mails quickly and was very helpful.
  9. travelers2Med

    Port of Athens...Question

    Yes it does, but I wasn’t able to log on. My son was luckier, although it was extremely slow. The coffee shops have wifi as well.
  10. travelers2Med

    A Day in Athens, After a Long Flight

    Knowing that we would be arriving very early in the morning in Athens,after a long flight, with our kids in tow, we booked ahead for Private Greece tours to pick us up from the airport. The driver took us to our hotel to drop off our luggage, then picked up 3 more travelers to join our group and started off our Athens tour. You can also reach the city center by train, but frankly this was the easiest way (and the most comfortable too.)
  11. travelers2Med

    Greece: to cruise or not to cruise?

    We are not expert travelers but our family really enjoyed the cruise. We had the opportunity to visit different places and get a taste of different cultures. After our Santorini visit, we are thinking of visiting Greece again, so that we can visit more islands and spend more time there. September seems to be the ideal month, as it’s less crowded and not very hot.
  12. travelers2Med

    Has anyone used either of these companies for an Athens tour?

    We used Private Greece Tours and we were very happy with their services.We had two days in Athens prior to boarding. On the first day, we booked an Athens Full Day Tour, together with three other people, a total of 8. We all liked it so much (kids too!) that we booked the Delphi Full Day Tour, just the family, for our second day. Our driver was so much fun and so informative. Mind you, drivers can’t enter the sites (we already knew this), but at the end of the tour we all agreed that a guide wasn’t necessary. We definitely recommend Private Greece Tours.
  13. travelers2Med

    Greece - May, June or September

    I agree that it is hot in Athens in June. Ideally, do visit in May or in September, as the weather is still warm during those months, but not sweltering hot. You can go swimming until the end of September in Athens, as the sea is still inviting and warm. Unfortunately the only time we could visit was in August and it was too hot; so definitely not in August.
  14. travelers2Med

    Acropolis Access

    We had visited Athens before our cruise and booked a small tour withthree other travellers, forming a small group of 8. An elderly woman in ourgroup used a foldable wheelchair and our driver recommended that she use thelift up to the Acropolis. He dropped her off as near as he could and then herdaughter pushed her to the lift. The rest of the group used the main entrance.Although the steps are worn and slippery, the climb isn’t very difficult. As Iam not too fit, I made several stops along the climb (the heat didn’t help).Whatever you decide, make sure that you reach the Acropolis early in themorning so as to avoid the crowds and the heat.
  15. travelers2Med

    One sight not to miss in Santorini?

    If you are interested in history and archaeological sites, I would definitely recommend a visit (preferably guided) to Acrotiri. The children found it very interesting and we were discussing later about the similarities between Acrotiri and Pompei.