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  1. We are on the cruise you'll be on in a few weeks....June 2. We sailed the Escape last year in a Forward Facing Haven suite and this year, we'll be in the Haven spa suite. We are not made of money and there are reasons (health challenges) that make the Haven a worthwhile "get" for us, so we budget accordingly throughout the year. Having said that, we LOVED the Haven on the Escape last June. There was never difficulty finding a space around the pool to read a book or relax...there were plenty of places in the shade to be found. The restaurant is wonderful. Having a butler was nice...even though we rarely needed him for anything. I think the best part was that we could be part of the "craziness" of the ship any time we wanted but when we needed some relax time, we knew just where to go. I will also say, I've NEVER seen Haven prices this low for this cruise...EVER. I stalk them like crazy, again, because of our needs and our budget. If you've never sailed in the Haven, take the leap. With the prices the way they are and if you can do it, go all in. That would be my advice. Jay And just to add a little perspective, our Haven Spa Suite is approximately $3k less this year than last. Yes, different categories, but there was not much of a price difference between the two suites last year. We went forward facing because spa was sold out at the time of booking. It's a great deal this year.
  2. You mention that your husband doesn't vacation with you often because of health challenges. I totally get that. Would he be able to do Europe in the way that you've described? If the answer is no, then regardless of cost, you made the right decision with your cruise. I am disabled and I LOVE to travel. But my condition makes it very hard to go anywhere. I have little energy on a good day, on challenging days, I'm in bed. However, getting away from my environment is so pivotal to combating the depression and angst that goes along with dealing with health challenges. Because of that, cruising really works well for us. If my mobility is challenging, I can park myself somewhere....anywhere....and get that change of scenery. I have the option to do as little or as much as I like....and depending on the itinerary, I can wake up in a different place each morning....with little to no exertion. How cool is that??? Because of my challenges, I find that the Haven offers me exactly what I need to have a relaxing vacation. I don't have to walk around looking for loungers...I don't have to get up at 6am and join those who drop towels for hours just to save themselves seats....there is a restaurant close by that offers very little wait time...and I can enjoy lunch around the pool without worrying if I'll lose my balance and fall due to so many lounges literally placed on top of one another. It's relaxed, it's beautiful, and it's stress-free. We budget every year so that we can be in the Haven. Not because we're made of money (although I'm with you...there is not a dollar I don't like to spend), but because you can't put a price tag or a dollar value on relaxing vacations and what it does for your mental health....especially when you've got significant challenges. I say go on this cruise....forget the cost, it's already paid for....and make amazing memories with your family. Celebrate the fact that your husband is traveling with you....and enjoy every second of it. At the end of the day, having your family with you for the week...in a way that will make things easier on your husband....trust me...it's priceless. Have fun!!!
  3. I concur!! I should have read your response before posting mine!! Still....great idea!!
  4. You can actually rent an electric scooter from a company that has a contract with NCL. They'll deliver to the ship...and they'll pick up from the ship. I'd strongly recommend that route....as well as the knee scooter. The electric scooter can be charged overnight....and possibly taken ashore with you if you just want to tool around Kings Wharf....if that's where you're docked. That place is HUGE....and even with a knee scooter, exhausting. A shattered heel is crazy painful. Good luck in your recovery!
  5. Has anyone heard anything about Somerset Watersports or rented from them? I think that's where we're going to go, but would like some feedback if anyone has any experience with them. Thanks in advance!! Jay
  6. We'll be on the June 2nd sailing on the Escape. 🙂
  7. We are seriously considering this in June. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  8. My wife and I will be on board as well!! We did the same itinerary last June on the Escape. We loved it and wanted to go back this year! I joined the Escape roll call back in January, but haven't really participated often. We will, however, be at the meet and greet. Hope to see you there!!
  9. We LOVED Le Bistro on the Jade and so when we booked the Escape last year, we made reservations. Unfortunately, where Le Bistro is located on the Escape, the strong smoke smell from the casino tends to waft in. It was so strong last year, we left before we even ordered. It was disappointing as we were really looking forward to it, but sitting in an area where the smell of cigarette smoke was so overpowering literally took away our appetite. We'll be on the Escape again this June and we're hoping to give it another try however, we won't be making reservations until we get onboard just in case this hasn't been rectified.
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