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  1. We LOVED Le Bistro on the Jade and so when we booked the Escape last year, we made reservations. Unfortunately, where Le Bistro is located on the Escape, the strong smoke smell from the casino tends to waft in. It was so strong last year, we left before we even ordered. It was disappointing as we were really looking forward to it, but sitting in an area where the smell of cigarette smoke was so overpowering literally took away our appetite. We'll be on the Escape again this June and we're hoping to give it another try however, we won't be making reservations until we get onboard just in case this hasn't been rectified.
  2. Thanks for your input, everyone. A friend also told me about Allianz. I think I'm going to check that out as well. I appreciate the help, info, and guidance. 🙂
  3. Hi all! I've never been one to purchase trip insurance as I've always been relatively healthy and I've generally seen it as a waste of money. However, I am scheduled to sail on Mariner of the Seas on Monday and I was hospitalized last week with, what doctors believe to be, a serious health problem that I'll probably be dealing with for the remainder of my life. However, I'm not a big fan of throwing in the towel when things get challenging. I'd rather take extra steps to insure I can still do the things I love to do....and cruising ranks right up there! I do not have trip insurance this time around and lesson learned, but we are sailing on the Escape in June and I'd like to explore the option. The Escape is already paid in full and it's something we have no plans on missing it if it's entirely possible. So I think insurance would be a good idea this time around. Does anyone know of a reputable 3rd party company that I should look into? Has anyone had any experiences with said company(s)? I'd appreciate any and all thoughts on the subject. Thanks so much!!! Jay
  4. I am sure there are other posts on this subject so forgive me for asking something I'm sure is redundant. (I've scrolled down some of the posts, and haven't found what I'm looking for.) We are sailing Mariner in 12 days. I am seriously considering the Voom and Stream package as it says you can stream movies, etc. I wouldn't be opposed to watching Netflix at night instead of the countless repeat television shows they offer. My first question is.....is it worth it? Is it really fast enough to stream Netflix? I don't care about social media while we're away...we like to turn off from family, friends, and life back home while we're gone. But watching movies is definitely attractive. Have any of you done this and how successful has it been? Second question...how low have you seen the price drop prior to the cruise? Right now, it's $13.99/day for one device...which we're cool with. But if that has shown to go down further, I'll hold out for a few more days. Thanks in advance!! Jay
  5. I don't think you'll be disappointed with the Escape. We sailed her last June to Bermuda, and we're booked this June as well. We're sailing MOS next month for a quick getaway, but after a few sailings with Royal Caribbean, it's only if the price is right will we choose them over Norwegian. The Escape is a great ship. 🙂
  6. We will be on the February 18th sailing on Mariner of the Seas. We've heard that the RCI app allows for messaging others on the ship....but it's only available on some ships. I'm wondering if Mariner is one of them? We are trying to avoid getting an internet package if at all possible (we really want to turn off the world while we're away) but we also need a way to set up meet times with others in the group, too. The messaging app would be a perfect fit...if it's available. Does anyone know what works firsthand on Mariner? Thanks in advance. 🙂
  7. I love your writing style!! Can't wait for the next one!!
  8. Hello out there!! My wife and I are cruising to Bermuda on the Escape next month and I was wondering if anyone had any insight about the island and how gay friendly it is/isn't. I've heard alternative lifestyles are generally frowned upon there, but I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with that...good and bad...that they'd like to share. We're a pretty conservative open couple...ie holding hands, etc and I'm wondering if this is a place we should refrain from doing so. Thanks in advance!!!
  9. You didn't feel like you missed out because of the balcony being so small? We had a forward facing penthouse on the Jade last year before it went to dry dock and the balcony was HUGE! We spent time out there because we felt we were wasting it if we didn't, but I'm wondering if that's the one thing we'll miss. You didn't miss it at all?
  10. Thanks for the advice everyone!! We decided to go with the forward facing penthouse suite!! We're so excited and can't wait for this cruise! Thanks again for the insight!
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