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  1. Hi JP, My father, grandparents and many other ancestors rest in peace there. Be well.
  2. We stayed in Monterosso for 3 nights in October. My suggestion - train to Monterosso, ferry to Riomaggiore, a little time in each town and then train back to La Spezia. Vernazza was very crowded and not worth it.
  3. We visited the B+J factory in Waterbury and it was a let-down. Not even a free cone. Meh. My suggestion if you're in the area is to go to the Prohibition Pig in Waterbury. If you're into beer at all, they have the best you can get. And their grass-fed burgers are outstanding. We also visited Shelburne Farms 5 mi. south of Burlington which is beautiful and historic and I think right up your alley. If you were on a cruise on Lake Champlain, this would be a primo excursion. Enjoyed the 6 perfect days of weather in the Capital District! Sweating through the FL heat until we leave for Italy in 10 days.
  4. Thanks! Such great weather here. Tooting around town today then going to Mass. tomorrow.
  5. A little get-together with family this weekend. Staying with my sister in Niskayuna. Weather looks much nicer than Florida!
  6. Still getting rain bands here, but we dodged a major bullet. Heading up to Albany tomorrow. Maybe I'll run into JP.
  7. We're shuttered up, stocked up and just watching closely and waiting for the turn north. If we don't get it, we could be in deep doodoo. Fingers crossed.
  8. Thanks, Terry! We've been through many smaller storms hear, but this one is scary.
  9. We are in the bullseye as well. Stocked up, gassed up, freezing blocks of ice. Time to prep outside and get busy on the shutters. Good luck to you and all our neighbors.
  10. No need to apologize, Master E. Your photos and video gave me a good indication of how the island looks from the ship and reinforced my decision to go to Oia. I'll report back after our trip. Thanks!
  11. That looks wonderful, JP! Off-season for us here. I start mine in November and start eating them in March.
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