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  1. So, I assume it is safe to say that if a comedian doesn't say "over 18", that they are safe enough for a 9 year old and are more family friendly? Just wondering! Thanks!
  2. GAGA ball AND Medals? It just keeps getting better!!!! 🙂 How are the shows in regards to nine year olds? We like shows...didn't miss one on the Disney boats (but they ARE kid friendly), and she loves Broadway (has seen Wicked and Annie). Just wondering about that. Thanks! Shelby
  3. That is awesome. Thank you for sharing this. What does the 9 year old think of the kids club? Lainey LOVED the kids club on Disney...though it seemed I always found her playing video games! haha I told her tonight that I read they had Gaga ball in RC kid clubs, and she is quite excited about that! Please share what the older girls think about CocoCay! Have fun!
  4. that just made me even more excited! My little town just waiting for me and oh so close!!!
  5. Thanks everyone! I feel a million times better! Again, the size of the ship doesn't matter. I was just worried about the smell and lack of reviews about the kids club. However, my chill travel loving kid will be just fine! We always have a blast on vacation, and this one will be no different! Thanks again for putting my mind at ease. Here we come, Spring Break! Now.. Feel free to give me your Royal Caribbean advice! LOL Again...this is my first time with this cruise line! Empress. 9 year old. Single mom. Cozumel. Coco Cay. No need to tell me anything about KW. What can I tell you? 😉 And...go! Thanks!
  6. To be honest, it was really the smell reviews that were bothering me. LOL The other reason I got worried was because I couldn't find a lot of reviews of where people mentioned the kids club for this particular ship. But I finally found a few things and the kids looked happy. I don't have a problem with it being small. My daughter isn't at thrill seeker yet, and I'm just too damn lazy to be on a ship that has eight million things to do because I'll feel like I NEED to do them or maybe she'll want to do them. Again...I'm fine with a book, a mimosa and a deck chair. She's cool as long as she has a pool and ice cream. so I'm thinking I'll be just fine! Everyone has put me at ease about the smell, so I already feel a million times better! I truly want to relax on the boat and do my thrill seeking at the ports. 🙂 everyone has made me feel better! I don't usually doubt myself about trips, but for some reason (maybe because I booked so fast, I was doubting! But no more! I'm ready for spring break! 🙂 ) P.S. I would TOTALLY stay in a 176 year old hotel. And hope that a friendly ghost would visit me. LOL
  7. Oh, Key West is better than nice! LOL It's my Happy Place. I actually have been going down there since 1996. There's probably only 3 years I haven't made it down. Sometimes twice a year, and one summer, I actually lived down there with a friend! LOOOOVE it! Was just there a week in July. Yeah, I really didn't want to give up that Coco Cay day, so I'm sticking to it. (and all of the responses have made me feel better about that!)
  8. Good to know!!! (I think I was worried about that more than anything!) Thank you for posting that hand out. I'm sure she will love it! (especially when she sees that they have GAGA Ball!)
  9. Yep! She's a pretty good little travel buddy. She doesn't need me to entertain her in the pool and knows good and well mama is going to watch and wave from the pool chair! LOL This girl will play Uno for two hours straight if I would, so we'll be good if she gets "bored" now and then on a sea day (which I highly doubt). We always carry a pack! I'm excited! Cruises are just relaxing vacations to me (probably another reason I don't care about being on the mega ships with eight million things to do! I'm too lazy for that nonsense! haha)
  10. Hi! I will be on that cruise with my 8 year old (she'll just turn 9 before the cruise) as well. I'm hoping the same thing about the kids club. As long as she can get in the pool and have fun in the club, she'll be set! 🙂
  11. I'm sure we will have a good time! We'll miss the mouse....LOL...but I'm looking forward to going to a few places where we can splurge on some excursions...like swimming with dolphins or ziplining. I just hope she enjoys the kids club and the boat doesn't stink! haha
  12. Ahhhh!!! Now if it's a show, yes, you are right!!!! I just assumed it was ice skating for the cruisers. We love shows! 🙂
  13. Well, I know it's too late to be asking all the questions seeing as I have booked. But then I can also change it if need be, so it's really not too late. But I have never gone wrong with any cruise I've been on, so I was excited to get a good price. Ahhh to be back in the days before the internet and have people post that a cruise is stinky!
  14. Oh, I know it doesn't. I was making fun of the ones that do because I personally think it is silly. 🙂 I just googled Empress of the Seas. Some popped up on cruise critic and some other places. I mean there are good reviews too, but when I see a few different people say it's stinky...I worry.
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