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  1. Agreed, but what if someone vaccinated gets sick and the cruise gets cancelled or everyone quarantined? Half the people in England getting the delta variant have been fully vaccinated.
  2. And I don't blame you. I believe that all medical choices should be individual medical choices. My husband and I decided to get it, and our son 21 has decided not to due to his risk profile and vaccine side effects. You are not alone in saying no to cruises, as I know many like you. I am just disheartened over all for where this is taking an entire industry. When my family chooses to vacation together (with unvaccinated son) our vacation dollars will obviously not be spent on cruising. We do not want him to feel discriminated against. I absolutely wish this wasn't the reality for cruising.
  3. My husband and I are fully vaccinated since May and have 2 cruises booked in 2022. I read the cruise critic article this morning boasting about how non-vaccinated cruisers will be hit with a lot higher costs and limited cruise amenities. My husband and I often cruised with cousins and friends, to which some are choosing stay unvaccinated, and when I asked if they would cruise under these new circumstances they respond "absolutely not". I think that is fine, as we feel safer sailing with only vaccinated at this point. But will we end up ultimately paying the price for the unvaccinated? I cannot see how these cruise lines will move forward when a big chunk of their revenue is simply gone. The additional inflationary costs of food, fuel, covid measures are also taking a bite out of the revenue of the cruise lines. Combine that with regular customers that will not be customers, how do they survive such a drop in passenger revenue? Will the ships be able to be maintained at the same level, without being filled as they were prior to 2020? We are already seeing the price pressure now, and I fear it is only the tip of the iceberg. I try to convince my family and friends who are unvaccinated to get it, telling them we will miss our vacations with them, and their attitude is "well join us on our an island trip". I am only saying that some of the people feeling smug about the extra costs and limited amenities carved out for the unvaccinated will absolutely come back to bite them in the wallet in the end. Their dollars will simply not be spent in the industry. My guess is by 2022, cruise fares will be more than double from now. And that will likely remove even more vaccinated passengers from the customer base, as cruises were often viewed from a value standpoint. I truly believe the cruise industry business model is in jeopardy going forward. We should not be rejoicing vaccinated/non-vaccinated cruise issue. It will only end up hurting us vaccinated cruise lovers. We will be the ones that pay the price.
  4. I can only imagine HOW MUCH HIGHER they will go. After all, the US market has been reduced by half as only vaccinated are allowed to travel with them, and inflation is on steroids. Unfortunately, their costs will continue to grow. I'd say book now for next year. Prices will likely double by then. Or at least hold anything you may be remotely interested in. That is what we are doing.
  5. Then cruising is no longer for me. My enjoyment of a cruise was breathing the fresh salty air of the sea, dressing up with my best clothes and perfect makeup for my evenings. That's of course only speaking of my ideal cruise. I will stick with small casual resorts when I can keep it more casual.
  6. The cruise lines will probably just raise fares to compensate for those who do not want the vaccine. They won't survive with 30%-40% less passengers without an enormous price increases across the board. Right now the government is keeping them "afloat". Half my friends, co-workers and family want to take the vaccine and half say never. Interesting times ahead.
  7. I'd be ready to sail. I would commit to follow all the established safety guideline carefully. We are in a low risk category. Life needs to move on.
  8. I sure hope you are right. I'm ready to safely cruise again.
  9. It is obvious people find masks uncomfortable and are constantly touching, itching and adjusting them while wearing them. And god only knows what kind of filth is building up on reused masks (staph, herpes, cold sores, E. coli, colds, flu, listeria, etc). Masks may prevent the spread of COVID, but what about everything else that's going to be going around. I saw someone come out of a bathroom stall and adjust their mask before washing their hands. They are literally petri dishes.
  10. We were ultimately able to cancel with Celebrity and get a refund because of the 24hr grace period. We now have a travel agent and have decided to try the Regent Splendor for our anniversary. I have learned a lot from this potentially expensive cancellation policy.
  11. I would have taken the change fee, but they couldn't handle it on a 45 min phone call. I was told I have to wait to cancel the original cruise and rebook. An absolute joke.
  12. Makes no sense either, and the new cruise date/fare was a few thousand MORE. I wasn't confident in their treatment to put down another 1k deposit after the run around on the phone. So now I have the new cruise supposedly on hold, while I wait for my cruise deposit to be refunded as promised 🙄. I love the itinerary but am completely turned off by this experience. Especially at the price they want. Talking to a TA now to take over our anniversary cruise.
  13. I think what agent said is they had to refund the original cruise, and they held a new booking for the new date. Makes no sense that they couldn't just move my deposit to the new cruise. The agent kept putting me on hold to go "talk to a supervisor". I haven't got a confirmation email for either the new booking or cancellation. The conversation was not clear. Extremely disappointing service for a supposedly premium cruise line. Enough that I'm willing to walk away from the deposit and be grateful I didn't spend more with this company.
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