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  1. Thanks. That's disappointing, but perhaps I'll try the hot tub.
  2. Does anyone recall the daily rate for the thermal pool? We're on the Zaadam in February. I assume there is a Thermal pool on the Zaandam. I have never used it, but I'm seriously considering it. Thanks.
  3. We are in a similar situation. Originally, we were booked a flight on a Norwegian Airlines flight from Copehagen to Dublin which was suppose to depart at 12:30 PM. Unfotunately, that flight was cancelled and we were placed on a 8:00 AM flight on June 24th. Our only choices was to change it to a 10:00 AM departure or an evening departure that day. We decided to try for the 10:00 AM departure on Norwegian Airlines as we would not reach our Hotel in Southwest Ireland until the next day if we took the evening flight. I figure we have no better than a 50 percent chance of making that 10 AM flight after athe cruise. So we booked a 15:35 flight on Ryan Air for insurance in case we case we cannot make the 10:00 AM time with Norwegian air. Thus we now have 2 flights to the same destianation that day. I only did that because the Ryan Air flight was a low cost alternative. We will first try to catch the 10:00 AM flight with Norwegian Air. But if we can't make it, we will take the 15:35 Ryan Air flight instead. All of this makes it quite confusing as when we should arrive in Dublin to pick up our rental car.
  4. Thank you everyone. We'll get in line and wait our turn & hopefully get off quickly. I was talking about a port, not when leaving the ship on the last day. Appreciate your answers.
  5. This is our first cruise since becoming 4 star Mariners. How does the priority disembarkation work? There is one port we have plans, and have a very short window to make our non ship tour connection. Any other port is not an issue. We want to be respectful of other passengers. So how do we use this perk?
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