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  1. Sorry! I meant to say Portland
  2. My Celebrity Cruise (Summit) that is scheduled to sail on August 29th was originally a New England/Canadian cruise is still a "go" according to my travel specialist. Since Canada ports are closed, I'm wondering where they might reroute this cruise to? It's scheduled to stop in Bar Harbor and Providence, Maine. The other ports were all Canadian. Any guesses as to where this ship might sail if it remains a domestic cruise?
  3. Such good info and we appreciate it so much! I’m carefully scanning the stateroom locations to figure this out I’m really looking forward to this cruise. I’m guessing it will have a different vibe then the Caribbean. Thank you again for time and consideration!
  4. This is great info! Thank you!
  5. Thank you! We are looking at a 12 night New England Canadian coastal cruise. Always prefer longer trips as well. The ship is Celebrity Summit. We are new to Celebrity. We’ve only cruised once on Reflection and loved everything.
  6. Please advise on the best veranda stateroom location on Celebrity ships and is aqua class worth the upgrade? Thanks!
  7. Thank you! I want to be prepared for the excessive hand washing we will be doing 😃
  8. Can anyone tell me what type of hand soap celebrity reflection puts in their staterooms? We are concierge class. I’m trying to decide how much liquid hand soap to pack. Do not like hand washing with bar soap. Thanks so much!
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