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  1. We're going soon on August 28. I'll try to remember to come back and let you know how it was! But in the meantime, have you checked again for reviews? Plenty come up when I look...
  2. Here's another one she made for me. 🙂
  3. Here's the digital proof for the door sign we ordered on Etsy. You can customize everything in this shop, from what the people look like to what they wear to what they are holding onto to what it says. I've used her several times. 🙂
  4. I'm glad you changed your mind. I live in NJ and visit NYC with some frequency and would add to everything that has already been said about New York traffic that moving around in NYC on a deadline is absolutely exhausting and totally stressful. Even if you got to the port on time, you'd be ragged with worry about it. You're much better off flying in early.
  5. Does anyone out there know what the dive in movies are for this month? Thanks!
  6. doh! I just saw you were already off the ship. Sorry I'm Johnny come lately lol
  7. Check the arrival city excursions that Carnival has available for the day of your return. When we returned to New Orleans in March, my sister got a late airport transfer. They took her bags and held them for her, then she met up with a bus in the city later in the day for her transfer. If that's available, you would certainly save some money over renting a car and could still walk around the port.
  8. Wow, we had a totally different experience than the previous poster. My sister was skeptical, but got it with me because I wanted to do it and we were both really into all the different yummy flavors. We thought it was great and would have kept eating until it was gone if we weren't already so full. I'd definitely get it again.
  9. I just went on my first cruise with my sister on the Carnival Dream in Feb/March. I have to say that even though we found some of the stage shows to be pretty goofy (the 80s show, for example), we had a GREAT time laughing and singing along, regardless. Something doesn't have to be amazing or impressive to be a ton of fun. Bring the party with you and enjoy yourselves. We also loved the piano bar (went there twice) and the comedy club (went there 3 times) and the dive in movies (saw 2 of them) and the deck parties (went to two of them). We enjoyed the live music acts, too. There is just so much to do. If it is really important to you to be wowed by really quality entertainment, maybe a Carnival cruise isn't the best option for you. But I can report first hand that a Carnival cruise can be an opportunity to have a ridiculous amount of fun with your sister if you just embrace it for what it is and embrace your opportunity to spend so much time one-on-one with someone so special to you. That's really the important part. Everything else is just details. Enjoy!
  10. I love packing cubes, too. I love that I can just throw the cubes into drawers or onto shelves and everything is instantly organized and easy to find. It's also great that as they empty out, I can put dirty clothes into empty cubes and consolidate clean clothes into other cubes so they never come into contact with each other when I'm packing everything back into my suitcase to go home. And I don't just use them for clothes, either. For my cruise in Feb/March, I had a packing cube for beach bag stuff, one for excursion gear, one for toiletries and bathroom items, one for cabin stuff like alarm clock and power strip, etc. Everything was so organized and so easy to find.
  11. bbtbear

    Freeport Beaches

    Was there transportation arranged for you for this? Or did you need to take a taxi? Thanks!
  12. Having a hard time getting photos uploaded today, so I will add some more, including tge other fun times, when I get home next week. Bags are all packed up and ready to disembark in the morning. Today was a pretty low key day for us, but a couple more things to review. Super Food Spa Facial: This was great! So relaxing, I actually fell asleep for a minute. My skin looks great now, too. I actually bought a couple products, though I didn't expect to. Highly recommend Lily. She was wonderful! Pasta Bella: We had this for lunch today. Loved being able to customize our meal, although I wish they had added more of each veggie than they did. Still, quite good. Yum! Lip synch Battle show: This was a lot of fun and we laughed a lot and enjoyed the show. It was short and really well done. Kudos to the winner, an older guy named Bill who won the crowd over as Tina Turner! Ha! Ok that is it for now. I will come back with more pics and an overview post next week when I am home and have good wifi and a keyboard available to use. Feel free to post any questions and I will try to answer them then. Thanks for following along! Cheers!
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