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  1. Most people who view this thread are looking for 1 night lodging, so I guess it's better to save up and use the higher priced hotels near the port for that one night.




    Ken,, thanks for the help...where is the cruise terminal in Tampa..and what are the name of the higher $ places? At least now I have a list started.;)

  2. Would like to know if Carnival Legend will/is doing tours to "Tulum" in Cozumel? We are sailing there in Dec. 2008. I have looked on our "personallizer" and no tour is offered...do they add more tours as crusie date gets closer? Plus when did Carnival change to pay for "tour now" and not have it charged to your on board account? Have not cruised with Carnival in years.....

  3. Renew our vows...I need advice/help.....My hubby and I are planning on renewing our vows on the Coral Princess...April 25, 2008...we are doing a full tranist to San Francisco with the 2 day repo to Vancouver....we would like to renew on a beach someplace along the way.


    Would it be better to renew in Aruba or ?? Do we need special permission?


    Is it easier to do it through the ship?


    I do not know where to begin?


    We would like to renew on a beach...very casual....as we are going to be with friends that we have meet on CC.


    I guess I just need all kinds of advice ??:confused:

  4. Thank you one and all I have never laughed so hard, I was having a bad day not any more.

    Only thing we ever saw , was when some folks where coming back from Carlos and Charlies in Aruba, one of the young ladies was lifting her top, as she tried to walk a straight line.

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