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  1. I believe the OP is talking about onboard credit not Casino Free play. The day I rebooked, I printed the offer I got in an Email: EXCLUSIVE OFFER - HOT STREAK BONUS OFFER (OHS) Exclusive Casino Offer - Hot Streak Bonus Free Drinks on Us! while Playing in the Casino $500 per room to spend onboard Reserve your cruise with a non refundable deposit of $99 per person Offer ends December 30, 2020 All was applied to my booking. In my Cruise documents, in Booking Summary on page 2 it absolutely says Onboard credit $1100. Which is the $600 I rec
  2. I just checked mine and I have a total of $1100 on board credit. $600 for the cancellation and $500 with the Casino rate booking. Sadly, I'm not cruising until January 2023. ☹️
  3. We booked the Panorama for 1/14/2023. We wanted the cruise industry to be up and running for a while, work through new policies and sailing procedures, before we cruise again. But, not sure I can wait that long!
  4. I have $1000 in GCs. But I'll be hanging on to mine in hopes I can cruise again.
  5. We're booked for Jan. 24 2021, so sad! If they are canceled, I hope they let us know soon.
  6. We tried Cheers for the 1st time last Oct. on a 3 day cruise. I really liked getting the specialty coffee and milk shakes beside the drinks. Not sure if we broke even or not but really like the convenience. We bought it again for our Next 7 day cruise in Jan. 2021. We were able to purchase it during a very rare Sale back in the spring. 20% off Cheers and Cruise Cash.
  7. I got my FTTF a few weeks ago for my January 2021 cruise on Fascination. I paid 89.95 for a 7 day cruise. I'm surprised there is such a price difference between ships. Maybe it's because Fascination is an older ship? It doesn't matter, at least I got it!😁
  8. DH and I are booked on Fascination 1/24/2021 out of Puerto Rico. We booked 16 months ago. It's an awesome itinerary. If they get rid of this ship, what are the chances they put something else in it's place?
  9. I just hope we are able to cruise by then. At this point, I think it's a 50/50 chance. My fingers are crossed!
  10. I was able to purchase FTTF this evening for our January cruise out of Puerto Rico! I've been checking excursions pretty much every day since booking the cruise 16 months ago. It was a surprising to see it. WOOHOO!
  11. Dh and I sailed with a group of friends on the Jubilee, June 2000. It was an Alaskan itinerary. I loved that ship and it's Old World feel with all the beautiful woodwork. One of the best cruises I've had!
  12. I've booked Casino rates a few times now. Every time I noticed a price drop I would call Carnival. When they did a check on their end, they would see it was a Casino Rate and transfer me to the Casino Promotion Department. They would then reduce my rate. My last cruise, Oct. 2019, I had 4 price reduction in 6 months. Saved $100 on a 3 day cruise. I think calling is more effective.
  13. I've purchased it on several previous cruises as well and has always been listed in Shore Excursions Day 1. I cruise out of San Juan the end of Jan. 2021 and have been watching for it everyday. Shore Excursions have only been available for about 3 or 4 weeks. There are currently only 81 available for this cruise which has 6 port days. The only excursion listed for Day 1 San Juan is Airport Transportation to the port. 🙁
  14. We purchased CC and Cheers yesterday for the 20% discount. The Cruise Cash with paying the gratuity we receive on our SS account at the end for the cruise. We usually just purchase a bottle of rum for our cabin and carry on soda. But thought we would give Cheers a try at a cheaper price. Our last cruise in Oct. our drinks averaged about $9 ea including the gratuity. So we did some math and found that we would have to average about 5.5 drinks a day each to break even at the discounted price. And since Cheers includes Specialty Coffee and Milk Shakes, I think we will hit that. Even if we don't,
  15. I was wondering if Carnival ever offers FTTF out of San Juan. I've been watching for it since I booked a year ago. Has anyone ever seen it or purchased it? Thanks!
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