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  1. Where is the punchliner located on Carnival Victory?
  2. Dh and I are trying YTD for the first time next month. Can you go to either of the dining rooms or is one of them designated for YTD?
  3. I have always brought one of these. Can someone confirm that the they are NO longer allowed? I have one ready to go for my cruise in 3 weeks!😏
  4. Thanks for this info. We are on Victory's Oct. 11th sailing
  5. Do all Carnival ships have Dive in Movies?
  6. Take pictures of passport, drivers license, insurance cards, travel docs. Just in case anything is lost or misplaced. go over my packing list one last time! Only 29 days until my next cruise!
  7. Another great reason to carry on a bottle. Thanks!
  8. Agreed! That's why I want to bring one. I think he'll change his mind.
  9. 15 drinks is more than enough. So, when I'm relaxing on my balcony listening to the ocean waves, I send DH out to the bar for my glass of wine! 😉
  10. I use a bungee type thing that attaches to the card and then clips to a belt loop or on my purse depending on the situation. I do the same with my Casino loyalty cards here at home. That way I don't leave them behind anywhere. I'm very forgetful!
  11. DH and I have Cheers but I would like to carry on a bottle of wine to have in our cabin for convenience. He thinks that would be silly since we have "Free" wine all cruise. Has anyone else carried on wine even if you have cheers?
  12. Thanks for your replies! Very helpful.😁
  13. This is the 1st time DH and I have purchased cheers. My question is, does carnival have Diet Sprite or Diet 7Up for mixed drinks? We usually carry on Fresca and a Cola but I'm pretty sure Carnival won't have Fresca. What flavors of soda does Carnival have on board?
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