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  1. Just off Victory last week. The offer we had said Fun Play but when we went to the casino host we were handed cash.
  2. I did not play roulette, blackjack or craps so I have no idea about those minimums. I only play slots. I did not keep any of the fun times. I thought the food was really good. We tend to stay away from the buffet but we ate Guys Burgers twice for lunch and that was good. I thought the Main Dining Room food was very good, and I'm really picky. The night life was hopping. I went to the Comedy shows every night, which for me were fantastic. Right next to the lounge where the comedy was there was a night club that was always packed. There was always some type of music going at the Atrium Bar. My husband and I used to try to see all the different entertainment, but not anymore. It was only 3 nights and we're older so we kept it simple and went to bed by 11 pm.
  3. I didn't think it was rowdy. It seems to me that the more rowdy cruises have been during spring break. Now that we're a bit older we don't cruise at that time of year anymore. I thought it was a very fun crowd on board.
  4. DH and I just got back from a very short 3 day cruise to the Bahamas on Victory. I thought I would share a quick few thoughts. We had FTTF and were in our cabin, #7416, by 11am. It had one of those "bowling alley" balconies. The weather was perfect, food was good and the service fabulous. We were randomly selected for a complimentary Galley tour and Tasting. It was very interesting. We went to several of the Comedy shows. This is the second cruise we have seen the Comedian Manny Oliveira. He is completely inappropriate and we LOVE his shows! We spent some time in the casino and I had fun. I didn't hit any jackpots but I came home with some of the my gambling funds. This was the first time we had the Cheers package and I found it convenient. I think we came close to breaking even (each of us had 5-7 drinks a day, many were $10) But I probably won't buy it again. I'm too old to drinking that much! 😁 Next cruise we'll buy liquor for our cabin from the fun shop, carry on soda and wine. The only thing that really bothered me was the public restrooms. It didn't matter which one I used, there was usually only one or two sinks working. Makes it hard for passengers to wash their hands to prevent illness. Debarkation was smooth. If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them! Teri
  5. We are here at the port waiting to board. We're in the special "FTTF" section. They say 11 am boarding. Thanks everyone for all the help. By the way, our lift driver was not quite sure how to get to the drop off area. The ship is docked at Terminal D. We assisted with helping her find the right road to get us here. 😊
  6. Maybe this is a silly question but I asked this on the Florida Departure Board but have no response yet. So I'll try here. How do I know which terminal at Port of Miami Carnival Victory will be docked at? I don't see anything on my boarding pass that indicates a specific terminal. Is there just one main Carnival building? Do I just tell the taxi or uber driver I'm sailing on Carnival and they all know where to take me? I sail in 2 days. Thanks!
  7. How do I find out which terminal at Port of Miami Carnival Victory will be docked at? is there a main building for Carnival? Do most taxi and uber drivers know where to bring you if you tell them which ship your on?
  8. I will definitely be checking it out!
  9. Thanks for the reply! I'm just so excited to get back on a cruise ship. only 4 days to go!
  10. I'll be boarding Carnival Victory this Friday, Yay! Anyone recently back from the 3 day itinerary? I would love to hear your thoughts.
  11. Thanks for your review! Love the pics. We're doing this itinerary January 2021. Very excited!
  12. Great info, thanks! I'll be on Victory, so probably will have the older card readers.
  13. Where exactly is the Coffee Shop on Carnival Victory? I don't see it on the Deck Plans. I love my coffee in the morning and since I have the Cheers package, I'm looking forward to my morning caffeine fix!
  14. Does any one know where the Coffee Bar is on Victory?
  15. We really like the extended aft balconies. Our next cruise is in one of the "bowling alley" aft balconies. 12 days, can't wait!
  16. DH and I booked under the Casino rate for our cruise on Oct. 11, 2019. It included $50 dollars in Fun Play. Back in May we called and talked to Crystal from Dealers Choice Promotions and she verified that we EACH had $50 in fun play (I assume this must be used in the Casino only). We documented the date and time of this call. But this credit doesn't show up on any of our documents. How do we go about using this credit? Does it show up when we first play in the casino? Do we need to talk to someone in the casino? Thanks in advance!
  17. Ok, thanks! I always bring my own stuff but DH isn't particular about those things. Less for me to pack.😉
  18. Just wondering what the standard cabin amenities are theses days, specifically in the Bathroom. Shampoo, soap, tissues, etc.? Thanks!
  19. This is the cruise we're booked on in 2021. Love the selection of Ports. NCL and RCCL didn't have anything like it. So excited!
  20. Same here. I've been a member for several years and have purchased many gift Carnival Gift cards. Maybe I don't have enough new point to use towards them and that's why they don't show up. Kind of strange!
  21. About 5 yrs ago DH and I were on an Australian cruise (RCCL). We had a corner Aft Balcony. One night we were woken up by a knock on the door. When I opened the door, there stood a Ships Officer and 2 Security guys. They asked if they could please access our balcony. They explained that 2 decks above our room someone was threatening to jump overboard! Of course I let them in. I watched them (from inside my room) use a harness thing that attached to something above and then one guy climbed up. Eventually the other 2 came back through our room, thanked us and left. The next day we got a called from guest services thanking us once again and offering us a free dinner at the steakhouse for us and our travel companions. They did says that the passenger that tried to jump had gone off his meds and would be brought to a hospital at the next port. It was so weird!
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