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  1. We have two cruises in august cancelled can I lift and shift them if they were comp by casino anyone have any luck doing this
  2. Carnival cancels until oct 1... I’m so over rebooking I think I will wait until next year . I actually tested positive for covid yesterday feels like the flu Royal should pick a date they know for sure they can resume instead of this month by month crap it’s annoying dirty planes and casinos are open I don’t see one worker cleaning slots but cruise lines are closed makes. NO sense if I had a comp cruise with Royal from caisno booked for aug can I switch it to next year? They should go honor that!!!
  3. Has anyone heard anything about crew returning to the ships for aug I have a cruise on symphony for two weeks starting august 22nd I’m wondering if it will happen or be cancelled I am afraid to book my flight any insider info would be great thanks
  4. Royal cancels all Hawaii New England and Alaska 2020 sailings Canada . Do u think we will be forced to wear a mask when cruises start back up? I hope not
  5. I listened in and he did mention smaller ships first
  6. Since there cancelling July cruises were booked on symphony for two weeks in aug should I just cancel it we didn’t book flights yet to avoid dealing with the airlines but I heard when they start up cruising they will do it slowly with smaller ships first test the waters what are your thoughts
  7. RCCL Just announced in Conference call they are suspending through 31 July.
  8. I have a July cruise and I’m Leary to book the flight waiting on royal to cancel our cruise I’m not happy with royal cancelling at the last min greedy!!!! They want that final payment
  9. Anyone have any luck calling and booking annual cruise with club royale they said May 15th
  10. I wish we could at least be elite plus with celebrity we just made pinnacle with royal
  11. I have tried for a few days trying to call in to celebrity cruises and I keep being on hold for over an hour what is the deal !!!!
  12. I’m tired of being on hold what’s the casino blue chip email thank you
  13. I just booked apex for April 2021 is she built and ready to go or is there a delay in the ship yard did I book to soon with covid ? Thanks
  14. I need the casino number for blue chip thank you
  15. Thank you. Did they have three free drinks each day or just the lounge
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