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  1. I just saw this thread, and I all reality I don't think the Enchanted Princess will be ready on time. We are booked for the 50day Discovery Princess South America cruise in January 2022, and I doubt very much it will happen. Poor Princess has lost a lot of revenue, and to get two ships ready for scheduled Debut dates will not happen now that the world is in lockdown with Corvid-19. Italy is in a very bad way, so the ship building will come to a halt, and then supplies will be on hold due to other industries coming to a halt also. I really feel Princess will do a compl
  2. I must admit when I just read 5,000 people I shuddered. Leave the Mega ships to RC.. Royal class are beautiful, and big enough. We don't want bigger. In some cases bigger is not always better. !!! Please stay unique Princess. 🙂 Even though having a Promenade Deck doesn't really worry us, if they bring it back it would be a HUGE winner. For my 2 cents worth, it would be wonderful for them to build another Sun Class Ship. The old Dawn Princess, Sea and Sun Princess are wonderful and highly popular ships over here in Australia, and perfect sizes for the W
  3. The Sapphire is currently in for a 2 week refit in Singapore, and will be updated with the Medallion. Also it is coming back to Australia earlier instead of going to Asia. For Australians this is a great, because normally Princess don't sail here during our Winter season, and P&O Australia do, so a bit of good competition will be welcomed. We are still awaiting to see what Princess will be doing with the Majestic Princess as she is no longer going back to Asia either. Someone posted these itineraries on FB yesterday - so here they are. 🙂
  4. Good news DormMom. We have a CC thread for the 50 day cruise South American Cruise. Please join it. I know it's over 2 years away, but we are excited. 🙂
  5. We like to book when cruises are released. We like to book our own cabin this way. We keep an eye on the prices and if they come down, we contact our TA for reduction, however the release prices have worked out pretty good over the years. We both work, so it makes it easier to plan our leave dates, then we work on a budget for our cruise. We are just your average income workers, and people are always asking *How do you do it*....We live simply, stick to a budget, and planning ahead is the key. Anything for the love of cruising. Last week we booked Januar
  6. We just booked the 50 day South American Cruise. Been on the bucket list for quite some time, so going on a new ship just adds to the excitement. As we are flying from Australia may as well circle the whole of SA, as we are only doing it once. 2 years to plan YIPPEE
  7. FOUND THE FARES Here are the Fares for the Princess Discovery Sailing. PC_2021_2022DiscoveryPrincessSailingSchedFaresAmenities_10_2019.xls
  8. Considering they are opening the bookings for this new ship on October 7th, I really want to see deck plans and cabin prices. Today is the October 5th in Australia, and I am super keen to know prices for the South America trip from FFL to LA. Looks like I will be stalking the Princess site and CC for the next 2 days for any news. 🙂
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