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  1. I got the offer last month and it was pretty much any cruise, any ship, even Mardi Gras. I ended up booking b2b Christmas/New Year’s cruises on Panorama. With prepaid gratuities, each week was $415 and I have $200 OBC each week.
  2. Well (expletive deleted)! Guess I'm in the same boat (pun intended) as others. I was so ready to book. My very first cruise was in 1968 from Vancouver to Sydney and I've wanted to go back ever since. Can only hope that one day I'll get a real Elite cruise offer.
  3. Good Morning America had one of their people onboard riding Bolt. He said $15 for 2 circuits, 40 mph. Now whether he meant twice around on the same ride or two separate rides, I don't remember. Poor guy wasn't a fan of roller coasters or heights and he had them slow the ride down so he could film it.
  4. I had 4 booked, lol, so I'm now up to 6. I can stop anytime....really...honest...😅
  5. I tell people if they want to find me on the ship, start with the casino, lol. I enjoy gambling. I don't usually get off in ports any more, I'm a light drinker and rarely buy anything in the shops. My spending money goes to the casino, but it was never more than $100/day. I never used to get any good offers until a few months ago. Booked a b2b on the Panorama for Christmas/New Year's for a $200 deposit with a $200 OBC and I just paid the port fees and taxes extra. With pre-paid gratuities it came to $415 per week.
  6. I wasn’t really interested in cruising on the new, bigger ships, but John’s videos did what they were supposed to do and made me want to experience it. Since I already have cruises booked for 2022 and 2023, I was looking at early 2024. Unfortunately, I wasn’t thrilled with Mardi Gras itineraries (just a personal thing), so I booked Celebration for a January b2b. Sister ship, but I’m looking forward to seeing all it has to offer. And from the looks of her, I’ll need those two weeks just to find everything, lol.
  7. There was an advantage to stopping in Victoria. For me, at least. I live in Victoria and was able to disembark the last evening instead of going to Seattle and having to turn around and pay to get back here. 🙂 Did that on my Princess cruise a couple of years ago.
  8. Just announced. Too later for 2021 season, obviously, but it will be nice to have them back next year. https://www.cheknews.ca/cruise-ships-allowed-back-in-canadian-waters-this-november-minister-837982/
  9. Just announced today (July 15). Too late, obviously for 2021, but glad they will be back next year. https://www.cheknews.ca/cruise-ships-allowed-back-in-canadian-waters-this-november-minister-837982/
  10. Deleted my response as it appears not to fit your situation.
  11. I took advantage of the $100 pp offer to book b2b cruises on Panorama for Dec 2022. Since I cruise solo, paying only $400 per cruise with $200 obc, especially for Christmas/New Year’s was an offer I couldn’t refuse.
  12. Thank you for this suggestion. Had not heard of Opoli before.
  13. I will be checking with my plan carrier, but I’m pretty sure something like that is available.
  14. Thank you for the info. I didn’t consider that the no shared rides might be Covid related, but that makes sense. As a single female who travels solo, I try to have as much planned out in advance as possible, just for my own safety and peace of mind. Not worried about using Lyft or Uber, it just helps knowing what to expect.
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