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  1. Hi Cruise-mom, thank you! I have the dallies, I will scan them tomorrow at work. We have thought about Dublin but for various reasons it would be more hassle than Belfast. Enjoy your cruise!
  2. Yes it is. We have always booked through the UK website and we get the chance to bid. I’ve never made a bid as I’m fussy about cabin location.
  3. There is pricing and sample menus on the NCL app. Log into your cruise & click on dining. It should show all the available restaurants. If you click on one and scroll down there is a link to a sample menu.
  4. Yes they do, I had it last October, it was delicious. To the OP, each of the attached counts as one of your four choices with the dining package.
  5. That is not true complawyer. kuku77254 you can use a specialty dining credit at Wasabi, you get 4 menu items. I used one last October on the Epic and it really was too much food but my friend doesn't like sushi so I just had to eat it all myself. It was delicious. From the NCL T&Cs ... ARE ANY MENU ITEMS EXCLUDED FROM SPECIALITY DINING PACKAGES? All Speciality Restaurant menu items are included except Seafood Platter in Raw Bar. Premium menu item upcharges may apply. Additional entrée charges may apply. For Food Republic, Pincho, Sushi and Wasa
  6. For us the joy of Norwegian is that no matter what you are wearing it is almost impossible to feel out of place. We have only cruised in Europe but every night you will see everything from the most casual to the most dressy and everything in-between. I wear what makes me happy, slightly more dressy clothes and slightly less dressy sandals works for me for some night, a dress other nights and cropped trousers and a stripped top others. We love Le Bistro, save your favourite outfit for that night and enjoy the food and the atmosphere.
  7. Enjoying your review very much. What a wonderful way to spend a day.
  8. Long, picture heavy reviews are my favourite, thank you. 3 times on NCL and I've never noticed the cream, will be looking out for it day 1 breakfast this October.
  9. Really enjoying your review, especially the pictures, thank you
  10. Really enjoying your review as always, thank you. Life would be so much better if every morning breakfast was a freshly made omelette, hash browns and a couple of thin sausages.
  11. Love your review so far, really looking forward to reading about your adventures. Escape is top of my list of ships I really want to sail on.
  12. We have sailed on the Epic 3 times and are booked again for this October. When it is too wet and windy for a walk at lunchtime I like to read the Epic reviews and wonder how the folk who wrote them had such a different experience to us. My favourite today was the person was said that said anyone over 100 lbs would have trouble fitting into the toilet. Sadly I will never see 100 lbs again but really unless you are at least 300 lbs + you won't have a problem. I cruise with my friend and find the split toilet, shower, basin suits us fine. I am also surprised when folk com
  13. Days of having my breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked and served to me, together with time to wander inside or outside while blethering or not to folk and reading is my idea of heaven. Technology mean you can have all the books, films, telly show you don't get to watch or read or listen to in real life available to you. Real life mean that a 7-day Med cruise is all I can manage at the moment but look forward to my first TA.
  14. I enjoyed reading your review mfic246, thank you.
  15. I’m much more disturbed by the sleeping than by the bare feet. But I do always travel with my own pillow so I think I’m more bothered what my head & hands touch ... Thank you so much Sid taking the time to post so much.
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