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  1. Cruise Next deposits. We had $250 non-refundable OBC last time so got $500 Cruise Next deposits for $0 additional spend.
  2. Your reviews are a joy, thank you! For me the food & drink photos and comments are my favourite parts of any reviews and you do this brilliantly.
  3. No Starbucks on the Epic. Atrium cafe and the restaurants serve Lavazza for espresso and espresso based drinks. I only drink strong black coffee, either espresso or french press made with lots of coffee. The espresso on the Epic isn’t to my taste; I find it thin, lacking body and tastes sour. Not included in the UPB but is included with meals in the restaurants if you book on the UK. I just take take a break from my usual coffee addiction and drink earl grey tea on the ship, it’s very good.
  4. Thank you for your review. You can make reservations for the included main dining rooms online 120 days prior to sailing. lisajltx - my experience of freestyle in Europe is to wear what makes you happy. You will see everything from shorts & t-shirts to beautiful dresses. For me the joy of NCL is that I never feel over or under dresssed.
  5. I can't remember the last time I last used cash for anything - here in the UK and Ireland even the smallest, less them pound / euro or dollar equivalent, purchase can be paid for on a card - cash is messy and inconvenient, why would you even consider taking it on a cruise? Retailers love cards because cash is a major headache for them. And using a card means you have a record of all expenditure.
  6. I don't overpack I just use my airline allowance to the full 🙂 One for each day I'm alway plus one extra of cropped white linen trousers and striped cotton tops. 2 swimsuits, 2 dressy tops and 2 dresses for a 7 day cruise. Cashmere wrap for cooler evening outside, cooler for me is only anything below 50F, anything warmer is a nice summer day in Ireland. Teva walking sandals for day, still figuring out best option for nighttime, dressy, comfy, natural suggestions?
  7. Our lovely Le Bistro waiter on the Epic in October told us when we sat down that with the SPD it was one entrée and unlimited apps and desserts. This echoes the message at the bottom of the menu and the T&Cs on the website. I don't always order more than one app but couldn't resist the crab and then the mushroom soup. Just one dessert - the creme brulee is my favourite pudding evs.
  8. Just off the Epic yesterday (had a fantastic time, will write some thoughts when I get a chance). As others have said it’s all the same deal, multiples of $500 of CN certs cost $250. The CN guy was just trying to get you to buy more certificates. They tried the same with me; trying to persuade me that buying 8 certs was a better deal than the 2 I wanted, it wasn’t, just 4 times the cost. The CN guy also told me all B6 balconies were the same size, complete nonsense; our one this time was 25% bigger than the last time. I’d asked if there was a difference to deposits not being refundable on UK bookings if booked with CN certs as we wanted to book same cabin on next cruise but not 100% certain on dates. Nope but they constantly complain to Miami, appa!
  9. I agree Keith, I use Amex as it gets me British Airways Avios points, 90% of retailers is about right, Pizza Express today surprised me when they didn’t accept it. All the major supermarkets. Amazon accept it.
  10. Yes, balcony on the Epic this October, upgrade email came exactly 80 days from sailing with every thing from a mini suite to the DOS. Tempted BUT love the large balcony / location we have and travellling with a friend and the haven is completely useless, the H4 2 room family is lovely and I would adore the sea facing shower but how do we decide who get the main bed and who gets the wee room? The H5 is a better deal but the bed doesn’t split, while in a regular balcony there isn’t exactly much space between the bed there is still space. And we have the 5 night specialty dining already booked so wouldn’t make the best use of the haven restaurant perhsps.
  11. Always, always pay in the local currency when using your credit card, it’s always best for you as the customer. When a shop or restaurant asks if you want to pay in the local or your own currency it is what the credit card companies call dynamic currency conversion. Basically if you pick your own currency it benifits the shop / restaurant at your expense. To be fair most establishments are not aware of the consequences so are not trying to scam you. But always always say you want to pay in the local currency.
  12. I really really really hope we have the old speciality dining menus on the final med sailing on the Epic this year, new menus are ok but I want one last time with the old ones.
  13. Brussels sprouts in Cagneys (never had such perfect brussels sprouts, almost sweet) Fries & coleslaw in the buffet (unbelievably difficult to get good fries in Ireland & not too much dressing on the ncl coleslaw)
  14. Enjoying your review and in particular your food photos, encouraging me to be more diligent taking photos next time. I'm hoping we still have the old menus on the Epic at the end of October as I mostly have my 5 specialist evening meals planned already, with room for a little dithering, veal or sole or scallops in Le Bistro, filet or lamb the second time in Cagneys, veal medallions or osso bucco in La Cucina ... I'd not seen the notice about no athletic sandals before; I'm a little obsessed with Teva sandals, I think they are the best shoes in the world ever, on holiday a very dressy linen tunic (Boden for UK folk) , linen crops and flowery Teva sandals works for me morning to night and never been turned away from anywhere on ncl ...
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