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  1. Oh Bruno-- so sorry to hear that you are ill and will pray for a quick and accurate diagnosis and a speedy recovery. Thanks for taking the time to post this. I wondered about your absence from cc boards and want you to know that I missed your commentary. You made my cruise so enjoyable last week. Keep us updated when you get a chance.
  2. I live in The Villages Florida and I am going on the 9/04 sailing from Seattle to Alaska Hence, I need a test this week. I have already booked a PCR at CVS (free) and a rapid test at Advent Health ($179) for Wednesday 9/01. I booked the PCR first and kept the appointment because in these parts it is never certain that you will have a rapid test available to you when you show up. My back up rapid test plan is Orlando airport on my way to Seattle or at SeaTac when I arrive. I also had delivered to me the Binax self test (not the supervised home test) so in case I have to fly without knowing my status I can be reasonably sure that I am negative and will eventually get a test. RE: Quest and HAL-- I went on the site noted just to check it out and there are no appointments within 70 miles (I gave up then). I suspect that if I had said I was symptomatic or had been exposed then I would have had more success. They never listed "travel" as a reason for taking this test. I had to honestly check no to all questions so I guess I am low priority. Not a problem at this point-- maybe they will get their acts together at some point but right now I will pay my $179 and keep my fingers crossed for a negative test to get on the ship and enjoy myself.
  3. Glad you booked! I too am a solo cruiser and just booked for September 2021. Like you, I usually book a studio cabin and had the exact same thought about needing to quarantine!! Those studios are really nice when you can get out and about but not to stay in all day long. Thanks for the info on the balcony types. I booked a BB but was also trying to figure out the categories. The price of BB and BC was the same but BC was on 10 forward and BB was 11 and 12. Have fun planning.
  4. Thanks to all who responded. I booked the deck 11 BB category. 11808. I appreciate your input.
  5. Hi everyone I am looking at either decks 10 or 11 to book a regular balcony. I cannot figure out where the lifeboats are and if they obstruct the view from the deck 10 balconies. I am looking at category bc (on deck 10) or bb (deck 11) any help much appreciated. The price difference is not much so wondering what the advantage of deck 11 is?
  6. Hi Everyone I have a question for anyone who has sailed solo in a NON studio room on an NCL ship that has studio rooms. My question is about access to the studio lounge for the meet up and to sign up for group dinners etc. I have sailed on Epic twice (about 5-6 years ago) from Barcelona. The first time I booked a studio cabin and we had a great solo director who really went out of her way to get everyone together. I had a wonderful time as a solo cruiser on that trip. The second time on the same cruise I booked a balcony for the extra room and was assured (pre cruise) that I could have my cruise card "keyed" for studio lounge access. When I got onboard and tried to do this I was told that was not possible BUT I could still join the solo group for dinners etc. and I should just knock on the lounge door and get let in and then add my name to the whiteboard. Needless to say, this did not work well. I felt like an intruder and hated explaining myself to people to gain access. I can see the wisdom of this though. The studio costs more than some inside rooms with the single supplement tacked on but the perk is the lounge access and meet up. I rarely signed up for dinners the second time and found it a bit lonely and I am an experienced solo traveller (woman 60's in age at the time). Any related experiences?
  7. Thanks for the replies. Perhaps there are other Cunard tour options that include a transfer to Heathrow. Stonehenge is not a "must see" but I would like to take advantage of the few hours I have before my late flight. I would prefer to take a Cunard transfer and avoid dealing with my luggage. I am a woman (late sixties) and an experienced solo traveller. The less hassle with luggage the better.
  8. Hello I am disembarking the QM2 on August 11th and have a 6pm flight back to the US from Heathrow. I see the transfer to Heathrow on my voyage personalizer but there are no excursion plus transfer options listed. I am guessing that these will be available once onboard? May I ask if anyone has experience with an excursion from the ship that would include Stonehenge? I see other options from Viator etc. and wonder if that is the route to go. Thank you in advance for any information you can give Eileen
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