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  1. How are Collector cruises treated? Do they just count as one over 14 days?
  2. While I was just watching on the CDC site, Nieuw Amsterdam changed to Green! Sorry, not able to copy from CDC site
  3. So agree with you. The crew are what makes a cruise with HAL so very special and if we can help them get over the problems of 18 months unemployment by paying an extra dollar a day gratuities, I am more than happy to do so.
  4. Looks like HAL have been adding the winter Panama Canal cruises. I couldn't find any cruises for Zuiderdam for Jan 2003-March 2023 under Zuiderdam in the 'ships' section, but found them under Koningsdam section! (still listed as on Zuiderdam) so looks as if just a software issue!
  5. Our cruise to the South Pacific in 2023 is also unavailable on Zuiderdam. Think your thoughts regarding change of ships may be right
  6. South America and Antarctica The Baltic Singapore to Hong Kong Norway to the North Cape Eastern Med, including Malta
  7. We did the 14 day cruise from Singapore to Hong Kong in Jan 2019 and had a wonderful time. We arrived 4 days early in Singapore and had 4 days in Hong Kong afterwards. At the time we were still working and it was our longest holiday ever. We loved the variety of places visited and were fortunate to join a number of privately organised trips by our fellow travelers. We took an overnight HAL tour to Bangkok and thought it good value. Certainly recommend
  8. Managed to get the cruises up until end of Aug 2022 by clicking on WHERE WE GO and then EUROPE and then VIEW CRUISES and going through the pages to the 2022 cruises. They are probably still loading September onwards as that page still has the spinning circle
  9. Thanks for this, sounds like plan is still to include longer journeys and visits to more remote ports on Vista and R ships. Happy to hearsome of the historical artwork from past Rotterdams will be included on the new ship
  10. I have exactly the same problem and my preferences show the same as yours. I think it is because we live in Canada
  11. They appear to have deleted the overland journeys until July.
  12. A big thank you to StartrainDD for posting this. We cancelled our May Alaska cruise in March after HAL advised deposits would be refunded by way of FCC. We received our final payment back to our credit card within days but, despite our TA chasing by phone regularly, no FCC. I prepared an e mail, based on the above, and asked my TA to forward it to the email address quoted in the above. Checked my FCC's yesterday and there it was! No e mail from HAL, but it worked after nearly 5 months! I think they are lacking the paper trail for those of us who were refunded in March before the ma
  13. I am wondering if it is because they did not ask us to complete any paperwork to have the deposits returned as FCC. We have just had our Maasdam cruise for January cancelled and the e mail from HAL implied that no action was required if we were happy to receive our deposit as an FCC. Going to the link, it suggests that this will only take place automatically if no decision is logged by a date in August. I completed the request for the FCC choice and got a response that my preference had been noted. Maybe they have nothing flagging our FCC's as outstanding as they have no paperwork after the re
  14. We are the same. Cancelled March 12th, refund of balance less deposit almost immediately, but no sign of FCC for $788 for deposit (as in accordance with message from HAL that we could cancel travel up to end of May without penalty.
  15. We travelled on Zaandam and Rotterdam in the last 8 months and found our cabins on Zaandam far nicer (O/V cat C) New bathroom with shower. On the Rotterdam a pipe burst and flooded our room and several others. Happy to sail on Zaandam again, booked on Volendam for Sept 2021
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