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  1. We are on a May Maasdam 14 day trip and we got the same amendment.
  2. Really good to hear this worked out in the end and you were helped by Flight Ease. We are using them for the first time next week, where did you get the Emergency number from? Safe travels and thanks for informing us.
  3. Thanks, we are now booked to Alaska on the Maasdam at this wonderful 'at par' price. Really looking forward to the lectures and a very detailed program of excursions geared to seeing more of this beautiful state.
  4. My first cruise was on the Shaw Saville Northern Star in 1975 from Southampton to the Canary Islands,Madeira and Tangiers as a teenager. Despite the storm winds in the Bay of Biscay, we loved it so much that we returned the following year, but the ship was sold for scrap after that cruise. We all loved the bunk beds and porthole and made many lifelong friends. First cruise on my own was in 1980 on the Uganda, another 'educational' ship, but the dormitories were available for members of the National Trust for Scotland. We traveled the coast of Norway to the North Cape stopping at many small towns. This ship took on a new life in 1982 as a hospital ship during the Falklands war and afterwards reconversion was too costly, so it was scrapped. A cruise on the Maasdam is now my wish dream!
  5. We took this cruse this year and loved it. We spent an extra 4 nights in Singapore before sailing and wished we had stayed longer! Weather was overcast with a few heavy downpours, but we spent a lot of time walking and never got wet. Once on the cruise, the weather only impacted waiting for tenders to return to the ship on Koh Samui. There was a very downpour and everyone was soaked, but spirits remained high as it was hot and the rain was refreshing! We all dried out! The highlights of our cruise came as a result of joining our cc group. We took tours with them everywhere except Koi Samui and Bangkok. We saw so much of the local communities and particularly enjoyed a cooking class in the guide/chef's own garden! We had visited Hong Kong before in February and had a week of cloudy weather. This time we arrived on 2 Feb and had 3 days of perfect clear skies and temperatures around 20C. We were able to climb the Peak twice and visited and walked across an offshore island. We had an aft balcony cabin, which we loved, but we did not spend a lot of time on it as days of exploration were long and it was dark before 6pm. Recommend this cruiseand plan to take it again in the future
  6. Thank you Kazu, I learned so much from your guides and loved all the pictures, it is so kind of you to spend time on your hols taking us all along! I have started writing a log for my kids as we cruise and hope one day to have the confidence to make it a 'live' report! Looking forward to your next trip! Kristine
  7. We also read about it here and went to the desk on our first day on Westerdam in January. Husband loved the Engineer room the most whilst I was fascinated by the laundry. Only 6 of us and the first time the CD had taken a tour, so he was as interested as we were! Again split over 2 days, just before sailing on a port day and the remainder on the next sea day. Recommended.
  8. We are booked on a Baltic cruise and we are considering a 2 day excursion at St Petersburg. The P and O tours information says that everything is covered, but does not mention tip to guide and driver, whilst outside tours state 10% guide and 5% driver tips. We are not adverse to giving a tip, but we wonder if this is included with P and O. The tour price is around 260 pounds each for 2 days. It is our first P and O cruise and we live in Canada so are not sure of the procedures. Many thanks for help from those who have taken company tours before.
  9. We are going on the Zaandam in January 2020 and your spreadsheet has helped us so much in planning and we are so grateful for ideas on tours. We are planning to use the same tour company for a post cruise 3 night trip to Iguazu, could you confirm if they provided satisfactory service? We would love to travel with you, hope our paths cross in the future.
  10. Thank you so much for posting these menus. We are taking our first P and O cruise next month and I had been disheartened by the general air of discontent on the P and O cc site, but this thread, with such positive comments, has made me excited again. If the food follows these menus, we will find it hard to choose.
  11. I am really enjoying your video - limiting myself to 15 minute blocks between chores! I love the sea turtles,absolutely fascinating watching them feed and swim. We are taking our first journey on the Rotterdam in the Fall and are excited to see the pictures of the interior! She certainly is beautiful, love the clocks. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us all.
  12. Loved it and cannot wait to show rest of the family. Photography of Norway was beautiful and the ship looked pristine. Captain Timmers came over as a caring Captain with a fine sense of humour and very much liked by his crew. Lots of positives for HAL, expect sales of cruises to Scandinavia will take a boost.
  13. Thank you so much for taking the time to write about your wonderful journey so we could all travel along. My husband and I tried all the trivia questions and we are hoping to join in, for the first time, on our TA in the Fall. It is people like you and your friends who make travelling on a HAL cruise so much fun!! Thank you and can't wait for the World cruise report and more trivia questions!
  14. I was very disappointed when we boarded Westerdam in mid January to find that it was stil An American Marriage, which I had read the previous June on the Oosterdam. In my comments to HAL I expressed disappointment that there is only one book a year, as many of the passengers who attend the bookclub meetings travel on HAL boats more frequently. The bookclub is one of my very favorite sea day activities and costs HAL very little
  15. We took our 3rd HAL cruise from Singapore to Hong Kong in January this year. We had really enjoyed our balconies in Alaska and the Med, but probably spent less than a few hours on the balcony on the Asian cruise due to the long days on excursions and the fact it got dark just after 5pm. We loved the cruise and the Westerdam but would probably take a lower grade cabin on another Asian journey
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