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  1. They appear to have deleted the overland journeys until July.
  2. A big thank you to StartrainDD for posting this. We cancelled our May Alaska cruise in March after HAL advised deposits would be refunded by way of FCC. We received our final payment back to our credit card within days but, despite our TA chasing by phone regularly, no FCC. I prepared an e mail, based on the above, and asked my TA to forward it to the email address quoted in the above. Checked my FCC's yesterday and there it was! No e mail from HAL, but it worked after nearly 5 months! I think they are lacking the paper trail for those of us who were refunded in March before the mass cancellations started and providing the info above in written form allows them to find the info. Many thanks, I now have all my refunds and have started reserving again with returned FCCs.
  3. I am wondering if it is because they did not ask us to complete any paperwork to have the deposits returned as FCC. We have just had our Maasdam cruise for January cancelled and the e mail from HAL implied that no action was required if we were happy to receive our deposit as an FCC. Going to the link, it suggests that this will only take place automatically if no decision is logged by a date in August. I completed the request for the FCC choice and got a response that my preference had been noted. Maybe they have nothing flagging our FCC's as outstanding as they have no paperwork after the refunds in March.
  4. We are the same. Cancelled March 12th, refund of balance less deposit almost immediately, but no sign of FCC for $788 for deposit (as in accordance with message from HAL that we could cancel travel up to end of May without penalty.
  5. We travelled on Zaandam and Rotterdam in the last 8 months and found our cabins on Zaandam far nicer (O/V cat C) New bathroom with shower. On the Rotterdam a pipe burst and flooded our room and several others. Happy to sail on Zaandam again, booked on Volendam for Sept 2021
  6. Last summer we took a P and O cruise to the Baltic, as it fitted into our subsequent travel plans better than the equivalent HAL cruise. We were made very welcome by the British contingent and were impressed by the crew who, like HAL were from various Asian nations. Service was up to Hal's standard and food delicious. Entertainment was like HAL precuts and prices worked out similar. We have seen the Fred Olsen ships in various ports on our travels and 3 of them are under 30,000 GT. The Amsterdam and Rotterdam will be twice their size!
  7. We are also in this group. It was the first offer made on March 6th and covered sailings between then and May 31st. The FCC must be booked by Dec 31, 2020 for use up to the end of 2021. We were fortunate to receive our refund within days, but no sign of FCC
  8. Wonderful to wake up to the sight of NSD berthing in FL, we so miss our Sunday afternoon sat by the fire watching the Dam ships depart Ft Lauderdale. Our hearts go out to the Pacific ocean ships. We took Rotterdam TA in November and travelled on Zaandam in January to Antarctica, so many wonderful memories of the fantastic crews and how they would always go the extra mile for us, now they are doing it for each other.
  9. We must have booked similar time as we have the TA benefits and the Explore 4 for a May cruise. 2 meals in the Pinnacle and one at Caneletto.
  10. Heading West to East you still have the Falklands, with King penguins and the prospect of a side trip to Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires to enjoy! We took the Antarctic cruise from Santiago to Buenos Aires last month and added on a 4 night stop in Easter Island. It was a 5 hour flight from Santiago, costing around $600 return each. We stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast and our host took us on 2 day trips to view the moai statues. Definetely recommended, if you have the time available.
  11. please can you tell us how you are being notified regarding Club Orange. We are on a Zaandam cruise to South America in early Jan and have heard nothing regarding the price.
  12. Just read your review and your excitement and enthusiasm for this cruise certainly came through! The lecturers sound wonderful and such variety! We are hopeful that Maasdam will do the same cruise around Australia in the Fall of 2021 and we will be able to take part.
  13. We are on Rotterdam at present. Captain said this morning at coffee chat with the Captain that next drydock is Dec 202o.
  14. We are on a May Maasdam 14 day trip and we got the same amendment.
  15. Really good to hear this worked out in the end and you were helped by Flight Ease. We are using them for the first time next week, where did you get the Emergency number from? Safe travels and thanks for informing us.
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