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  1. CRUISEFIRST TERMS & CONDITIONS Last updated: October 30, 2020 To redeem your CruiseFirst certificate(s) please call your Travel Professional, Personal Cruise Consultant or Norwegian Cruise Line directly. At time of redemption, please notify your reservation agent that your CruiseFirst certificate will be applied to the reservation. 1. CruiseFirst certificates are valid for new reservations ONLY that are booked within 3 years of original certificate purchase date. Voyage date must be more than 120 days from original purchase date. Not applicable towards cancelled /
  2. I did not know that Royal is doing that. That would be awesome if Norwegian does it. I think they would get more people booking their cruise if they did.
  3. I would have done the same. My cruise in on December 13, 2020 and I paid $2000 for everything for the two of us. Willing to sacrifice that money for a cruise in December but I would not do $15000
  4. I was wondering about the 125%. I booked this cruise and another cruise with the 125% and 20% off. My cruise in December for an Aft balcony and five perks cost a total of $2000 for the both of us. My two week cruise leaving from Tahiti and going to Hawaii for a balcony cabin and five perks cost me $5000 total for the two of us. If these cruise cancel, I probably will never get those deals again.
  5. I love your island. It is the most cleanest island that I have been to. I am hoping to go back there with my daughter in May for her college graduation.
  6. Probably. If they do it later then that you will have lots of upset people. I know when I put my vacation time in, I usually can't cancel it with only a few weeks ahead of time. Not good for the people they have to work my shifts in the ER.
  7. I have a feeling that whatever big announcement that Royal is going to have next week, Norwegian is going to follow.
  8. I made final payment on our December 13th Epic sailing. Ever since I made final payment I have been getting notifications every day about upgrading. That never happened before. It was an occasional reminder about upgrading but not everyday. I am afraid that they will take my bid then cancel the cruise soon after. Usually they wait until a few days before sailing to notify if your bid was accepted or not. However, I feel this time it wont be like that. But I think if it does sail I have a great chance of moving up to the haven. First time on Epic and I know there are a lot of
  9. I hope you go also. If they cancel all of December, I wonder when we will be told.
  10. That is the same sailing as us. Our cruise was also cancelled in March. We were booked for the second week of the start of all of the cancellations. Therefore, we received some great perks since it was nine days prior to sailing. We have an aft cabin for this cruise.
  11. I did not realize my typo. I am only 10%thinking it is going to happen.
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