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  1. Everyone should wear a shirt that says Cruise Critic Review Pending, or U-Tube Cruise Vlog - My First Princess Cruise - Followers 750K It won't prevent Pompous People encounters, but we will probably receive exceptional service 😉🤣 And - you still maintain your status and perks.
  2. I like them too. Especially when I am not familiar with a ship. It's not heavy to carry, unlike my smart phone encased in an Otter Box. However, one of the best things about it is, if I "misplace" it while at the pool, I am not out a thousand dollars. We take a lot of tech "stuff" when we travel, but I still use a pen and paper/post-it to send my steward a message. It's just too hard to get the duck tape off my smart phone/tablet when I attach them to the mirror.
  3. Yes, much of what you will find here in terms of complaints are first world problems. Some of those small things make some people's cruises more pleasurable - i.e, a sheet of The New York Times news that use to be given out on board. We will miss having a bar of soap. I do not need to qualify why, other than to say it is what we have always found on our many cruises up until now. I will have to go to a store in Italy after touring for over a week to buy a bar of soap! Many of us bring our own soap on a cruise (liquid or bar). Another cut back.
  4. The chair appears to not exist any longer in a balcony cabin. Perhaps there are a few exceptions. Therefore, it is not a "typical arrangement".
  5. Yes, one of our flights was changed and we lost our seat assignments. The new flight departs and arrives the same day as the original flight. We reserved as soon as it was possible for July 2020. There is a good possibility that our flights will change again.
  6. We are curious too. We are going on an independent tour of three cities prior to our cruise and are booked to stay here for three nights. This hotel was one of the selections available through the tour company and the one our travel agent recommended. There are good ratings on Trip Advisor. We will be there in the height of the tourist season and a "quieter location" is appealing, especially after staying in the "thick of it" in Venice and Florence.
  7. I agree about how most people use elevators. My use of stairs varies. It depends upon my current aches. This past May I could manage two flights up and three or four flights down. If I was on a cruise right now, I would be limited to the elevator. Your statement about people glaring at you when you do only one flight reminded me of an experience I had in the Ladies Room on a cruise 12 years ago. The only available stall was the handicap stall. I hesitated to use it and then remembered that I actually needed to use it. When I opened the door to leave the stall, there was an elderly woman in a wheel chair waiting to enter. I smiled at her and she gave me a "dirty look" and she proceeded to look at me from top to bottom. When she reached the bottom her mouth fell open as she caught sight of the removable cast that I was wearing. She looked up at me in shock. I am sad to say that my reaction was to give her the same look that she gave me.
  8. We went on the RCI tour too, and we agree that you see more on the guided tour than when you tour on your own (we have also spent several full days at KSC when we were not on a cruise). The tour starts on the bus, when they pick you up. A video is shown on the bus. Our bus had people who were on the guided tour, as well as people who were touring on their own. Everyone on the bus saw the video.
  9. Royal Caribbean uses a similar technology. We have always used a supermarket card, a used gift car, etc. until this past cruise, when we forgot to bring one. My husband told me not to worry about it. He folded a piece of paper and voila!!! It should be a simple fix if a card is not supplied.
  10. We are booked on sister ship Enchanted Princess. We were unable to book a deluxe balcony for our "touring " cruise and ended up with a mini suite. Deluxe Balcony The deluxe balcony has a love seat that appears to accommodate two people and a desk chair. It has one television and a shower in the bathroom. Mini Suite The mini suite has a sofa that appears to seat 3 people and a chair (in addition to the desk chair). There is an end table with storage next to the sofa. There are curtains that can be closed between the seating area and the bed. There is a television by the bed and one near the sofa. The bathroom has a bathtub.
  11. I am wondering what we will encounter on a 7 day Mediterranean cruise leaving from Italy. It is a port intensive cruise and I am thinking that there will be only one formal night. My husband has always worn a suit on our many USA cruises. We will be on a 9 night land vacation in Italy prior to boarding and will be spending a couple of nights in Athens when we debark. I am trying to convince him of the practicality of just bringing a sports jacket rather than a suit. He does not care when some of the men are in their shirtsleeves with or without a tie on formal night, but I know that he will not enjoy being one of the few that is not wearing a suit.
  12. Some people were on deck for muster on RCCL Anthem this past May in Bayonne. We were in the dining room. I haven't had to be on deck for muster in years. Remember feeling faint my first time and wore very light clothes (and as little as I could without being arrested on land, lol) the next time.
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