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  1. We spoke to my husbands doctor who advised my immune compromised husband that he has a 10% chance of dying from COVID-19. Years ago I was advised that I had a 10% chance of a disease after taking a biopsy and was told not to worry. Such a small percentage. I was one of the lucky 10%. My husbands doctor advised him to cancel and re-book at a latter date. If we cancel now we will get all of our money back for our beginning of August Mediterranean cruise and land tour (we actually have until the end of April to cancel) Part of the doctor's logic and ours too, is that you can en
  2. We are booked on a Rome to Athens cruise this summer. We are suppose to board after spending 10 days in Italy and return home after 3 days in Athens. Our first stop on land would be Venice. Like you, we will make a decision when our final payment is due. However, we are leaning towards canceling. We have people with compromised immune systems in our group. Prior to the Italy outbreak, it was a matter of consulting with doctors about whether we should go. I agree that at this point in time there is little risk for your April cruise, and yet I am leery about booking an overnigh
  3. Unhappy to hear that it does not have foot rests. We are suppose to have an angled balcony mini-suite on Enchanted Princess. We've had large balconies on Royal Caribbean and loved the foot rests that are on all of the balconies. The itinerary on the Princess cruise is port intensive. I was looking forward to reclining in a chair, with my legs up, after a day of walking.
  4. I think that you are correct you. I just checked Princess' plan. Our next cruise is on Princess. You can get back 75% applied to a future cruise. However, as far as I can tell, it is at an additional cost: 1. "Specified reasons are outlined under the Cancellation Fee Waiver section of Princess Vacation Protection which is a a non-insurance feature provided by Princess. For NY & WA residents only, Trip Cancellation benefits are underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies, Columbus, Ohio (NAIC #23787)." 2. Residents of NY may purchase t
  5. Cancel for any reason is no longer available in New York State. From Travel Insured's website " Because New York State residents are not eligible for the Worldwide Trip Protector Plus plan, the Cancel for Any Reason benefit is not available to residents of that state." The following is a link to the Department of Financial Services of New York State regarding travel insurance questions for the insurance industry. Read question #6 and conclusion #6. https://www.dfs.ny.gov/insurance/ogco2010/rg100206.htm
  6. Everyone should wear a shirt that says Cruise Critic Review Pending, or U-Tube Cruise Vlog - My First Princess Cruise - Followers 750K It won't prevent Pompous People encounters, but we will probably receive exceptional service 😉🤣 And - you still maintain your status and perks.
  7. I like them too. Especially when I am not familiar with a ship. It's not heavy to carry, unlike my smart phone encased in an Otter Box. However, one of the best things about it is, if I "misplace" it while at the pool, I am not out a thousand dollars. We take a lot of tech "stuff" when we travel, but I still use a pen and paper/post-it to send my steward a message. It's just too hard to get the duck tape off my smart phone/tablet when I attach them to the mirror.
  8. Yes, much of what you will find here in terms of complaints are first world problems. Some of those small things make some people's cruises more pleasurable - i.e, a sheet of The New York Times news that use to be given out on board. We will miss having a bar of soap. I do not need to qualify why, other than to say it is what we have always found on our many cruises up until now. I will have to go to a store in Italy after touring for over a week to buy a bar of soap! Many of us bring our own soap on a cruise (liquid or bar). Another cut back.
  9. The chair appears to not exist any longer in a balcony cabin. Perhaps there are a few exceptions. Therefore, it is not a "typical arrangement".
  10. Yes, one of our flights was changed and we lost our seat assignments. The new flight departs and arrives the same day as the original flight. We reserved as soon as it was possible for July 2020. There is a good possibility that our flights will change again.
  11. We are curious too. We are going on an independent tour of three cities prior to our cruise and are booked to stay here for three nights. This hotel was one of the selections available through the tour company and the one our travel agent recommended. There are good ratings on Trip Advisor. We will be there in the height of the tourist season and a "quieter location" is appealing, especially after staying in the "thick of it" in Venice and Florence.
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