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  1. I was on last week, it's in the dispenser, no more boxes. They always anounce no food or drink to be brought ashore. It's up to you whatever you like. But someone tried to bring sandwich, they end up left it in ziplock bag infont of my room. I guess they too imparerous to leave it infront of their room. I'm only brought my water along, which I ordered from carnival fun shop, I did checked with the staff, they said ok. We usually bring along snack for kids during flight, which is ok to bring onboard, and eat during our flight back home.
  2. We were on the splendor last week, our dinning waitress let us know the buffet night, and show that we should check out. I checked on the Funtime, they don't said midnight buffet. It's late fiesta snack. On regular night it's only said late night snack. It's huge Mexican buffet, and opposite side was a huge dessert buffet as well. Check the location on Funtime, they only open for us at mid ship, the aft buffet was close. During dinner only aft buffet is open, mid ship was close. My husband did record it, very nice. I couldn't eat that late, but my families did enjoy it.. We loved the tandoori on splendor, it's sad to know splendor is the only ship has it, and it's leaving long beach soon.
  3. I'm hoping to help you to find cheaper flight. My flight is from YVR to Lax , i searched Google flight, flight hub... daily. I found justfly are cheaper than all of them, and they do charge in CAD so my credit card won't charge me extra. It's for mid August. flighthub charge $365, but justfly only $313. Also if you can avoid air Canada , westjet, you won't have to pay for luggage fee, I understand it may be hard for you. On our way there , we will flight with air canada, so we do need to pay for check in luggage. But the return flight won't be any Canadian airline. So each of us allow 1 free check in luggage. If you have any senior, you can ask airline for assistant during transfer, and contact carnival too. Our hotel near Lax , so we will use hotel shuttle, in the morning, we will need to shuttle back to airport to meet our supershuttle. They don't pick up at the hotel. I tried, but they won't. One Van, 8 or 7 people will be the same price, including tax about $76US from lax to cruise terminal. We refer to stay near LAX, so my sister can visit her inlaw. If you use app to reserve , 10% discount code is App10 (only work if you going to and from airport) our last 3 trip to LAX we used supershuttle, and found it more convenience than carnival transfer. With carnival, you do need to wait for the bus to be full. Dont flight in the same day, you will be too tire to enjoy your 1st day. I did it in the past, and we won't be doing it again. I found a cheaper flight Saturday morning, we will land in Lax at 9:40am, We can save on both hotel and flight, but my husband refused it. Another though if you decide to flight in earlier and go Disneyland, they usually have ticket discount for Canadian starting sometime in sept or October and good until may. I'm not sure if it's good during holiday season. For hotel book early, the price increase when they have less room. I book in May, it was $129, but now is $239. Hotel near Lax is cheaper than long beach
  4. Hello Yoolykeme, im curious is it $20 per person or for all the seat? I understand taxi would fare would be higher. I forgot which port have the taxi fare by zone. Thank you.
  5. I'm going in August. I contacted Hyatt Ziva in PV it's about $75 or $79 per person (all inclusive) they don't accept reservation now, so they ask me to call them a few day before, if the hotel is 80% full, they won't accept extra customer. They estimated taxi cost about $25 to get there. No transfer provide from the hotel. In cabo, you can check out billygan, located on medena beach. you will need water taxi to get there, $4 per person each way. It's right beside the office, and mango deck. You can find out more info on trappercabolist. Billygan is white umbrella, the office and mango deck is blue and yellow also this hacienda Cocina is inside hotel too. Very nice view, they confirmed with me I can call and make reservation for the restaurant. The only problem, I can't estimate what time I will be onshore. (Very nice view) https://www.haciendacocina.mx/menu/eat if you want to enjoy local cuisine, don't forget to check out trappercabolist, you can see he list all the restaurants on the map, very nice.
  6. I forgot to mention the crab and the lobster live in the tank, the restaurant charges you by the weight
  7. Pacific mall in downtown, paid parking. Metrotown in Burnaby, free underground parking, ground level parking have limit hours, but you can get here by skytrain.
  8. Kirin in downtown, sun Sui wah on Main Street (need taxi) they will sale you the whole crab, and cook into different course, you will need bigger group to eat it. ($500+cad) Also Hoyuenkee on Fraser and 47th is really good too (Cantonese cuisine) their specialty is lobster on sticky rice. Between me and my husband, we will order 2.5 - 3lbs lobster with sticky rice, and two side dish, that's a lot of food for us. If you like Dimsum, recommended for lunch try Kirin or sunsuiwah, don't forget to make reservation.
  9. Thank you for the lovely reviews, sorry to ask you this : how do I let the cruise line know I'm celebrating my anniversary? I log in, but I can't find it anywhere. Thank you very much.
  10. I live up north, so vanilla bean is very expensive, and not easy to find. Most of the store sale the imitation one. My friends would refer vanilla over keychain, magnets, trinkets... I want to buy some at the mercado in matzalan, or Walmart in PV if they do carry it. (I saw on YouTube, Walmart have the vanilla extract, not sure about the bean. Can I bring vanilla bean back to the ship, and through US custom? What's the good price for vanilla bean? I know I have to bargain, but it will be big help if I can find out the price. Thank you in advance for your help.
  11. I'm going in aug with my mother, she can only walk a short distance, no stairs. Some experts here help explain what need to be done. You will need to contact special need department, they will help with on and off the ship. Some staff standing outside the terminal will direct you to the line. (I did ask for wheelchair to get my mother on and off) if you link other booking together, they allow you to get on together. I'm not sure about big group with 54 people. I'm not staying in the same room with her, but our booking link. The gentleman I spoke with told me that.
  12. Thank you Jeff and patti for the awesome review. I noticed in one of your post, you said you contact maitre d for private table. Do you get reply from the splendor maitre d? I can't wait until August, we are counting the day.
  13. Would you mind letting me know the uber fee from cabo cruise terminal to billygans please. I'm also want to check out tacos Guss. Thank you very much for your review.
  14. My cruise online check in available May 19. Is it mean at midnight I can login and choose my check in time ? I live in west coast , midnight EST should be 9pm may 18? Please let me know, and thank you very much.
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