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  1. Singapore has reported two new cases of the Virus as of a few hours ago. Very responsible of other cruise companies cancelling for now. Once an effective remedy is found and travel resumes, these cruise lines will be the winners in the end. Good for them.
  2. They absolutely should have. We were shut down instantly a couple of weeks ago - we stressed that we didn't want a refund . If upcoming cruise ( fingers crossed) is cancelled, and we are then given a choice, I Can tell you now we won't be choosing the credit .
  3. Have been reading these boards for days.. your comment "crazy cruise line" is gold & perfect for what we are being put through. We can all do with a chuckle amidst this debacle. 😂
  4. More cases emerging out of Singapore over the last few hours as someone posted above. I highly doubt they are going to allow ship loads of passengers coming and going during this time. They have a pretty well organised and structured system there.
  5. It's all a bit odd. I predict a cancellation announcement within the next few days.
  6. Anyone else getting a " default itinerary name" in their NCL account ( Jade 17th Sailing) ? Nothing is coming up under summary either.
  7. Won't be surprised if other ports follow suit. It's mind boggling that NCL are still pursuing with upcoming Asian cruises.
  8. Ridiculous !!! Cancel the bloody thing & refund your customers - we will be back and honour you (NCL) .. at this point too many people are inconvenienced , frustrated and will move on to other companies ( ourselves included).
  9. We too are flip flopping with this upcoming cruise. As an asthmatic I've been told I have a good case re: opening a claim with our insurer ( I already have doctor's letter). A credit was refused by NCL, however with ongoing developments, I can't help but feel that they will have to be proactive and either cancel, or provide credits. Things are turning quickly and not for the the better.
  10. Well done to them, that's taking charge. Have just read American Airlines cancelling Hong Kong flights.
  11. News just in, a person with the virus has died in Hong Kong. They are the first.
  12. Thank You.. yes, We received the email a few days ago. Going by newly placed restrictions by other lines, we're puzzled by NCL and how Hong Kong is still a viable option . Of course, this may change - hoping however the change isn't when we're well on our way ..
  13. Celebrity and others have barred passengers who have visited Hong Kong , yet NCL are still leaving from there, for the time being anyway.
  14. Hi everyone, I started a topic on this very issue a few days ago. Same cruise, with NCL. Have been following very closely ( a bit too obsessively I may add). Has caused so much stress, however, hubby and I decided we will be going after a few days of "No way" , followed by many what if? scenarios. Like a lot of people who scrimp and save for these holidays, we would be losing a lot of money if we don't take it. Can kick ourselves that we didn't pay for the extra "cancel for any reason" ( that'll teach us, big lesson learned ). Our TA and Norwegian won't offer a credit ( w
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