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  1. Not good. We live in Northern California. 846,000 acres burned. Smoke is being felt in Europe.
  2. Not good. We live in Northern California. 846,000 acres burned. Smoke is being felt in Europe.
  3. Mine is Mar. 2022 and I'm even anxious about that. Ports, length of cruise, solvency of cruise line,health, etc. But I'll be on a ship somehow, somewhere. As long as I get the time I want in a specialty restaurant, I'm good.
  4. Just out of curiosity, did you receive your full refund?
  5. I booked an August 30 2020 cruise and paid for it with two payments in the latter part of 2019. Cancelled it on March 28, 2020 and asked for a full refund less penalties from Crystal. After 150 days I filed a cc dispute with CSR who gave me two "temporary" credits on 8/26/2020. Five days later Crystal gave me a full credit for the second payment and "pending" on the first payment. I'm pretty sure that I'll get it. And yes I'd sail Crystal again. Lessons learned - Nothing really. Next to health, a refund is pretty minor.
  6. Perhaps time for you to do a cc dispute and get a temporary credit.
  7. See chart for powlan. Received 2 Temporary Credits from CSR. One for Cruise and one for flight. Told by Crystal it was "settled" so asked for proof from accounting department. Received a screen shot showing: Authorization Response- Approved. Also, Dispute amount, Status, Dispute Received Date, Disposition Due Date, Final Disposition Amount, Final Disposition Date. Disposition Description: Resolve To Merchant. Merchant - Accept. Am waiting for the Cruise refund. Hooray!!!. Five months but almost complete.
  8. Same here. Although different dates. I asked the woman in ressuport who's been monitoring my refund.She said that Crystal had settled my first payment less the penalty. She said it to me both in an email and in a phone call. The second refund is coming along. She said that she'd cc the confirmation to the accounting department for dates. To summarize, I have two temporary credits on my CSR credit card and assurances from Crystal. I'm pretty sure that I'll get the refunds.
  9. Have always taken the air credit (we live in San Francisco) and use credit card miles to fly. Also, on shorter cruises (ten days or less) we bring a couple of bottles of wine each and supplement it with the wine we can order for dinner.
  10. I just received a phone call from Crystal telling me that "settled" meant that it was indeed refunded. The woman in customer service didn't know about the second payment since that was handled in the accounting department. From
  11. I just received an email from Crystal saying that they had "settled"" the first of two credit card charges. When I called CSR (they had given me two temporary credits) and asked them what "settled" meant.
  12. Congrats. Even though it took a month from the dispute with Visa to receiving a credit from Crystal, it was a good resolution. You cancelled and not Crystal, right? I too am in "pending" land, "queue" land, TA "assurance" land, "temporary credit" land. To be quite honest, I have no idea when a refund will come to me and if so from where. I assume it's not "if". In any event. Hooray
  13. I was going to ask the same thing. I too received a temporary credit from CSR for the full amount less penalties but I neither received a permanent credit, nor an actual refund to the CC from Crystal.. Many of us have filed disputes and have gotten temporary credits. (See the chart).Let us know.
  14. I cancelled a cruise and applied to my insurance company (the one that Crystal recommended) for the refund. They said no but would give me a credit for the amount I had paid them for the premum if I took a trip within a year. My TA transferred the insurance to my new cruise which was on Oceania. However still waiting for the refund from Crystal.
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