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  1. Thank you, after 20 or so attempts I finally managed to log in!
  2. Hallo, I have tried logging into the Seabourn web site and it comes back session timed out after three seconds, has anyone any idea what this is please?
  3. Hi Thanks, In the bigger picture we seemed to get off lightly, many people have had weddings cancelled, people stranded abroad and so on. Even worse, one of our dearest friends passed away this morning, you have to live each day as it comes.
  4. I have found flights with Virgin Atlantic thankfully thank you. They are economy flights, I paid more for them than our original Premium economy flights, on the bright side we are still going on the cruise.😁 We booked using a debit card so just been onto our bank, they will try and recover the money from the debit card company.
  5. There are other possibilities but we dont want to jump the gun yet until we know whats happening with TC. I am reliably informed that because we paid on the card we should get our money back? Or at least through ATOL. We did inquire about flights through Seabourn they were much more expensive than I could find.
  6. No we have not paid our final balance yet thankfully, my reply to yours is now above your reply, all very confusing.
  7. Hi Again, We actually now live in Cyprus, we found the best route was through London even from here, so yes we are flexible. We have already booked a flight to London staying overnight before the flight to Barbados but I could suck that up and lose it should I have to. The last thing I want is to cancel the cruise because we cannot get there!
  8. Hi Everyone, Thank you for your informative replies. I booked the flight independently. I have just read a review from a senior travel agent who attended a conference about Thomas Cook. She is of the firm opinion they will pull through this but obviously know one knows just yet. The problem I will have is that if they do go under then all that flight will also bee looking for alternative flights.
  9. We have booked flights with Thomas Cook landing in Barbados in December, if the company goes to the wall, we will have to search for a different flight? Has anyone in the UK had this problem? Can someone enlighten me which search engines you use to find flights? Thanks in anticipation.
  10. Seabourn state that tipping is not expected at anytime however, some people do tip thats a fact, whether its because they expect better service or they tip because a crew member has genuinely gone over and above their normal duties. There is a crew fund you can contribute to at the end of the cruise, that way even the stoker in the bilge gets a share.
  11. We have found a lovely place about 15 minutes from the port, double occupancy, 20 US dollars each towards food, use of the Jacuzzi and pool, between 9am and 5 pm 150 fifty dollars for two people. Not sure if I allowed to name them on here? We dont fly until 8 pm so perfect for us.
  12. We have the same problem, we dont fly until 8 pm, so what to do before the flight especially having suitcases!
  13. Thank you for your replies, really excited about this cruise now. Has anyone used the fast track service at Barbados airport please? We land at 6pm so should have enough time to get to the ship but we have been there before and the queues at customs can be very busy.
  14. Hi, Thank you for your reply, very informative. Unfortunately we are not into kids however, we are very much looking forward to the cruise.
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