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  1. Its quite spooky, we paid the balance last evening and I receive notification today. Relieved somewhat to be honest.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, it never got that far, thankfully I didnt book our flights, the cruise has been cancelled, in a way I am pleased, it wouldn't have been the same had it gone ahead.
  3. We have just paid our final payment for our Caribbean cruise sailing on the 19th December. Our well known UK agent tells me that Seabourn will begin sailing on the 12th December, I hope it gets cancelled.
  4. Correct, I worked in Dubai, 30 Americans, 4 Brits, the chef put on the menu roast lamb, almost got hung! The brits love it, yes I am a brit now exiled in sunny Cyprus.
  5. Every day if you wish.🙂 Yes it is complimentary.
  6. We have a cruise booked out of Barbados on the 19th December for 14 days. I mailed my well known TA in the UK today for an update. They said they are confident it will go ahead however, I have not yet booked my flights which I normally do very early, they advised not to as we will not get our money back if the cruise is cancelled. They also said it will be about another month before we hear anything.
  7. I normally book my flights well in advance however, I am really skeptical about this cruise not happening. I know I can get flights because last year as you may remember Thomas Cook went under we had flights with them, so had to get new flight only 6 weeks before the cruise, it was almost the same cruise as this year. The who world is in a mess right now! Would you mind sharing with me who you booked your flights with please? I think only BA Virgin and Tui fly there?
  8. We are booked on the same cruise starting 19th December, not looking good! I need to to book flights from the UK to Barbados, holding off for the time being.
  9. We first cruised with Silversea, a cruise we will never forget. We have cruised with them since then but not for a while. We then moved to Seabourn, we actually like to dress up for dinner, the dress code on Seabourn is nothing like Silversea, very lax in my opinion. Typically we booked a cruise for this September with SS and it got cancelled.
  10. We are booked on a cruise out of Barbados on the 19th December. Just wondering if Seabourn will be sailing by then? I need to book our flights, UK to Barbados, holding off at present.
  11. Please send me an e mail cheshiresteve@yahoo.com
  12. Because our September sailing was cancelled we took the plunge and re booked a cruise for next September, Silver Moon, Venice to Athens 7 days. Lets hope the world is a better place by then?
  13. Well I said I wouldn't hold my breath for our September 8th sailing, Amsterdam to the UK. We have just been informed of the cancellation of the cruise. Really disappointed, I was going to celebrate my 70 th birthday during the cruise. Oh well, not the end of the world, shall we have a FCC or refund, million dollar question? 🤔
  14. September the 10th my birthday, thats why we chose the cruise. Will hold off on booking my flights for a week or two.
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