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  1. I was able to get to the link. Thanks for posting it!
  2. So has anyone talked to travel Insured about cancelled cruises due to the Corona virus? We purchased their Worldwide Trip Protector insurance for a TA planned to depart on April 19th. We then have 2 weeks worth of travel booked after the cruise. I think I've read through th epertinent info on the policy, and see no exceptions for pandemics, or the like. Wondering if anyone is in the same 'boat', and has verified what is covered.
  3. yes, I spoke to NCL and tried to get any further reimbursement. The date change does not work for us, and I refuse to sail on the Star at this point. I asked if we could get any benefit by booking another NCL cruise - nope! Not even the $150 OBC. If we do sail on them again, it will only be to use our CruiseNext credits, then never again!
  4. I was also told that we had until 01/07 to cancel, with no penalty.
  5. So, as reported elsewhere on Cruise Critic, the NCL Star has been having mechanical issues (again!!) These things happen, but NCL is waiting until after final payment to make their customers aware. That way, they can't cancel! Ports have been missed, and reportedly, the April 9th sailing has been moved to another ship. Now we, and many others, are anxiously awaiting to hear the fate of the April 19th Transatlantic. On 12/23 (4 days after final payment), I noticed online that my reservation now shows us leaving on April 9th, 10 days earlier than scheduled. The itinerary is almost the same, but
  6. Thanks for that speedy response!! There are no changeable coach tickets, right? Any suggestions on what time would be safe, based on NCL disembarkations? It appears that there are buses leaving 8:50, 9:50, 11:05, 12:20...
  7. Is it necessary to advance reserve for Coach tickets? We are thinking of taking the coach from Southampton after disembarking, and won't know what time we'll be available to board. It appears that the price increases by quite a bit if you don't reserve.
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