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  1. Very helpful, thank you! After speaking to my attorney I am confident my decree will suffice. Thanks again ;)
  2. This makes me feel better! Thank you for taking the time to respond!
  3. This makes me feel so much better! Thanks for taking the time to reply :)
  4. Hello! I've heard mixed reviews on traveling on Carnival Cruise Lines with children. I will be traveling with a 14, 12 and 11 year old. I am looking at the Carnival Cruise Line (Dream) to the Bahamas. I've been told by several that Carnival is notorious for being the "party" ships, and that we will NOT want to leave our kiddos unattended. I've also heard that they are the best ships for Pre-Teen/Teen kiddos as there is so much to do on board from the water slides, entertainment options, etc. I would love ya'lls opinion in the topic. Thanks!
  5. That's the thing...he would have no clue. He asked to have his rights relinquished, but the judge wouldn't allow it so he would still have to pay child support. He has made zero attempts to contact them in 3 years. Thanks for taking the time to respond!
  6. Hello, I have read different post regarding this topic...and get more nervous about cruising as the days past and I keep planning!!! I want to take a cruise with my two children this summer on Carnival Dream to the Bahamas. I have primary custody, however we are listed on the final decree as joint managing conservators; AND, he is NOT allowed to have possession of access to the children without completing various requirements set forth by the judge-which he refuses to. With that said, he has not been in my children's lives for nearly 3 years now. We have ZERO communication with him. I am also listed to have exclusive rights to everything; however, travel is not one of them- actually travel isn't mentioned in my final order at all. Long story short, I can not get them passports- without his signature (and I do not want to establish contact with him). I have read that there is a CHANCE that Carnival or the Port Authority's office could request (because we are not traveling with their dad) that I provide a notarized letter from him stating it is fine that I am traveling out of the country with them. Does anyone know this to be true? I will say, my kiddos and I have the same last name...and I plan on traveling with my Final Decree- it just worries me because it does say we are JMC's- but me having primary residence and exclusive rights. Also, I have contacted Carnival (via phone) and they said I would not need any letter from Dad. I appreciate any insight you guys might have, or if anyone has cruised with a similar circumstance. Thank you!!
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