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  1. Thanks so much. While we are at it. any suggestions for a hotel in San Pedro or Long beach that is "reasonable" yes is close to eateries and such?
  2. The Theater is down the hallways a bit... 😳
  3. I'd love to hear from anyone who has stayed on the 8th floor . There are quite a few bars and the Casino on the 7th floor- so wondering if there is much noise in the cabins?
  4. Has anyone ever had a stateroom above a Casino. My friend just booked on Cruise on MSC Meraviglia and I am wondering how loud that will be?
  5. I think that the original Poster was travelling with a large group to which an Uber wouldn't be possible[ if I remember the story right]
  6. We are the same... we just "Go with the flow". The "Bad" reviews are mostly from those on this Ships first Transatlantic Voyage. Most of the reviews that I have read since it has arrived in Miami [and seem to be more settled]- are MUCH better. Some really happy people out there! As far as the type of room- it is such a subjective question. Price , location, your overall needs- play such a big roll in choosing... I hadn't herd that they are lenient with letting people smoke on this ship at all since it has quite a nice smoking room[ as well as a few other areas to smoke around the ship.
  7. Thanks so much for all your info/photos on the Train! How great is that!! I will definitely go that route rather than an Uber. How long did the ride take? Did you get a ca/Uber from the train station to the Cruise Port in Miami once you arrived? Cost? Thanks in advance for all the answers to my petty questions LOL
  8. Looking forward to following along. We are on this ship April 12th from Miami for the Repositioning Cruise ending in Copenhagen . This is our first Cruise with MSC but have 23 various other cruises under our belt. I find I try VERY hard not to compare them all. This one has been making me a bit nervous with the reviews of the food... 22 days may be a very long time to not like the food. 😬 Oh well- we could all probably cut down a bit on the calories any way! LOL
  9. Thanks so much We are excited to stay a few extra days to explore.
  10. We are disembarking in Copenhagen and so excited to stay several days afterwards. We are staying at Comfort Hotel Vesterbro[ Hope this is ok?]. We are on a Budget after a 22 day Cruise and were hoping to get a bus from the Port to the Hotel in May. Do you think this will be possible with a Large suitcase each? Thanks you in advance 😊
  11. OH NO!!! We are on a 22 Day Cruise April 12 on the Meraviglia . I certainly don't want to wait until I have 40 items to be washed all at the same time! I was hoping to take less clothes and maybe do 10 at a time!!! Oh I hope this changes ...
  12. Thanks so much for your fresh Review . Glad you enjoyed your Cruise. We are on a 22 day Repositioning in April and I have been getting kind of worried[ even though I know every Review is very subjective]. It's nice to hear some positives. 😎
  13. Thanks so much, worth a try 🙂
  14. Someone must know if you can Pre-order a bottle of booze on an MSC ship??
  15. We are on The MSC Meraviglia for a 21 day Repositioning Cruise in April. Paying $1400 is just out of the question for the Liquore Pkg! Does anyone know if you can Pre Purchase a bottle of liquor for your room prior to Boarding as you can on other Lines. I always thought the price was very inflated to do this... but maybe its better than a per night price for a 21 day cruise 😉 Any and all suggestions would be appreciated 😃🥃
  16. Charlottetown, PEI is gorgeous... they would be so happy to have this Beauty of Ship there.
  17. Wow - so much information. I am trying to take it all in. Thanks to All that have contributed... We are sailing from Miami to our final Port in Copenhagen on a 21 day MSC Meraviglia cruise starting April 21/2020. I'm sure I will be popping in again and asking questions as it get closer. Thanks again 🙂
  18. Thanks so much Wish me luck! I am Platinum status on RCCL... as well as about 5 other lines[ we like to bounce around so haven't earned tons with 23 cruises that we have taken...
  19. Where / how do I get a status match application?
  20. Hi there, First MSC cruise for us as well! We just booked this last week as well. We depart in Copenhagen. Countdown is on 🙂
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