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  1. Thank you for the info! It was nice when they gave me cash because I could share it with my husband & then we still played more!
  2. PA Dutchman, Thanks for your response. I keep getting told it will be an on board credit. Where did you find out it would be cash? We were on the Magic Premier last year and got the cash from the cashier. My offer is for $500, but it doesn't say how I will get it. Thank you!!
  3. Thank you, I'm hoping they do it again for me & you!!
  4. I thought maybe someone had new info. I didn't think it would hurt to ask again. They did hand me cash last year, it was the casino cash that I got when I booked a Premier.
  5. Hello, I am going on a Premier cruise on Carnival in October. Has anyone been & what type of gifts did you get? Also, I am to get casino cash. Last year I just went to the casino cage and they gave me the cash. Does this still apply? Thank you!
  6. Hello again, I am going on the Horizon this October 2019. Has anyone gone on a Premier cruise? Also, I get money for the casino. Last year I just went to the cashier and they handed me cash. Is it still the same? Thanks! Shirlee
  7. Just wondering if anyone has had the Premier cruise on the Horizon? What did you get in your room & was it fun?
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