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  1. I saw this part Regardless of the option you choose, your taxes, fees and port expenses, Carnival Vacation Protection, pre-paid gratuities, pre-purchased Carnival shore excursions, beverage and Wi-Fi packages, and Fun Shop purchases will be automatically refunded to the original form of payment. but wasn't sure about my FCC. Will it be the original amount of my booking that I paid? I claimed a price protection and part of my original payment was moved to OBC, will that be part of my FCC?
  2. agreed, I'm really confused why finding a dead virus rna after not cleaning is any kind of big deal. Finding a "live" virus is what we should be worried about. I'm guessing it was an ignorant journalist trying to cause panic.
  3. they may have been available the day before at 3:30, I didn't pay much attention. I just know there was a long line the day off waiting before 7am, so maybe they're available both times?
  4. then you're going to want to get inline 30-40 minutes before they open at 7am. I passed by the line at 6:50 on the way to the coffee shop and it was already down to Alchemy.
  5. I was on this cruise. By Wednesday night we thought it was odd we hadn't left port yet, then they announced the deaths over the comm during early seating dinner. It was a real tragedy.
  6. if the lamanai was booked through carnival you don't need a tender ticket. I just did the Lamanai ruins tour purchased on Carnival.com and they had tickets in our room the first or second night and the tickets had instructions on where and when to meet. I didn't wait in line to get a tender ticket.
  7. Kat put on a great class. I drank sips from all 4 samples but only finished the single malt dewars, or else I probably would have been out of it for the rest of the day.
  8. true. the main advantage of the hard seltzer is somewhat negated on a ship, namely that the company finally figured out how to brew a hard soda with no yeast or aftertaste needing loads of sugar to cover up. While you could always just include a little liquor in it for the alcohol component, the company would then have to pay liquor taxes which are considerably higher than beer taxes.
  9. It's really not much bigger though. The Dream class has a ratio of 35.66 tons per person, the Vista has a ratio of 33.93 tons per person, and that's the less packed Vista. Of course I think "crowdedness" is fairly subject to the person, their past experiences, what parts of the ship their interested in and the dates they sale on. So in the end I think it's possible to both be right.
  10. yeah I'll be drinking some truly on my next cruise. had some henry's strawberry hard seltzer at a music festival and it was a great drink to mix in with other drinks because it's light and refreshing and gets you some hydration.
  11. any exact dates on the change? I'm leaving on Vista in 3 days and would love an ice cold Pepsi to kick off the cruise.
  12. be sure to go over the rules with them before and after you board. Like you're not allowed to go into anyone else's cabin (other than those in your group) and no one else is allowed in yours. There's lots to pick from at the mdr, and since you can order multiple appetizers and entrees, you can sometimes get them to try something new as an extra plate to the one they pick out (also fun for the whole group if anyone is wondering what frog legs or escargot tastes like).
  13. how crowded was the lido deck pool during the day? it seems smaller than other ships, but I guess the water works on deck 12 help split up the crowd of kids?
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