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  1. MHKBCrusin

    airlines used by NCL?

  2. MHKBCrusin

    airlines used by NCL?

    We had no bag fees and were booked in economy which included seat choice and free bags for all four of us.
  3. MHKBCrusin

    airlines used by NCL?

    We are family of four flying and got tickets yesterday. All together. All in the premium seats. Really pleased with how it went so would do it again.
  4. MHKBCrusin

    Cruise inside cabin but eat in the Haven?

    I keep thinking about matching status on other cruise lines, but have yet to try to do it since we usually have cruise next certs and other lines have not been able to match the CAS rates we get with NCL.
  5. MHKBCrusin

    Free Alaska Cruise thru Total Rewards?

    Upgrading to a balcony usually does not add a tremendous amount of money to your trip. Depends on timing, etc. I'd call and ask the CAS representative which dates are most economical for the upgrade. Even if you were out and out buying the cruise you would have to pay the port taxes, etc., so you really are saving. We have done dozens of cruises, all through the casino people except one to Hawaii (where there is no casino) and always save a pretty decent amount of money - minimum 20% since we now buy cruises outright in addition to the free offers, which we do continue to accept, but always choose to upgrade.
  6. MHKBCrusin

    Norwegian Jewel - Haven or Aft Penthouse

    I would say no … the normal Haven benefits simply do not exist above and beyond a suite on the small ships.
  7. Prior Hawaii cruisers: Since this is a US State, do I need to sign up for the ship's wi-fi or will I be able to get online using my own phone's hotspot throughout cruise when on ship but in port?
  8. Is wifi available for internet without signing up for any special package onboard since we are in a "state" the entire cruise unlike going to Europe or the Caribbean?
  9. MHKBCrusin

    Pride of America Pre-cruise Hotel

    Got email this morning that ours has changed to the Hilton Hawaian Village as well ....
  10. MHKBCrusin

    Pride of America Pre-cruise Hotel

    My hotel still shows as the Marriot as of everything I can find online today. I will continue to check!
  11. I thoroughly enjoyed every cruise I have had on NCL ships (Platinum Plus - over a dozen cruises). I think people often don't talk about things unless there is a problem or complaint and overall, I don't really have any SIGNIFICANT complaints. Perhaps there are fewer "onboard" reviews because people are so busy having fun they are not spending time in their rooms typing. I know on the maiden transocean trip of the Bliss some people posted non-stop on cruise critic. We knew almost everything about the ship before we even boarded there was so much discussed and photographed. A cruise, like every other part of life, is what you make it. If you want to have a great time, you will ... Enjoy!!
  12. MHKBCrusin

    Bliss Aft Penthouse Information

    We were in 9918 aft Haven ... no soot, no noise. 278 sq ft balcony. Great butler. Great consierge. Great room. Could have been warmer some days. Hope you get Naveen as a butler. He even helped us carry our bags off last day when we wanted to get away early.
  13. MHKBCrusin

    Upgraded to Haven. Now what?

    As long as it's a suite you will be treated like Haven anyway, with butler and consierge. Your room service will be free and without service charge so I would order breakfast every morning ... your butler will bring it to you any time you wish within half hour time periods... If there is no Haven restaurant, Cagneys will serve as the Haven restaurant and you can go there if you are the type that wants a sit down breakfast with a full breakfast menu. Casual clothing. Take advantage of the butler and consierge. They are there to serve you and, if they are like any we are always had, they will do an excellent job for you. Oh ... if you are not the "foo-foo" special amenity type people (they will bring you different types of treats every day) tell them which treats you prefer and they will bring you them ... ie, apples, bananas, cookies, etc ... we didn't want exotic things, which they will bring you if you do want them or if you don't tell them not to. ENJOY!!!! So glad you were upgraded!
  14. MHKBCrusin

    BEST? Bliss Haven Penthouse AFT

    We had no soot, noise nor any problems whatsoever. It was easy to get everyplace and we even seemed to have less problems using the aft elevators than when we were in the front of the ship. The main thing I was not completely thrilled with were the elevators in general with only a forward set and an aft set with none in the center. My wife often took the stairs because she loves the exercise. I, however, can't physically handle more than one or two decks going upward so was stuck with elevators more often. Again, fortunately, those in the rear were not as crowded as those in front of the ship. The the balcony, largest of any other deck. 248 sq ft ... That's larger than some entire cabins I am told.
  15. MHKBCrusin

    BEST? Bliss Haven Penthouse AFT

    Ah thanks. Glad you were able to get them.!!