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  1. We are doing northbound in Auuest (Aug 12) as well. We have started a cruise critic roll call for that date but don't have many people commenting yet so waiting to see more. We have done a number of Alaska roundtrips from Seattle but never a straight northound so this will be a bit of a learning experience. Have done it on Jewel, Pearl, and Bliss. Loved Bliss the most because it has so many more amenities onboard but did miss being able to get closer to glaciers etc because of its size. Will be very interested to see everything north of our previous turn-around point and the trainride from Seward to Ankorage.
  2. Aft balconies are our favorite-this was the Bliss 9318
  3. Thanks for the info ... I've seen some facebook posts saying otherwise but good to hear from someone who has actually been on her. No Joy for us then. We only cruise on the smaller ships if the itinerary is irresistible because of the lack of the full thermal suites. Since the Joy won't be making any trips we can't get on the others there is no longer a question about cruising with her.
  4. We have had some people tell us there is a thermal suite and others tell us there isn't ... like others commenting here, we are not interested in it if there is no "real" thermal suite like on the other Breakaway Class and above ships.
  5. Booked through NCL hotel and transport. I don't remember the cost, but do remember it was seemless and easy. The only thing that was surprising however, was the co-ed bathroom at a rest stop about an hour into the bus ride.
  6. Our kids found this on the Dawn. My wife took this video:
  7. If you are coming in from a hotel in Rome it is a couple hour trip as I remember it. Definately too long for a taxi unless you have a suitcase full of cash to pay or have some type of prearranged transport. We took the NCL transport from the airport Hilton.
  8. Just signed up with them yesterday! Thanks for the recommendation!
  9. Jim Zim has a great tour of the Pearl on You Tube so I'm thinking the Jewel should be pretty similar. I'm a bit surprised we were able to snag the cabin for a somewhat reasonable price. Maybe because it is so new and just became available.
  10. Lisa- We will be taking this cruise in June with a 8 & 10 yold. Considering a private tour in St. Petersburg-do you recommend a specific company or stops? Thank you
  11. I've seen them in the Gem and the Pearl. Just curious on how much different they are on the newly renovated Jewel ... If different, of course.
  12. We just booked a cruise on Norwegian Jewel, Suite 15500. It is apparently a relatively new cabin since NCL doesn't even have a floor plan posted for it. Has anyone been in it yet who can give us any insights?
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