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  1. https://www.focusdailynews.com/first-hand-account-norwegian-jewel-still-at-sea/
  2. Another article on situation ... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/16/cruise-ships-scramble-to-find-safe-harbour-amid-covid-19-crisis-as-countries-turn-them-away
  3. Ugh!!! Praying for the wonderful crew that we loved so much ... The Jewel is now stranded ... https://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/norwegian-jewel-passengers-stranded-as-ship-turned-away-at-ports-1.4854544
  4. Has NCL communicated with you on the cancellation? We know nothing yet although we completely anticipate either them cancelling on us or us needing to cancel on them. Very disappointed but since we both are in a high risk category for this damnable virus we currently see no choice if there is no miracle ... although when it is all straight again we want to rebook as soon as we can. Same cabin, of course. We were SO HAPPY with the DOS! Best Wishes for Good Luck for you!! Looking forward to hearing what offers NCL gives you ...
  5. We forgot to mention, behind the sauna around a corner there is a large steam room. You regulate the heat yourself with a control outside the door. Be careful where you sit the first time because you don't want to be exactly where the steam comes out from under the seats - it will burn your ankles. Fortunately, not severely, but just the same, why get a "hot steamy surprise!" We found that we spent a lot of time in the courtyard because of the drinks, meals delivered to us there, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms and showers.
  6. If you have the alcohol package you don't even need the liquor. Our butler (absolutely wonderful service from both butler and steward - hope you get the same ones!) bubble wrapped the liquor for us and everything. The wine we gave to other folks on the ship. Kristin's points above and video are perfect. You will love the cabin and the cruise. Enjoy!!
  7. Something we wish we'd known if you're in the Haven you can eat lunch & breakfast in Moderno OR the courtyard. There were days we enjoyed the courtyard, it was quiet and the perfect spot. On the first day even if the rooms aren't ready you can go up and drop off your carry-on luggage. Then find a spot on the observation lounge in courtyard and relax with a drink. If you don't want to use the bottles of alcohol that come with the room because you have the drink package, request bubble wrap and they'll wrap them for you. Request binoculars, great for spotting from your balcony. Meet the concierge in Moderno on days when in port and disembarking-it makes getting off the ship smoother. Instead of walking all the way to a bar for a drink, during normal hours in the courtyard, there's a waiter. He also checks the observation area and brings drinks. There's a sauna in the courtyard tucked behind the hot tub area that I didn't discover until the 4th day. Pack less and send out your laundry-leaves more room for souvenirs. The hot tub can be adjusted, just tell your butler and they'll adjust it for you. There's a DVD player in your room and they give you a movie list to choose from but movies also come on at scheduled times. The butler will arrange for you to have any mixers in the fridge before you arrive. We requested pub mix and fresh cookies each evening for the kids. If you're too tired to go out for dinner, you can order anything, even use your specialty dining and have it delivered to the room. On nights when you are full but desert sounds good, ask the restaurant to have the butler bring it to the room later. You can write anything on the "breakfast room service menu" and aren't limited to what's on it. So if there's something on the restaurant menu you'd like, just write it in. Because it's a long walk up the stairs for the staff, if your fridge is crowded request an ice chest for extra ice. I'm sure there's more but hopefully this helps. We are on that same itinerary the week after you. Let us know any tips on excursions, etc.
  8. Do you know if they use good liquor or just the cheap stuff in their drinks?
  9. Do you know if they use good liquor or just the cheap stuff in their drinks?
  10. We had towel animals every night ... and no problems with anything in August trip. Everything in Fridge was from NCL ... Didn't notice what brand of water, although we were left new bottles every day and had no problems with air, doors, light switches or anything in 15500. Liked it so much we have reserved it again for two future cruises!
  11. Two bathrooms ... one full bath including shower and commode right when you enter room and another linked to the master suite complete with tub, shower double sink and commode etc. Then, outside of the master suite on the balcony is the hot tub. You can get to the balcony from the master bath and from the master bedroom.
  12. The garden villa is on the other side of the hot tub ... it is one floor down ... we can see down but they can't see into our balcony ... the large picture windows that we can see out one "could" in theory see in but since they are way below our suite them seeing in is very difficult.
  13. We stayed in the Deluxe Owner's Suite cabin 15500 on the NCL Jewel and fell in love with the layout, and the level of service we received. Having our own hot tub on our balcony was a plus, but the fact that the room was recently added and very modern was also a big bonus. Here's a video: Jewel Cabin 15500
  14. We loved the cabin and took a video to help others in case anyone is interested. Jewel Cabin 15500 Deluxe Owner's Suite
  15. We sailed in August on the Jewel in the Deluxe Owner's Suite Cabin 15500 and it is one bedroom. We traveled with our kids and they slept on the couch, but it could have comfortably accommodated another couple. My caveat is there's only one way to get to the balcony and that's through the master bedroom which could present a privacy issue if traveling with another couple. See video of the cabin with link. Ht7Im5LxMTk
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