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  1. It’s Lobster Night at our house. Now you KNOW you’re not on NCL! 😉
  2. Thanks CarolinaMamma for posting this. I called just now. The agent originally said I could not subtract anything from my account after final payment. I was clear with him that other people in my same position had done the same thing today. He checked with his supervisor and came back on the line to tell me that, in fact, yes I could do that! He did clarify that I would be paying a higher DSC if/when we do actually sail. it will be great to have these funds back in my bank account , especially if it ends up being many months before we do sail.
  3. We were on this cruise as well. I would agree with almost everything that everyone has said above. (FWIW, we thought the food in the MDR was good and we had a great cabin steward.) But all the rest of it is true. There was a pervasive lack of communication between the officers/managers and the staff. We complained repeatedly and directly to the maitre'd in Taste and yet we faced the same problems day after day. Tables with bread but no butter, or no candles, or no jam at breakfast. Trying to get your water glass or coffee cup refilled most times involved at least two requests. And don't
  4. We have found on our last few cruises (16 on NCL) that they have been hosted. As noted above, sometimes the turnout is big, sometimes just a few people. We have met some really wonderful people through these events. We are still in touch with some of them many years later. Only once was there one oddball trio and they ended up being quite entertaining after all. 😮 My one rule for these get togethers is to not talk about work! I’m on vacation and I don’t want to think about it. If someone asks what I do for a living, I just change the subject. There are plenty of other things to t
  5. For our money, the best perk is the free laundry. This makes it possible to go on longer cruises without having to pack endless clothes. We are over the chocolate covered strawberries; the free wine is TERRIBLE; we have never purchased photos so that discount is useless. But the laundry really rocks our Platinum world!
  6. I have learned to just step up to the bar and order what I would like. I keep it simple (like a Ketel One on the rocks) and drop a tip on the bar. They have always made time to accommodate me. I generally cruise without the Beverage Package. Once on a four day itinerary (as part of a back to back with a ten day), we were among a very small number of Platinum cruisers on board. We actually got invited to the Captains cocktail party that was mostly for Haven guests. We had a nice chat with the head of Guest Services. This turned out to be a godsend when we ran into some issues on th
  7. WOW! Thanks to cruisinsc1, we just saved over $725! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
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