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  1. We, too, are Marriott Vacation Club owners, and have stayed at this resort. You did some of our favorite things, including Duke's! Their salad bar is AMAZING! I have recovered from cruise withdrawal reading your reports, and these from Hawaii are the icing on the cake. Thanks!
  2. countingmomma

    A night in anchorage?

    If you have time in Anchorage, I would suggest the Trolley tour. It takes one hour and gives lots of history about the town of Anchorage. We cruised FROM Whittier (southbound) and took the Princess transfer. The connection point in Anchorage backed up to the place where the trolley loads. It's very convenient to drop your bags (going that direction), and take the tour while waiting for the departure time for the transfer shuttle. We saw several people who had gotten off the ship that morning waiting there for airport shuttles.
  3. countingmomma

    Coral Princess - washers question

    All of the laundry rooms on the Coral were closed for 2 days (one of which was a day-at-sea) because of water restrictions in Alaskan waters (a crew member I asked said the crew laundry was closed during that time, too). So, you may want to be prepared for that possibility, so you don't run out of clean clothes at a critical time.
  4. We were on the Coral Sept 5-12, and I am still in vacation withdrawal. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.
  5. countingmomma

    Coral Princess - washers question

    In case anyone is following this - as near as I could tell they were regular washers, but I had brought HE detergent and it worked fine The laundry room on the Emerald deck (8) was closed the entire cruise (Sept 5 - 12) for "Maintenance."
  6. countingmomma

    My Take on DIY Land Tour

    We did DIY with Anchorage as our base. We drove north to Talkeetna one day (diverting to Palmer and Wasilla on the way up). The Talkeetna Alaska Lodge is beautiful. We stopped there at the suggestion of the lady who works at the Palmer visitor center. Another day we drove south to Alyeska. We ate dinner at the Boar's Head Café - it was very good. I had debated the "do the package or do it on our own", and was encouraged by others to DIY. I do not regret it for one minute. We had beautiful weather (which no one can predict or control, we were just blessed) and were able to see Denali from Talkeetna (the lodge and the town) AND from Earthquake Park in Anchorage. If you have time to spend in Anchorage, I recommend the trolley tour. Donna was our guide and she was fantastic.
  7. countingmomma

    What to do in Skagway for the day??

    Skagway was my favorite port call. We spent the morning walking around the town and seeing the film at the ranger station. Then we had an excursion (booked through the ship) to the dog sled camp. The ride out to the camp was beautiful. We could have spent the entire day in the town, but the dogs were worth the trip. It was such a long stop for our ship, that some people booked two excursions - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I think it would have been possible to ride the train and still do the dog sledding, but that would not have left much time for the town. And I really enjoyed that.
  8. countingmomma

    May or September?

    Another pro for September - lots of the stores (at least in Skagway and on the ship) were selling items at deep discounts.
  9. countingmomma

    Which would you pick: Celebrity, Princess, or HAL

    We were there last week (I can't believe it's already been a week). I literally did a spreadsheet that compared the ports and the time the different ships spend in the ports that I wanted. We cruised southbound on the Coral Princess, but there was a Holland ship with us in every port (except Whittier, where we departed). Remember this is YOUR trip. You should decide what things (ship size, time in port, activities on the ship, etc) are important to you and your family, and make your decision. You will have a wonderful time (I was skeptical).
  10. countingmomma

    Today - 9/9/18 -- there should be 3 ships in Juneau

    I was on the Coral Princess, too, when we missed Juneau on the 9th. We were disappointed to not get to visit the Mendenhall, but we had a wonderful extra relaxing day at sea. FYI - a crew member told me that was the first time they missed the Juneau port call this entire season. So, I wouldn't be concerned about that happening a lot.
  11. countingmomma

    cell service on land - Verizon

    We did have great coverage on land EXCEPT when we arrived in Vancouver. I just used the WiFi in the hotel there.
  12. We, too, visited the Iditarod headquarters in Wasilla. The film inside the building is free and informative. And there were puppies (about 5-weeks-old, I think) outside that we held and petted. And the OP is correct for $10 you can pay to ride a sled-dog pulled cart, BUT that is a VERY short ride. We did not ride because we had an excursion booked for later in the week.
  13. countingmomma

    cell service on land - Verizon

    I don't know why I didn't think to ask the question earlier. How is the Verizon service in Anchorage (pre-cruise), and in the port cities - Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan?
  14. countingmomma

    Coral Princess - washers question

    Are the washers in the self-service laundry area HE or regular? I'm trying to decide what type of laundry detergent to pack.
  15. countingmomma

    Taxi from anchorage airport

    This reminds me of my question - We are on land a few days pre-cruise. We purchased the transfer (Princess) from Anchorage to Whittier on cruise day. Our plan is for DH to drop off the in-laws and me with the luggage at the Princess pick up spot, go return the rental vehicle at the airport, and get himself back to us (I thought by taxi, Uber, something). Does the public bus stop at or near the place where Princess collects passengers for the transfer?