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  1. Made a 9:45 flight a couple of weeks ago getting off Celebrity Equinox in FLL, albeit after debarkation was delayed a bit (maybe 30 minutes), we got off the ship around 8:15 and hopped into a cab, just a small line at curbside check-in for Southwest, we did have TSA pre-check (randomly assigned), and my phone pinged in the x-ray machine so I had to deal with that. We still had time to get a quick bite for breakfast and a short time to spare. Yes, I was sweating it, but I'd probably do it again.
  2. Yes, we had all documentation with us and took to Guest Services before disembarking, but the representative wasn't very helpful and we were in a hurry, so we left without getting it resolved. They may be correct, but it just seems a little deceptive to me, and I guess we will know better next time - lesson learned. Although most everything else was great, we will probably be sticking with Royal Caribbean - this just didn't sit well with me, even though I'm willing to take the blame for not being as knowledgeable as I should have been, even after 25+ cruises. I am going to call later. This is my first day back at work, so it will have to wait. Ugh! Thanks for your help!
  3. Thank you! Yes, this is the information I was looking for. I will give them a call. It looks like the code on my original booking would be YEF5.
  4. Thank you, I think I understand the $84 now. Our booking documents say $385 per person per day for gratuities, which we prepaid, so I'm still a little puzzled about why we would have been charged an extra $15 per person per day when our final billing statement arrived. The person at Guest Services said it was because we upgraded to the premium drink package???
  5. Ok, that makes sense that the $10 would include a 20% gratuity - hence the $12, or $84 total. I will try to do a review soon - back to work this morning, ugh!
  6. We just returned from a cruise on the Equinox. Had a great trip; however, there were some charges on our statement that I would like to question. First, we had a "free" drink package as one of our perks. Once onboard, we were told it was not a "premium" package, so we upgraded for $10 pp per day - should have been $70 each, right? We were charged $84 per person. Then, there were charges for $15 per day per person for gratuities. We had already prepaid gratuities in the amount of $385 each. We were told at Guest Services that the extra $15 per day per person was because we upgraded to the premium package - what??? Maybe I'm missing something, but I would like some further clarification. Just doesn't leave a very good taste in my mouth. My husband did go down to Guest Services after we received the bill on the final night, but the person he spoke with didn't seem very helpful. We are Diamond Plus on Royal Caribbean, but this was our first time on Celebrity. If anyone knows who I could contact at Celebrity to get some clarification on this, I would appreciate the information.
  7. tamilyn

    Sandals Day Pass

    We will be in Nassau in August, arriving at 12:30 p.m. and leaving at 7:00 p.m. We would love to do a day pass at the Sandals Royal Bohemian but are afraid with the time constraints it wouldn't be worth the money or the effort. Any feedback or other suggestions?
  8. We did an excursion that wasn't through the ship that stopped at Stingray City, stopped for snorkeling and then on the Rum Point for lunch and a short stay. I had always wanted to go too, but it seemed the taxi/land option wasn't feasible. I would recommend doing it this way. We weren't very interested in stopping at Stingray City or snorkeling, but ended up really enjoying the stingrays. We got there before the "masses" and our guide was really great. There were only about 10 of us on the boat and the other groups that stopped there had lots of people onboard, so it was really nice having a small group.
  9. I guess I'm not sure what is considered pre-existing. I will definitely call the insurance company to be sure; but it just doesn't make sense that since we booked as far out as 2017 and the illness wasn't discovered until probably November of 2018, how that could be considered pre-existing. I guess since we know at the time of final payment that it "exists" that is considered "pre-existing". Hopefully, it will be a moot point and he will be fine in August, but just trying to cover our bases just in case. Thank you for the information. Worst case scenario, though, we should get the 75% credit. Although not the preferred outcome, I suppose we could live with that.
  10. Thanks for the replies. We did include the Vacation Protection Plan when we first purchased the cruise - December, 2017. We have moved the date of the cruise a couple of times since then. We just have not made the final payment yet. We did not know of the medical condition at that time. The way I am reading it, it does include illness of any member of my or my husband's immediate family. It appears we would get 75 percent of the cost of the cruise - probably credit toward a future cruise, but that would be fine. I will call the cruise line to see what they say about it for sure, but I just wanted to see what some of you that might have experienced this before had to say. If you have any suggestions for other insurance plans, I'd like to hear those too!
  11. We have a cruise booked for August and the final payment is due in a couple of weeks. My father--in-law is not in good health and is currently taking chemo treatments. He is not "at the point of death" at this time, but it is one of those things you just never know. The cruise is booked with friends, or we would just go ahead and cancel. My question is - we have the trip insurance through the cruise line; and if we should have to cancel the trip due to FIL's health, would this be covered and would we receive our money back? If not, is there a better insurance alternative than through the cruise line?
  12. Thank you! Is it too late for this Saturday's sailing?
  13. Does anyone have the e-mail address for the Diamond Concierge on Symphony? Is it too late to make a request - boarding this Saturday?
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