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  1. Finally started to plan for our cruise 🙂After our cruise in Feb 2022 (🤞) we are going to the bahamas for a week. Just trying to decide whether to fly to/from Fort Lauderdale or Miami to Great Exuma . Our ship docks in Fort Lauderdale so easier to get to the airport to fly to the Bahamas post cruise ... but then our flight home goes from Miami so easier to be there after Bahamas . Does anyone have any experience of flying to Great Exhuma from either airport? Thanks
  2. We did our first ever cruise in Jan 2020... ( after 20 months of planning) came back in Feb 2020 having caught the Cruising bug ( travelling not covid!!!) and booked our second one for Feb 2022...then covid hit & I haven't done any planning and like you stopped reading the boards . In May 2020 I was at home bored and wrote my first & very detailed review of the Jan 2020 cruise & Post cruise trip ...you were one of the people who inspired me 😀 and you wrote some nice comments on my review . Welcome back , I am really looking forward to reading your reviews ...and I'm going to start planning my Feb 2022 cruise now too.
  3. My stepdaughters arranged for flowers for my 50th birthday as a surprise. They were delivered 10 minutes after we arrived in our cabin , they were beautiful & lasted the whole 11 days of our cruise. They said they just contacted celebrity with our name, ship & sail date they didn't have our reservation number 🙂
  4. Did this in Jan 2020 2 large bottles of red wine between us - took 4 days to get it swapped for white ( after 3 trips to guest relations) Coke, diet Coke, tito vodka, water, lager, small bottles red & white wine, pringles ( were only replaced once) kind bars (were never replaced)Could only swap casino credit for play chips - husband couldn't use it to play in the texas holdem tournaments . During 11 days we had 2 different stewards - each time they didn't know about drinks & more & despite us explaining / showing info they still refused to accept mini bar was included & each time it took 2 days to get it sorted out. We enjoyed the wine tasting .
  5. I think it depends on individuals eating habits Generally we had early morning coffee & pastries , breakfast, snack for lunch and dinner. On excursion days we tended to have breakfast, afternoon tea( loved all the savoury pastries & cake choices !) , late dinner. One day we came back from our excursion , had afternoon tea..fell asleep & woke up at 10pm...thank goodness for late night pizza 🤣
  6. This package had just started when sailed Feb 2020. It might be better now but none of the crew seemed to know about it - It took us 3 days to start getting the fridge replenished, we got charged for items used which we has to go & sort out, we only got drinks replenished not snacks, we only got 2 bottles of wine not 4 and it took 4 days to get it changed from red to white ( no choice of wine.) Couldn't use the casino credit to participate in poker tournaments. We did enjoy the wine tasting and having soft drinks readily available but it was too much hassle so We won't bother with it again !!
  7. Great to see a positive thread. We were lucky enough to have a cruise ( our first cruise) in Jan this year and have another cruise booked for Feb 2022 so I'm hoping I can start planning soon 🤞 We aren the UK and this year we were also due to have a 10 day holiday/ music festival in Spain and 3 more weekend music festivals & a caravan holiday in the UK which were all cancelled. Instead we had a lovely week in a self catering cottage in Derbyshire in the UK and whilst there enjoyed the countryside & socially distanced visits with family. We have enjoyed spending lots of time in our garden- we planted lots of flowers & have a squirrel family in a tree , we have a lazy spa & my husband built a lovely waterfall for our pond. Also for the first time ever ( been together 23 yrs) we are going away for Christmas. Only for 4 days to a local seaside to a self catering flat with a sea view but its something to look forward to. All our festival bookings have been carried over to next year so our hope for next year is that we will be able to enjoy those & plan our 2022 cruise 😁
  8. We sailed our first ever cruise aqua class on an S class ship at the beginning of the year. I loved breakfast in blu although my husband preferred the choice in the buffet. We both enjoyed dinner in blu & I liked the Persian gardens. We only upgraded because it was only $150 pp for 11 night cruise. We dont have anything to compare it with but we have booked aqua again for our 2022 cruise. This time on M class in one of the aft cabins with the large balconies. We will see if we enjoy it as much!
  9. Yes one of the aft facing Aqua cabins 😊
  10. We are on a carribean cruise on the millenium sailing 21/2/22 dont know if you are on the same one? Our first time in aft cabin.😊
  11. Thanks everyone. Started planning our trip 😊
  12. Thankyou everyone for your suggestions. We have Family near Fort Lauderdale so will prob spent a couple of days with them either post cruise before heading to the Keys or after the Keys before we head home. Husband is used to driving on the right when we hire a car when on holiday elsewhere in Europe. We visited around FL and Miami pre cruise this year (we were lucky to go in Jan before lockdown) so wanted to travel abit further afield next time. Thank you
  13. We have a cruise booked out of Fort Lauderdale in Feb 2022 and having a weeks holiday post cruise we were thinking about visiting Florida Keys - somewhere we have never been. We are from the UK and dont really know where to start. Should we visit one Key or several - what's the best way of getting to the Keys ( and back again for our flight home ) Any recommendations or suggestions appreciated. Thank you
  14. Hi Anita, I know I'm really late to the party here but just wanted to say a massive thankyou for your review. New to cruising we did our first ever cruise ( and I just wrote a review on it as there were no other new reviews to read ) in Jan on the Reflection to ABCs. We have our second cruise booked for Feb 2022 on the millenium. I was looking for Millenium reviews and came across yours & loved it. I loved your planning, I loved your story & your photos were amazing .Although on my bucket list I think reading your review has made me decide that Alaska isn't for us. Please dont take this negatively as I think it looks amazing & your review was so positive. But ...I dont like the cold...I'm not really an outdoorsy person ,I dont enjoy hiking, my husband is allergic to fish. Having grown up with my dad as a keen weekend fisherman, and not getting an option to do other things I now have an adverse dislike of fishing! So I think based on this I have decided Alaska isn't for me! Thankyou again for the review . I've binged read it over the last couple of days !
  15. Thankyou, brilliant loved reading about your cruise. Not got a cruise booked at the moment , but do have some spare time at the moment so may follow your lead and go on a 'cruise'myself 🤣🤣
  16. On our 11 night Jan cruise on the reflection there was a white party, ABBA party, 70s disco night & 2 silent discos. I'd heard about the possible white party so packed a white dress & hubby white shirt. Prob 50% wore white. Other nights people just dressed as they normally would . Read my recent review Newbie Review reflect Jan 2020 which is on here . I talk about and post videos of the various theme nights including ABBA, white & silent disco 20200125_223651.mp4
  17. Thankyou , glad you've enjoyed reading. Hope everyone gets to cruise again soon. I'm going to start planning our next one...its only 22 months away 🤣
  18. Thankyou, I think once I started writing, lots of little things came back to me...the memory is an amazing thing, and it was actually really nice for me to relive the holiday again 😊
  19. Thank you, lots of people hired golf carts in Bonaire. I did think about ..might have found more flamingos if we had ! No sadly missed seeing the floating bridge open , although I have seen a video of it, very interesting . The mine artist was funny! Hope you get to go on your cruise in March.
  20. There is a thread called 'drinks and more' where people have posted about their experience of the package which may help you Lots of people have had problems with it. I think they rolled it out but didnt tell the cabin stewards who were confused about what people could have ! In the mini bar we got 2 half bottles of wine ( 1 red, 1 white - sorry cant remember which - didnt try the red - the white was okay but nothing special ) some beer, some evian water, some regular & diet coke, 2 kind bars, a mini tub of pringles and 4 mini Tito vodka. You couldnt exchange anything but whatever we used got replaced each day except the kind bars .
  21. Thankyou, glad you enjoyed the review. From the reviews I have read on the transatlantic/ repositioning cruises they sound lots of fun, and I would imagine more relaxing than ones that are port intensive ....although there are so many places I want to visit!. Sadly I think unless we win the lottery a B2B is only a dream. We live in Essex - about 50 miles North East of London. We live in a village a few miles from Colchester ( you may have heard of it it's the oldest town in England and has a lovely castle) Although it's only 40 minutes on the train we very rarely go into London. I think last year I only went twice, once for work and once to a gig. We have friends who live in Southampton and every year we go to a festival in Portsmouth which is only a few miles away. Dave was born in Essex but I was born in Yorkshire and grew up in Norfolk, so I have family all over the country.
  22. Thankyou. I just googled where Talkeetna is. It looks beautiful, Alaska is on my bucket list. Glad you finally have some sunshine .
  23. Climbing it must of been amazing. We weren't allowed to climb it. Apparently they closed it in 2006 after they decided it was getting too much wear and tear from the tourists and then the final straw was, someone sadly fell and died whilst coming down. They have done alot of restoration work in recent years , enabling people to see more of what it originally looked like.
  24. Thankyou. I remember when I was about 12 and my dad took me & my mum on a spur of the moment trip to Belgium confident that we would be able to get by with the bit of French he spoke...except when we arrived he had taken us to the Flemish speaking part of Belgium ..and we spent 4 days with him pointing at things and miming actions 🤣
  25. The last 3 weeks had just flown by. The best thing about Florida was meeting up with my cousin and spending time with her and her family, and we also got to experience the alligators in the everglades. As well as all the fun of the cruise, we went on a horse drawn carriage ride in Columbia, ate on a beach at sunset , went off-roading and jumped in a cave pool in Aruba, Had a jeep ride round the island of Curacao, saw flamingos in Bonaire and Swam with sting rays in Grand Cayman. Then we went to Mexico and as well as having a relaxing week in a tree house with hammocks we got to eat dinner in a Cave, saw Chichen Itza and swam in a cenote. What an experience !! Thank you to everyone who has read my review and made such kind positive comments. I know times are really difficult and I hope that my review has helped some of you feel a bit more positive. Im sure most of you reading this have a funny story or anecdote about a cruise, or maybe a post or pre cruise holiday that you could share. If so I know I and lots of others would love to hear about it on the celebrity board. Shortly after we arrived home we booked this cruise for Feb 2022 on the Celebrity Millenium
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