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  1. Makes sense. I have PreTSA too and the info is already loaded into my airline bookings. I tried to tell the NCL Rep that but she insisted that my TA had to call with any addition or “change” to the reservation. I’ll let my TA handle it.
  2. I DID end up calling NCL on this and they passed me off to my TA, advising that they need to handle any middle name additions to the reservation.
  3. Because NCL has NOT told me to do so in any sort of correspondence nor have they contacted my TA. All info is from being me being an online “research nerd”. I’ll likely cave in to the hysteria and have my TA do it to be on the safe side but think of the average cruiser. Most don’t peruse sites like this one and get this kind of data but yet they are granted access to their ship/flight.
  4. Lol, you’ll be FINE. The panic that this has caused is just sad. THINK of all the folks who don’t have a middle name on their airline reservation but have it on their ID or passport. Have you heard stories of MASS amounts of folks denied access to their flight for this? Of course not. Enjoy your flight and cruise!
  5. I don’t need to change anything. My Edocs do not contain a middle name (visible) but my passport and secured flight data do. I’m quite certain that I won’t have any problems. If THAT was an issue, 1/2 the passengers on the ship wouldn’t be allowed to board.
  6. So please show me the long list of passengers who have complained about being denied boarding (and have missed their cruise) by said “minimum wage check-in clerk working for the local port agent” for not having a middle name attached to their Edocs....I’ll wait....
  7. Yes. It will have the specific airline reservation/ticket number. You can then go online to the airline’s website and choose seats, upgrade, enter pre TSA info etc, maybe pay for luggage (but you can do that at the gate too).
  8. Just go on to the AA website, find your Rez, and add your PreTsa number to your info. As long as first and last name are accurate, you’ll be fine
  9. I won’t ever take this promo again- NCL booked us from Minneapolis connecting in NEW YORK before flying to Miami. So we get to fly out to the east coast before flying south to Florida. Ridiculous
  10. We are going in Jan and hit the 120 day window. I had all kinds of trouble booking with the app so I had my TA call and do it for me. TA booked both shows on Day 2 and 6. Also booked three specialty restaurants. No sure on Onda question. We weren’t interested in Italian.
  11. You’re comparing breathing in second hand smoke to catching a whiff of aftershave in an elevator? Good grief...🙄
  12. I’ve done some research on Pre TSA. For NOW, you are correct. You actually can get Pre TSA without going through the $85 program. That should be changing soon. There is a bill that is awaiting senate approval that would require anybody using Pre TSA to be approved through fingerprint/photograph and background check ($85 program).
  13. Looking at your icon, I bet the booking agent from NCL is a Vikings fan with a sense of humor...🤣🤣
  14. This website is reporting a lot of info on Encore bars and restaurants. I have no idea where their info is from or can vouch for any accuracy; https://www.cruisemapper.com/deckplans/Norwegian-Encore-1518
  15. "Police State" "Security Theater" LOL. How do you even know that the officer and K9 were there for drugs? Could have been a bomb/explosives sniffing dog routine sweep as a anti-terrorism security measure? They are onboard to ensure your safety not to take away your rights. You DO have a RIGHT to stay home and not go on a cruise if you're afraid of a law enforcement officer and K9 partner walking through a ship's hallway. It is NOT "your" ship. It is owned by NCL and the safety of the crew and passengers are their responsibility. I'm glad they take it seriously.
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