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  1. Finally Celebrity announced what everyone knew was going to happen. I think they were playing a game in which deposits and final payments to help keep income coming in.
  2. We have over 20 cruises under our belts and enjoy Celebrity and Princess, I think entertainment wise Celebrity is the lowest according to our tastes now. Seems they have cut enteratnment bugets drastictly over last few years. Food is good and always good service. I know we are in the senor age group, but the enteranment seems to suit older patrons then us.
  3. We did 2 cruises on the Star, and one was Alaska, we really enjoyed it. As for open decks, we spend most of the viewing time on our balcony . You get great views and no fighting for rail space.But ordered lunch and sit right there and enjoy our private space. We found nothing wrong with the Star.
  4. Yes Yorky, Princess and Holland came right out and canceled Alaska a week or so ago. Very pro active.
  5. Excellent point Phoenix, totally agree, communication is the key!!
  6. Not at all Mr Bo, but it would be nice if they come out and say, cruising with begin at 50% capacity or what ever they decide , Maybe, we will need to close casinos until a certain date, How about masks with they be required in public areas. Make a call on tendered ports,? You must know they have plans like these in the works, just let the people know so they can make a decision if they want to follow through with their cruise. Its a shame, they cancel afterfinal payments are do. Seems like Princess and Holland, came out with a plan.
  7. I am referring to I will not be around for the Alaska season for cruising, will be touring out west for most of the season, Been to Alaska in Early Just before and had snow and cold, Later was our choice. Sorry if I was not clearer.
  8. No 2021 not an option, had a RV trip planned out west to National Parks next year to take up most of prime cruising time for Alaska. Well they can let out information on dining, shows and the emarkation and dis-embarkation plans. But I feel if they do that more and more people will cancel And thats why they don't want any info out there. They are holding a lot of peoples money and believe me, they have all the plans and senerios but its in their interest not to release it!
  9. Is anyone else a little disappointed in the information coming from Celebrity? We have an Alaska Cruise tour booked in which we fly out on July 31st. They said cruising canceled till August 1st. Are they really planing on sending a empty ship up to Seward Alaska, What about getting on and off ships . They changing itineraries? Will be be able to fly home from Vancouver? Social distancing plans, Shows, casinos, bars, what about dining? We don't cruise to be locked in room and not mingle about !! Not to say about mask issue . Tried call Celebrity yesterday and phone finally died after being on hold for 1 1/4 hours. Our Travel agent hasn't gotten back to us and not a happy camper with so little info.
  10. It doesn't look good for cruises and tours with stops in Canada, or even Alaska, A lot of tour operators in Alaska are not even opening, with some going bankrupt. Plus with Celebrity, not putting out info on embarking and dis-embarting at stops and heaven forbid if you have to use a shuttle boat to shore if cruise is anchored with be a total chaos!!! No dining, or show and bar venues information, are they doing safe distancing, which be a total mess and way you look at it.
  11. I think Celebrity is doing an end run, delaying the inevitable especially on Alaska, what tour companies are going to operate for just a 6 week window. ??? Celebrity is just taking advantage of those of us you are paid in full and waiting for next blow. Notice they haven't stated any info on cruises starting back up? Social distancing and how they are going to do shows, casinos, Embarkations, excursions. They are playing a shell game to hold our money.
  12. Yes we totally agree, final payment for our land cruise tour package is in for August 1st to 14ht and nothing is being put out to us. Kind of deceitful ! Some many question on air travel, which has changed numerous time , plus embarkation and dis embarkation issues . Dining shows , too much uncertainty . Got calls in to our travel company and emails and no returns!!!!
  13. Bo1953, that's what we're planing on trying to do. Talked to Celebrity and after getting passed around said its better if you go though your travel Company. After 2 messages and an email still have not heard back!
  14. We're booked for Alaska Cruise tour starting August 1st. Constant changes in Air fare and zero info from Celebrity on whats on the table with Mask issue, shows, dinning, Embarkation and disembarkation, plus flying home from Vancouver . Getting no where with our travel company which they reduced staff and working from home, and less help from Celebrity. If no answers soon, with dispute with credit card company. With 70 days till we fly , its getting too stressful to deal with.
  15. Wife and I are disappointed about Alaska Cruise tour starting on August 1st. We are not willing to deal with masks, and distancing issues with dinning and tours plus disembarking and embarking issues. This would've been our second time doing Alaska, we loved it so much ad wanted to all the adventures that come with it before we are unable to do them. On our 1st cruise was sad seeing so of the people, that were unable to do a lot of the side trips do to the physical limitations of wheel chair and canes and walkers. Next year is out for us as we are doing a spring and summer western RV trip that's taking up most of the prime time of an Alaskan trip. Realy disapointed in Celbrities lack of comunication on a trip of less than 90 days out.
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