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  1. They're both beautiful dresses, I can see why your torn. I would go with the first one. The first dress is more sophisticated looking. The second dress is beautiful, but, I think you'd look more like a ballerina than a bride.
  2. Bravestwj, I always book a cabin right outside the stairway and elevators. I never have had a problem with noise. You will wind up loving this location, it is sooo! convenient
  3. I saved $147.00 on my upcoming Bermuda cruise.:)
  4. Great Pictures! Thank you so much for posting them.
  5. St. Martin, Philpsburg gets my vote. I save all my shopping for St. Martin.
  6. Here is a website for great Enchantment pictures, thepreismans.com. They took wonderful pictures of Enchantment. Just click on their Western Caribbean cruise. Enjoy.
  7. I never go in the water without my water shoes after being stung be a sea urchin on NCL's private island. It was over a month before I was able to put full weight on my foot again.
  8. Thanks again for the fantastic pictures. I've been watching the cruise through your pictures. Your doing a great job as you bring the Dream to New York so that I can get on.:D
  9. Thank you so much for the pictures. I upgraded to a cove balcony, and your pictures told me I made the right choice. I can't wait to see it in person. Did you take any pictures of the casino?
  10. Thank you for posting the pictures. I have a cove balcony next month, and it looks great.
  11. I did not like the new menu. Not enough variety for me. I love cheesecake, but do I want to have it everynight of the cruise? Not Really. One of the best meals I ever had on a cruise was on the Dawn about 4 yrs. ago. The entree was Beef Wellington with Baked Alaska for dessert. It was Sooooo good. There was nothing on the menu this time that even came close to that.
  12. mprucha- thanks for the pictures of the sofabed.
  13. I have a question about the sofabed in a cat.8A balcony. When the sofabed is open is there enough room to walk past it to get to the bathroom? From the pictures it looks like it might be a very tight sqeeze. Especially at night in the dark.
  14. Hi Aprilwaters, I'm so glad you and your family had a good cruise. I was a little worried with your first cruise being on the Noordam. That was a great cruise. I'm glad the Spirit is aging well. I loved the Asian decor of the ship. I've already started looking for next years cruise. I hope to meet you again on another cruise someday. Say hi to your dh from me and mine.
  15. Thanks for posting the pictures. This is the first time I'm seeing them. The ship sure does look big.
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