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  1. That makes no sense since the ship doesn't leave until 7 PM. Are you sure they didn't mean that you couldn't board until 2 PM which is more likely because they have to clean the rooms?
  2. On Monday I hugged my daughter for the first time since our Alaska cruise (on Crystal) which was July 2019.
  3. Gee isn't it nice when people show their biases?
  4. Liz you're practically spitting distance from us. We're in Sarasota and will be on the July 10th sailing.
  5. Ok so if we're talking snow photos, here's the one from our cruise that stopped in Charleston, SC. This was January 3, 2018. Those who got off in Charleston had a heck of a time getting home.
  6. Agree with Nancy. If solo's can dine together with distance, why can't couples? Makes no sense.
  7. Also can add us (Gil/Arlene) to Endeavor Sept 30, 2022 West Palm Beach to Panama City and Oct 9, 2022 Panama City to Lima, Peru.
  8. Living in FL now full-time, I agree with you. Amazing how they change their tune when a hurricane hits.
  9. One of the major reasons I'm looking forward to getting back on board Crystal is to catch up with many of the crew.
  10. Sigh we can only hope. We are booked from MIA-NZ.
  11. Uh oh, that doesn't necessarily bode well for our Serenity Dec cruise either. Sigh.
  12. 1. The deluxe cabins are definitely smaller than the penthouses with less closet space and less bathroom space. Plus the PH are butler cabins. Once you're out of the cabin, the experience is the same for everyone with the exception of if you decide you want to eat in the specialty restaurants a third or fourth time, if you're not in a PH or higher, it will cost you extra. 2. The big difference is if it's at all possible, the butler will be able to get you the excursion/specialty restaurant. And yes, embarkation normally (may be different because of covid) means those in a PH can ar
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