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  1. It was wonderful meeting all the folks tonight at the meet and greet and Tim, Kathie, Gil and I had lots of fun afterwards in the Cove sharing Sarasota and Long Island stories.
  2. We are also happily ensconced in our suite and look forward to meeting you
  3. Have your TA reach out to the company. Usually they will be able to fix the problem.
  4. Well they still have not fixed the website. I was looking at Endeavor cruises for 2020/21 and after looking at one, it put me back to the beginning page showing the ship and not the list of cruises. Sheesh.
  5. I'm gwesq's other half and I too think you both look familiar to us. Looking forward to meeting you when we board in Barcelona!
  6. It took me 2 days to figure that one out because it's new too. I agree it should default to dates. This isn't like a store where you're buying a shirt. Most of us look first based on time of year.
  7. Thank you Keith for letting them know. I too like this format but agree having a list would also be helpful.
  8. I’d be happy to make them aware if i knew who to write to
  9. I'm frustrated with the site right now. If I click on Find a Voyage, put in my dates, and the ship I'm interested in, it takes me to the usual list of cruises for that ship and date. Or if I'm just looking at dates, it brings me to those dates. So far so good. (Well except now I also have to remember to put the cruises in date order and not price order which seems to be the default.) However if I decide to have a closer look at one of the cruises, and when finished looking hit my back button, it doesn't take me back to the list of cruises but instead puts me at this page so I have to start all over again! Someone screwed up on the website. This is quite annoying. It should take me back to the last page I was looking at; the list of all the cruises I was looking at! Am I the only one this is happening to? Who do I contact to have it fixed?
  10. I don't golf either but do poorly play miniature golf so am looking forward to this when I sail on Symphony in June.
  11. Most nights my dessert is 1 or 2 truffles with a bowl of raspberries.
  12. Well I expect not to have much time reading while we're traveling with you on the Barcelona - Ft Lauderdale segments of your cruises. I look forward to reading your other parts.
  13. Looking forward to meeting you when we board on November 5th in Barcelona.
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