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  1. Yes but the segments it's part of were cancelled. It's only a matter of time they cancel June.
  2. We cancelled our June 19 Norway cruise. The cruise before us was already cancelled.
  3. I think these are quite unprecedented times and they are overwhelmed. Maybe you'd be happier on another cruise line.
  4. I miss hearing Louis as we pull away from shore and I miss everything every single person on this thread has mentioned.
  5. Sigh. I do know that and it would be my dream to be safe on a Crystal ship. And the worst part is in the past when things were stressful as they are now, I knew I had my future cruise to look forward to.
  6. You do realize that port personal have been coming down with Covid 19? So you get to the cruise terminal, have your bags and docs handled by cruise terminal personal who then a day or two later comes down with this virus? And then what happens to all those on the cruise? And how are folks going to get to the ship? Fly? While I would absolutely love to get on a ship now to nowhere and possibly riding out the worst of this virus, I can't see it happening.
  7. Just read this about RCCL lines and their newest cancellation policy. Royal Caribbean announced Friday that passengers booked to sail on Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, Azamara, and Silversea may cancel up to 48 hours before departing and can reschedule through 2021 without incurring fees.
  8. I'll be happy to try the new products. I'm just hoping for bar soap.
  9. I hate liquid soaps and I wonder how clean those refillable containers really are.
  10. Multiple times we've gone down to the Cove for a drink before dinner, met up with people we have never met before and wound up sharing a table with them. Additionally we've made friends with folks we've met through Trivia, knitting and needlepoint (for me), lectures, or just hanging around the ship, etc. This past cruise we were on Serenity and did the Supper Club, got seated with another couple, and wound up enjoying their company throughout the cruise. While the shared tables are not as successful as on Regent, we have found it not to be a problem at all and we cherish the new friendships we've made.
  11. Trust me they were hogging the loungers on Oceana Sirena too. It is not something that only happens on Crystal despite what some folks want you to believe
  12. I am so sorry for your loss.
  13. Actually it's now up to 135 cases. Scary.
  14. I am very surprised as even in the morning when I eat in the MDR, and ask for a chocolate croissant (which they don't keep in the MDR) they manage to go and get some for me. I don't have to ask in advance. And they arrive with a smile. Very strange. Each day in the Bistro I noted a few GF option on my Nov cruise on Serenity.
  15. Yes if I have been anywhere else but coming out of the bathroom, I do use the hand sanitizers as should everyone. If I inadvertently touch anything after coming out of the bathroom, I use the hand sanitizers.
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